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Texas Swimming Pool Loan Programs

Lyon Financial has access to multiple programs. Unlike the majority of pool loan programs designed to advantage the lender; Lyon Financial represents the most uniquely flexible financing possible with extended terms and new lower rates. We are able to access a variety of pool financing programs because we continue to adapt to the economic realities of our clients.

TEXAS Secured Pool Programs

  • $100,000

    950 ECHO LANE - SUITE 200
    HOUSTON, TX 77024
    NMLS BRANCH ID 1286451

    Texas Complaint Recovery Fund Notice
    • Available in Texas only
    • Loans to $100,000
    • 20 year terms
    • Low, fixed rates
    • Staged funding per pool contract
    • Up to 100% of pool contract added to the home's value to $75,000
    • Minimum 700 score

New Home Buyers!

  • Did you just purchase a home?
  • Did you put little to no money down?
  • Do you have a 1st and 2nd mortgage already?
  • Do you want to swim this summer?