California Pool Loan Programs

We are California’s premier pool financing partner!

Sunny California is the Golden State, home to the stars and production studios like Paramount. The world famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles was originally erected in 1923 and then completely rebuilt in 1978. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills offers some of the finest shopping in the world, and San Francisco has long been a favorite vacation spot for its scenery and unique dining experiences. The big, beautiful Pacific Ocean is the backdrop for lavish parties and intimate family gatherings. These are just some of the attractions that make California the one-of-a-kind place to live for more than 38 million people.

No matter where you reside in this great state, from along the coast in Long Beach, San Diego, or Mission Viejo, to the inland cities of Stockton, Riverside, Bakersfield, or Sacramento, the exquisite weather makes outdoor entertaining part of the lifestyle. Therefore, we at Lyon Financial are proud to announce that our unique brand of pool financing is now available to California residents.

As our only business, we are able to develop programs to the specific needs of this amenity. Our programs are consistently updated to reflect the kinds of terms that appeal to home owners and make a pool affordable. We are not the loan generalists you’ll find in a bank or a credit union; we are pool financing specialists. There’s an enormous difference when it comes to fees, terms, and pre-payment penalties, and the size of the loan for which you can qualify.

Lyon Financial has specialized in this one-of-a-kind funding for more than four decades. We answer the phone when you call; we will consult with you on the best program to suit your needs.

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