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From Hollywood Boulevard’s legendary Walk of Fame, to the lavish shops of Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills, California is home to some of America’s most iconic landmarks. But its real treasures lie in the majestic wonder of its natural beauty. With rugged mountains, dramatic deserts, and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, the Golden State provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor entertaining all year long. And Lyon Financial provides the means to help make your backyard paradise dreams come true.

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Can a Backyard Swimming Pool Improve Your Family Relationships?

Health and happiness. Who couldn’t use more of those things? Well, if there’s a single item you could add to your home’s backyard that would promote those all-important intangibles, it would, undoubtedly, be an in-ground swimming pool. One of the major ways that a swimming pool can improve the happiness quotient in your life is because it can directly affect your relationships. Splashing and laughing with those you love is definitely a great reason to invest in a backyard swimming pool. Perhaps you’ve never considered how a pool could impact your family and community relationships? Well, then, let’s take a look at how they could be connected.

Let’s. Stay. Home.

Depending on your personality and your current life stage — as well as those of your family members — those words may bring either smiles or sighs. But here’s the thing: if you have a backyard swimming pool, everyone in your tribe will be more likely to see staying home as a good thing, a fun thing, a happy thing. They’ll probably be more likely to invite their friends over, too. Who knows?! You might even get a little respite from a season or two of lugging stadium chairs around to various kids’ activities.

When your yard has a swimming pool, you’ll easily be able to trade in your role of chauffeur with that of host or hostess, and even that will be a simple task. No decorating, no activity planning — just open up the backyard pool, and you have an instant pool party on your hands!

Real. Quality. Time.

What’s your family time usually like? (Besides running kids to various activities, of course!) Is it screen time? Whether you’re sitting together in front of the TV or everyone is in the same room staring at individual phones or tablets, we all know that’s not real family time. You know the drill: you tell the kids to put down their gadgets, and they groan. Well, with a swimming pool, you’ll get to skip the arguments and go straight to having fun. Together. Boom.

Great. Staycation. Potential.

Before you had a pool, the idea of staying home instead of going someplace on vacation might have seemed like a bit of a bummer. But once you have a pool? It’s totally different. No more of the best memories being reserved for when you go other places — your family will find that good old Dorothy Gale was right: the best stuff really can be found no further than your own backyard.

Easy. Good. Nights.

If there’s a downside to summer, it’s that deceptive sunshine continuing well into the evening hours. As parents, that means kids fight their bedtimes. Well, one way to help them get tired enough to actually welcome bedtime is to exert their energy in your swimming pool. Not only is swimming an excellent exercise (more about that below), but it also requires your body to exert added energy to go maintain a stable body temperature, adding to that good tired feeling you have when you’ve spent time in the pool.

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Can a Backyard Swimming Pool Improve Your Health?

At the end of the day, what do we really want? To be healthy and happy, right? Well, the happiness factor is definitely influenced by our relationships, and above we took a peek at how a backyard swimming pool can improve your family dynamics. Now we’ll look at how having your very own swimming pool can also offer you health benefits — possibly in ways you haven’t considered!

Swimming Pools Can Improve Your Emotional Health

While the term “health” might make you think primarily of physical fitness, we all know that health is a more holistic term than that. Did you know that even being able to see water can decrease a person’s stress levels? Being immersed in water combines with the other elements of being outdoors — including the sun’s warmth and light — for a multi-sensory experience that is well known to relieve anxiety and improve an overall sense of well being. With all the physical and relational problems that can stem from anxiety and depression, these kinds of benefits cannot be overstated. Even for those with no emotional health related diagnosis, we’re pretty sure no one would complain about a greater dose of peace and joy!

Swimming Pools Can Improve Your Physical Fitness

You probably realize that serious swimming benefits a person’s physical fitness level. But did you know that any kind of active movement is also a win? The more available and convenient a swimming pool is, the more likely you are to reap the benefits of physical activity. Unlike more sedentary, indoor activities such as engaging in electronic entertainment, spending time in the swimming pool can also benefit you by reducing the chance of constant, mindless snacking — which, let’s face it, is not typically connected with healthy foods.

As your level of strength, metabolism, and endurance improves, you’ll lessen your risk for a variety of health problems. And if you have existing health issues, you can see benefits as well. In fact, you can experience more relief from aquatic therapy than any other type of activity for health problems ranging from arthritis to cerebral palsy and fibromyalgia.

Swimming Pools Can Improve Your Financial Health

Did you know that an in-ground swimming pool adds value to your home? The National Association of Realtors reports that an in-ground concrete and fiberglass swimming pool will typically account for a 5% increase in a home’s value. As long as it’s well-maintained, your backyard swimming pool can also improve your home’s ability to sell, when it’s time for you to move on.

