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Why Owning Your Own Swimming Pool Is Best: Anxiety-Reduction

While swimming and being around water in general have certainly been known to aid in stress relief, there are some ways in which owning your own pool also helps eliminate some added anxiety that you might experience if you chose, instead, to benefit from time in the water only by venturing out to your local public pool. And a lot of that boils right down to the fact that choice and anxiety are strongly connected.

You might easily argue that it’s best to keep your options open; after all, you may get bored with your own swimming pool or even with swimming altogether and would prefer to mix it up when it comes to your workout or recreational activities. As much sense as that may make in your head, according to the research, limiting your choices is a much better option. Let us explain why.

Even though the exact relationship between decisions and anxiety is a topic for debate, it’s obvious that the two are inextricably linked. Psychiatrists continue to learn about those with anxiety disorders and why they especially struggle with making decisions. Even those of us who wouldn’t qualify for an official diagnosis struggle with the vast number of choices we have to deal with on a daily basis. While it’s certainly not limited to Millennials, the latest generation to enter adulthood is experiencing choice-related anxiety at alarming levels, perhaps because they’re entering adulthood without clear habits and preferences in place. And science seems to support this anecdotal reality which most of us could attest: “Having tons of choices can affect your happiness as well. More options equal more decision-making time needed to evaluate all the choices.”

There is a surprisingly simple antidote to the overwhelming number of choices we face regarding each decision we make: intentionally limit your choices.

If you’re still coming up with objections, we’re guessing that finances is a pretty significant factor. “If I spend the money for a backyard swimming pool,” you reason, “I won’t be able to ___.” Now, if you’d fill in the blank with “afford groceries,” that’s one thing. But we’re guessing that’s not it. Maybe “go on an expensive vacation every year” or “buy the kids the Christmas gifts they want.” But again, research shows that all the choice and clutter and extra stress involved in those expenditures isn’t making us nearly as happy as we think they will.

Think about it: when you don’t have the “Christmas clutter” to find storage space to accommodate or the need to “take a vacation to recover from vacation” next year, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that having a backyard swimming pool installed instead was a pretty good idea.

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Why Owning Your Own Swimming Pool Is Best: Family Values

From overall health to anxiety reduction, there are certainly some swimming pool benefits unique to those who own pools and find them in their own backyards. While you can enjoy many of the health-related benefits of swimming at your local public pool, when it comes to family relationships, families without their own swimming pools won’t be able to enjoy nearly as many advantages as their pool-owning peers.

The Importance of Family Time

From self confidence and conflict-resolution skills to academic success and parenting skills, spending time with family is more important for your child’s development than any other single factor. And it’s not the “big events” that matter most; as one blogger writes: “Even home-based, low-cost activities such as playing a board game, gardening or playing outdoors have a big impact on the ‘health’ of the family. They make everybody in the family feel closer emotionally to each other, which is always a good thing.”

The Significance of Happy Hormones

While board games may be a positive way to spend time with family, physical exercise and active play is even more significant. Whether it’s serotonin, endorphins, or something else, the fact is that physical exercise promotes emotional stability and happiness. When that’s something which kids associate with family time, everybody wins. Especially in our technological age, being in the pool gives us all an added incentive to unplug and connect with those we love.

The Reality of Staying Home

When you have your own swimming pool, you may be less likely to go elsewhere to find recreation and have a good time. You may not see it as necessary to travel as much any longer, either. Instead, home becomes your family’s oasis — and an opportunity to easily invite others into your own little world. Instead of a focus on always trying to find happiness and fun someplace else, your children may end up with a greater likelihood of inviting friends to their own place. As a parent, we’re pretty sure you can figure out the many benefits of that.

At the end of the day, don’t we all want to maximize our time and form relational bonds with our own families? Don’t we want our kids to associate happiness with family time? And don’t we want them to have the fondest memories not anywhere else but in the home we made for them? We’re pretty sure going to the local pool a few times won’t help you accomplish that nearly as effectively as having your very own backyard pool.

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Why Owning Your Own Swimming Pool Is Best: Healthy Habits

There’s no doubt about it: spending time in a swimming pool offers plenty of health benefits. But is it really necessary to have your very own backyard swimming pool installed? Isn’t going to your own local community swimming pool just as good? On the surface, it might seem like avoiding the significant investment required and simply going to a local shared pool would be the better deal. However, there are several factors that make owning your own pool the better choice. Let’s briefly explore the health-related benefits unique to those who use their own private pool rather than a public pool.


Did you know what was found in more than 50% of public pools tested by the CDC? Fecal matter. In addition to the health risks associated with e. coli and other bacteria, that’s just plain disgusting! Thanks to the lower number of people using your backyard pool, and the way you’ll carefully maintain your own pool, you’ll stand to enjoy significantly more sanitary conditions when you stay home instead of entering the public sphere.


Many health benefits of swimming can, theoretically, be just as pronounced when you’re at the public pool as they will be in your own backyard pool. But the question is whether you’ll actually stand to experience them — or at least experience them as often. The key to many healthy habits is to make them easily accessible — (think about the already-washed fruit sitting out on the counter and the filtered water right there readily available through the fridge). Let’s be realistic: will you be more likely to experience the health benefits related to swimming if you have to double-check the schedule, pack your swimming gear, and head across town in order to get to a pool — or if you can simply walk outside your back door? If you’re at all like the typical human being on our planet, you’ll be far more likely to get into the pool if it’s a quick and easy choice.


Did you know that simply seeing water offers mental health benefits? Unless you’re actually going to spend time swimming, you probably won’t venture to your nearest waterfront or public pool. But if you have a pool on your property, you’ll be able to appreciate the soothing properties associated with seeing water. Even if you just dip a toe or sit nearby while others enjoy the full benefits, you’ll reap rewards such as stress relief and a more positive state of mind, simply by being nearby.

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