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Welcome to The LyFi Pool School!

Pool Financing School

We’re proud to say we’ve been in the pool financing business since 1979. Over all these years we have seen the most extraordinary advances – in pool innovations and in the technology that helps us provide excellent customer experiences. The one thing that has not changed since that first day is our commitment to the clients we serve.

From back when Dick Lyon was the only employee answering a single line phone, to today when we have teams of professionals ready to assist – we are still answering every call. That’s one way we show that “your call is very important to us.”

When you contact Lyon Financial, you won’t get routed through a phone tree by selecting options upon options. You also won’t be left in a queue bombarded by advertisements or stuck listening to a monotonous music track. You will instead speak with someone who can either answer your question or connect you directly to someone who can. Our clients mean everything to us. We take each opportunity to demonstrate our appreciation for their trust.

We understand that every family’s situation is different. From your credit score to the reasons why you want to install a backyard pool or any outdoor amenity, we take that uniqueness into account in order to offer the best financing solution or option. We want to make certain you feel confident in your decision.

Educated Consumers

At Lyon, we are also committed to educating consumers. You may have bought several homes in the past, so you have gone through the process of working with a real estate broker. If you have not gone through the pool financing process, it can feel a bit overwhelming.

Besides the fact that it’s also an investment, a pool installation is a renovation that is a bit disruptive. When you understand everything from A-Z, you are part of the project and can feel the assurance you should when you are making a home improvement.

All in all, no matter what you are buying or borrowing, being an educated consumer is your first and best strategy.

Google and Home Improvement Blogs

Needless to say, there is an infinite amount of information in cyberspace. We do recommend using these resources at first to consider all the alternatives. Do your research. Become familiar with the lingo as well as the plethora of design options. Have a list of questions ready for each step of this multi-phase effort:

  1. Design

Check out home improvement sites and blogs to start getting an idea of what pool style suits your needs. (Our blog is a wonderful resource!) For the actual installation, multiple factors will need to be taken into account including everything from your budget, to your yard’s size, to the local permitting guidelines. But once you have a fairly good idea of the design aesthetic, your pool contractor can work with you to make whatever is possible actually happen!

  1. Financing

Develop your list of financing questions to ask us. We will guide you through every step, but having questions at the ready puts you in the mindset of the adventure ahead.

  1. Maintenance

You likely have your auto dealership or mechanic tend to your car. But you’ll likely be tending to your pool yourself. Even if you employ a pool service company, we strongly recommend a solid understanding of how your new pool equipment works, what issues to look out for, and how to care for all of it. As a homeowner, you already know the benefits of preventative maintenance. When you follow routines consistently, you will save money in the long run. Equipment problems don’t get better over time; they need to be as carefully monitored as the pool water itself.

Although your contractor or local pool supply company will make certain you feel confident administering pool care, having a list of questions ensures understanding. There are also plenty of pool maintenance apps which you can use that will alert you when certain tasks need to be done.

LyFi Pool School

Customer service is and has always been at the top of our list. Coming in close at Number Two on our priority list is the commitment to consumer education. To that end we publish informative blog posts about all aspects of backyard pools (including party ideas and technology innovations!) several times a month.

With this new year before us, we are now instituting Lyon Financial (LyFi) Pool School – a pool financing university if you will!

Working in association with the FAQ page on our website, each month we will explore another topic of interest for those thinking about installing a backyard pool. We are in the business of families, so we know first-hand how hard you work for your money. We are also fortunate to be a trusted financing resource to generations.

Many families start out with a pool, then create complete al fresco entertainment centers including outdoor kitchens, gazebos, pergolas, brilliant landscape designs, and even brick pizza ovens. Besides getting to work so closely with these amazing families, we have helped them improve their homes. We also get to make possible their party and celebration setting. It does not get much better than that!

Educating our clients in the details of pool financing is important to us. We make certain you understand the differences between the types of financing, the variety of solutions available to you, the step by step process, and what to expect when. We take a “no surprises” approach so you are able to make the best decision for you and your family. That’s the only thing that matters.

We are a different type of resource provider. With us, your financial solutions are personalized. Tailored to your qualifications and your needs, we review your application and identify the absolute best financing resource. We don’t shop your loan to a long list of lenders, so your credit doesn’t take multiple hard inquiry hits. We find your solution, and then we stick with you through every phase. We believe that’s what a family business should do for families.

Coming soon… look out for our first LyFi Pool school installment: “How the Pool Loan Process Works.”

Providing pool and home improvement financing solutions since 1979, Lyon Financial loves backyard pools. We also love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information about installing your corner of paradise.