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Unlike typical lenders, we partner with you AND your contractor through every stage of the process to ensure funds are disbursed on time and in full throughout the completion of your project. With 43 years of experience and over 500,000 satisfied customers nationwide, let Lyon Financial help bring all your backyard dreams to life!

Unsecured Swimming Pool Loans

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Unsecured Backyard Living Loans

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Combine loans

At Lyon Financial our hassle-free financing solutions make it easier than ever to combine your swimming pool, patio, landscaping, fencing, and any other outdoor-living project into one convenient loan. We can also help to get you multiple loans if you prefer.

Get the lowest rates

As long as a swimming pool is included in your project, you can expect rates as low as 4.99% with terms up to 15 years.* For backyard living projects without a swimming pool, rates are as low as 6.49% with terms up to 30 years.

Special military rates

No matter what loan you apply for, Lyon Financial will always get you the best rate possible! For active duty and veterans with 760 or higher FICO scores, we offer special rates of 6.99%.# For those with scores of 850, rates can go as low as 4.99% for a 15-year term.*


Unlike typical banks and credit unions we specialize exclusively in swimming pool & home improvement financing solutions.

Most approvals are verified within 24-48 hours, performed by real people committed to making your backyard dreams come true.

Our 43 years of experience allows us to help provide the best possible rates, fees, terms, and loan sizes nationwide.

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