Even before then, though, your swimming pool will help you avoid added costs associated with travel and activities outside the home. Instead, you’ll be quite content to enjoy the outdoor paradise that is your own backyard.

View available swimming pool financing programs for California residents. Call Lyon Financial today at 877.754.5966 for the financing you need to make the memories you deserve!

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Health Benefits of Swimming: Musculoskeletal Impact

With so many ways to improve your property and upgrade your home, why choose an inground swimming pool? No landscaping project or kitchen renovation stands to positively impact your physical and emotional health — or that of your entire family — like a swimming pool can. Sure, you can swim at a public pool; however, not only are there some health risks involved in that, but sheer convenience means that you’ll be far more likely to regularly enjoy the many benefits of swimming if you have your own swimming pool right outside your own back door. While there are many types of activities that can positively impact your physical fitness level, swimming offers a rare opportunity to improve physical fitness in a variety of ways.

Improving Muscle Tone

One of the many ways that swimming can improve your physical health is through how it improves your muscular strength and muscle tone — which in turn helps you burn more fat. Unlike many forms of activity that engage certain muscles, swimming engages a remarkable number of muscles all over your body. Depending on your skill level and the stroke you’re using, you could actually be working up to 48 muscles at the same time. Each of the four basic swim strokes will allow you to utilize all the major muscle groups: shoulders, legs, and core. Depending on which swim stroke you choose, though — front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly — you’ll emphasize different muscles.

For instance, the front crawl (or freestyle) stroke chiefly works your biceps and triceps, while the breaststroke primarily works your pectoral chest muscles as well as your quadriceps and glutes. The backstroke is particularly effective at engaging your arm muscles as well as the latissimus dorsi muscles, which are located in your lower back. The butterfly stroke helps tone your neck muscles as well as strengthen your upper back.

Benefiting Joint Health

As a person ages, joint health often becomes more of a concern; however, at any age, the way swimming helps preserve joint health will be a benefit both now and down the road. Unlike jogging or running, which are hard on joints due to the shock involved, swimming is a low-impact exercise that prevents straining your joints. Because the water supports your body weight, risk to the joints is greatly reduced. This well-known benefit of swimming is why it’s often recommended by physicians and physical therapists even when a person cannot safely participate in other types of exercise. For those with bone conditions or injuries to the joints — or those who wish to prevent such trauma to their bodies — swimming is an amazingly safe option.

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Health Benefits of Swimming: Organ Health, Emotional Wellbeing, and Disease Prevention

There’s no doubt about it: having your own backyard swimming pool is one of the healthiest enhancements you can make to your property. While you might initially think of muscular and joint health, those are far from the only ways that swimming can positively impact your health. From your body’s major organs to your cardiovascular fitness level and even your emotional and mental health — which, as we all know, impacts every area of a person’s life — swimming presents the potential for improved health.

Impacting Organ Function and Health

Your brain, your heart, and your lungs — these are the most significant organs in your body, and swimming is an exercise that impacts all three of them, and without the potential for negatively impacting your joints or other body parts. As you move through the water, your heart rate will increase. As it pumps more blood throughout your body, it helps protect you from heart disease while providing the added benefit of burning fat.

With a swimming pool available just outside your back door, you’ll be far more likely to regularly engage in swimming, helping you develop greater lung capacity. This will occur as your body adjusts to taking the longer, deeper breaths required to keep your face immersed in water.

Improving Mental and Emotional Health

We all realize that an active lifestyle and cardiovascular exercise can have a powerful impact on your emotional health. Not only does the brain release endorphins, which help you achieve a more positive outlook, but the more restful sleep that results will also help to positively affect your energy levels and, as a result, your general disposition. Not only can exercise help reduce the effects of everyday stress, but it can also help reduce the impact of conditions such as generalized anxiety and major depressive disorder. Even those with dementia have been seen to experience improved ability to concentrate as well as improved memory.

Swimming offers even more of these types of benefits than many other activities, partly due to the calming effect of water. The appearance and texture of water combines with the gentle, rhythmical breathing that results in a more relaxed state of mind.

Decreasing Risk of Disease

For one thing, swimming is an extremely effective way to burn calories. Even a recreational, half-hour swim will allow your body to burn more than 200 calories—which is more than twice what you’ll burn from walking for that same amount of time. Of course, burning calories will decrease your chances of obesity, greatly decreasing your risk of many diseases. Just 30 minutes of swimming each week can help you greatly reduce your risk of stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

View available swimming pool financing programs for those living throughout the beautiful state of California. Call Lyon Financial today at 877.754.5966 for the financing you need to make the memories you deserve!

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