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Water for a Warrior: Pools with a Purpose for Our Veterans

After almost forty years in this industry, we are honored that many pool contractors & pool owners consider us to be one of the best pool financing companies in the U.S. We believe that what distinguishes Lyon Financial are our unique pool financing terms and unmatched customer service. As a company, our primary asset is the personal attention that is delivered by a motivated and well-trained staff.

While we’ve grown as a family-oriented team over these years, we’ve been fortunate to see a great deal of good. People who have contributed their time and talents to others.

Actually, we believe it is any company’s responsibility to make whatever contributions they can to those in need.

We further believe there’s not enough anyone can do for those who have served in military service. Men and women who leave their families behind to risk their lives for our freedoms and safety are in a class of humanity all their own.

We have worked with people who have donated materials for pools and even gifts of cash to support the building of a pool for a worthy cause.

Water for a Warrior is one such organization. You could call it “pools with a purpose” with the singular way they help veterans.

With our heroes coming home broken in body and in spirit, any contribution to making them feel whole is beyond worthwhile. In case you’re not familiar with this organization, from Water for a Warrior’s website:

Our mission is to provide and supply combat wounded Veterans that would benefit from hydro-therapy and aquatic fitness with pools, hot tubs and other aquatic related products and services so that these products and services are available to aid in their recovery, therapy and well-being.

Our goal is to help as many veterans as possible.

  • How can you help us accomplish that goal?
  • Financial Contributions – We greatly appreciate any and all cash donations, whether they be a one time or monthly recurring contribution.
  • Fundraising Events – We have a number of fun fundraising events (such as our Golf Tournament) that you can participate in whether it be through attendance or donation
  • Products & Services – If you’re in the aquatic industry and have product(s) and/or services that you would like to offer for our upcoming projects please contact Jennifer Bishop – 916-257-8236 or
  • Water for a Warrior is a 501c3 Non-Profit Charity and Donations are Tax Deductible!
  • No salaries are taken! 100% of profits go directly to the projects.

They also accept donations of gently used hot tubs that are still in working order to support the recovery of these brave individuals.

If you are undergoing a backyard renovation and replacing your hot tub, perhaps we’ve found the perfect solution. If you are buying a home that has a hot tub, but it is something in which you are not interested, there’s another perfect solution — as well as a tax deduction.

These gifts are the kinds that aid in “therapy, recovery, and well-being”. They are perhaps the only way to truly show our heartfelt gratitude and potentially make a difference in giving someone their life back.

When military members return home, it is not only the wounded that have changed, it is their families who are deeply changed. There is nothing like the feeling of helplessness when you so want to support someone you love, but don’t know how.

Aquatic Therapy

The benefits of aquatic therapy are well documented. With the natural buoyancy to support your weight, you have the resistance of the water to build strength. For chronic pain conditions or other impediments, being immersed in a pool helps take pressure off joints and muscles making it easier to navigate a workout routine.

From WebMD: Exercising in water can increase your flexibility and range of motion without putting stress on your joints and spine. Warm water also helps relax your muscles. Here’s more on the benefits.

Water for a Warrior is helping to place these veterans on a path to wellness. Even some vets who have no “physical” scars or trauma need to find solace in their spirit. They’ve returned altered. They need therapy to help adjust to the new version of themselves.

Perhaps they are finally home, but they need to feel at home. This is an obligation we share as Americans – we need to give of ourselves as these soldiers have given for us.

Ways to Contribute to Water for a Warrior

  • Donating Products or Materials to a Project
  • Donating Service/Labor on a Project
  • Becoming a Sponsor of the Program, an Event or Project
  • Financial Contributions: They greatly appreciate any and all cash donations, whether they be a one time or monthly recurring contribution.

In addition to donations and sponsorships, there are events and tournaments that raise money for the operation.

Making a Difference

We can read the newspapers and bemoan the crises that besiege our world.

But…if “be the change you want to see in the world” is true, there are limitless ways to make contributions to the betterment of our society.

Giving back to people in need of your help is not only in the form of a monetary contribution.

If you have a strong connection to organ donation for example, register as a donor or volunteer for an organ donation organization or facility. Often the gift of time is just as powerful: help paint a house for Habitat for Humanity, donate a few Saturdays at a children’s hospital to read to them. Consider the organization you wish to support along with your skill set and figure what you can offer based on their needs.

These are the little efforts that combine to change the world in a big way.

We love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information.