Frequently Asked Questions

Our financing consultants are always just a phone call away to discuss any questions you may have. (We did however survey each of them to find the questions they are most commonly asked!)

Whether these answers provide all the information you seek or not, never hesitate to contact us toll free at 877-754-5966 for more in-depth details about your specific needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

A: Thank you for applying! Once we receive your application, we typically provide financial options in 24 to 48 business hours. We then reach out to you and go over the details and next steps in the loan process. You can always call us for updates or questions as well during this period.

A: We offer lending suggestions for your swimming pool project and will match your request with a program that fits your budget.

A: There are no pre-payment penalties for these loans, so you can pay the loan off early and not be charged any additional interest. The extra payments will go directly toward the principal of the loan.

A: Most fundings involve paying the pool builder directly in stages as the project progresses. This alleviates any extra stress on your part knowing you have someone on your side to ensure the builder is paid what their company is owed.

If you are financing with our 3-7 year loan program, our affiliate will pay you directly via direct deposit into your checking account.

A: We are constantly updating our directory of approved builders, with over 3,000 approved and counting. If your builder is not listed, we can easily partner with them and work together on your backyard project. This application available on our home page is for your builder to fill out and return back to us. Once they do so, we will review and approve them for your project!

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