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Dress Your Backyard Pool in Style with These Accessories!

Pool Accessories

So, your backyard pool is done. All the planning and preparation have culminated in the addition of this glistening symbol of relaxation. The stage is literally set for entertaining and rejoicing in the sheer tranquility of your private oasis… just add water!

You’ve probably already started looking at the vast array of outdoor furniture and lounge chairs from which to choose. It may seem overwhelming at first, but just take your time and find pieces you really love. Like the inside of your home, your outdoor venue can be a work in progress.

While you’re mulling over whether or not to add structural interest with a striking pagoda or to place a few Adirondack chairs on your deck, there are plenty of fun and affordable ways to jazz up your pool by putting your own stamp on the space. Pool accessories are ALL the rage!

Inflatable Furniture

There is NO end to this selection. From inflatable hammocks that keep you afloat to a Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge for two – complete with a detachable fabric sun shade and barreled back rest – you will be the personification of a day off with nothing to do but soak in the sun. How about an aquatic waiter? A beverage buoy can be filled with ice to accommodate your wine or champagne, while little flotation devices keep your drinks close at hand.

Designs from favorite Disney movies and emojis are just some of the adornments, while slippery slides can be pumped up and affixed in the shallow end for the littler ones.

With these fun flotations you can literally change your pool’s motif with an air pump as your only tool. Go from kiddie party to Zen garden to fitness regimen to sports competitions to full-on party mode by changing up the inflatables… just add air!

Towel Warmer

Today’s al fresco entertainment areas are not about “roughing it.” You can add just about any indoor amenity to the outdoors: poolside televisions, gourmet kitchens, stone fireplaces, wood burning pizza ovens. And if you’re worried about the weather, there’s always a gazebo in which to take shelter from a passing storm! Treat yourself to a towel warmer too. On the chillier evenings when you’re submerged and taking in the many benefits of your hot tub, having that toasty towel by your side for the trip back to the house will be a welcome comfort.


When you see luxury beach clubs and upscale resorts, they always have the most smashing canopies. Cantilever umbrellas add that dash of indulgence. With the support pole off to the side (instead of in the center) and a large shade coverage base, you can place one over your dining table and others over seating arrangements and loungers. They’ll add bright pops of color and can be accented by throw pillows on the chairs for a more finished look.

Floating Pool Speakers

We are living in a Bluetooth world for sure. We can connect anything to anything with a technology we now can’t imagine living without. Instead of putting your stereo speakers up in the family room window to broadcast ambiance (and annoy the neighbors!), set your music to float along beside you. Connect your tunes list from your phone, tablet, or desktop and swim to the beat. Even if you don’t place one in the pool, it can still be your reliably harmonious companion when set on the table beside your chaise.

Outdoor Shower

Another thing that’s great about all the latest in pool add-ons is that they don’t have to be installed on day one. If you are a first-time pool owner, you may not always know what you need/want. Decide later it would be nice to have a poolside shower? Consider it done! A simple, streamlined structure with a contemporary rainfall shower head may be just want you seek. Add a complementary towel rack and an accessories shelf, and you’re good to go!

Pool Fitness

The benefits of swimming are well documented, but what if you’d like to take your cardio fitness up a notch? Like going vertical? How about a rock-climbing wall attached to your pool? There’s no need for harnesses or other trappings as you can just splash back into the pool. This is an addition that requires strict observance of safety as it might not be the right fit for everyone who uses your pool, but if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions with an expert install, this might be your new favorite thing!

More Inflatables

  • You may just keep your kids away from their phones a little longer with air-infused playground equipment like a see-saw water rocker.
  • A floating aqua table with four seats, beverage holders, and a cooler could be the recipe for a happy Saturday afternoon.
  • What about a dog pool float and lounger for your most loyal friend? Some dog floats are large enough for the biggest pups and designed to be puncture-resistant. When the surface is dampened, it makes the fabric cool to keep your dog more comfortable.
  • Basketball and volleyball are just the start of the pool games you can play. There’s an inflatable beer pong table that doubles as a pool float. Or a jousting set played on inflatable logs. Or an arcade game with water guns! The list goes on…

Spa Waterfall Fountain

Running water is mesmerizing. It also creates a relaxing atmosphere. Before you invest in a waterfall fountain, try one like this to see if you like it. This type is easy to install – right into your pool’s return fitting. Since you’re using your pool’s existing plumbing, this is a super-easy DIY to add some serenity in minutes.

We are a pool and home improvement financing company that enjoys hearing from our clients about all the imaginative innovations they have added in and around their pools.

Since we are fortunate to be well-referred, we have helped with the swimming pool financing solutions for families and then for the children of those families when they buy their homes! (Yes, we’ve been around that long!) We get pictures all the time of improvements and additions which people have made to their outdoor entertainment centers. It gives our work-family great joy. Just like a backyard pool will do for yours!

Making the place you live a safe and happy haven is a special accomplishment. At Lyon Financial we love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information about how you can install the backyard pool of your dreams at a price you can afford.