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What’s a Spool Pool and Why You’ll Want One!


As we are fond of saying, we are constantly inspired by the evolution of pool design. While the legendary baths built in Greece and Rome were ornate offerings, for years the typical American pool was just a rectangular hole filled with water – perhaps boasting a diving board.

But global influence and new technologies have opened brave new worlds of beauty over the years. Today there is a wide array of pool types, including

  • Concrete with plaster or aggregate finishes
  • Tile, stone, pebble aggregate
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl.

There is also a diverse selection of pool shapes which enable the construction of a swimming pool that suits your home’s architectural style, while the variety of functions speak to how you wish to use the pool.

As far as shapes, read more about how this diverse catalog of silhouettes will suit your style and your yard’s available space with options like:

  • Oval or round pools
  • Kidney-shaped pools
  • Figure-8 pools
  • Multi-sided pools
  • L-shaped pools
  • Freeform pools
  • Roman-shaped pools

Then there’s the functionality:

Architectural pools – these are functional of course, but they are also a deliberate showpiece, often sleek yet bold. Typically constructed at the same time as the home, they are truly integrated into the tone of the primary structure for the most cohesive look.

Recreational swimming pools – you can’t beat this multi-faceted approach to pool design. From the singular rectangular pool you can incorporate steps in the shallow end for your younger and more elderly swimmers, slides, and diving boards, as well as an impressive list of available water features like: a fountain, a waterwall, spillover spa, and deck jets. Baja ledges and even swim-up bars make for a resort-like destination. This simple template can be customized to create the family oasis of your dreams!

Interior pools – these can be installed under your home’s roof or insulated on just three sides. While demanding just the right space, these installations can extend the pool season to 365 days a year!

Infinity pools – essentially a pool shape, these function to highlight a view. They are termed “infinity” (or vanishing edge, zero edge, negative edge) because the illusion is that there is no “end” to one side. The pool therefore appears to seamlessly and quietly “waterfall” down to focus the attention on the surrounding vista. Expensive, but the illusion is astonishing.

Lap pools – Because these are typically about 50 feet in length, but not very wide, lap pools will fit nicely into limited space. They also serve to enable you to get your exercise in, just like an Olympic athlete with her own private training facility!

Plunge pools and saltwater pools have also gained in popularity as homeowners are seeing that there exists a wider assortment of alternatives when it comes to outfitting their home with a pool that serves a purpose as unique as their needs.

Spool Pools

These may be on the small side of the pool spectrum, but spool pools are feature-rich because they combine the best of several worlds. A fusion of “spa” and “pool,” a “spool” generally adds up to no more than 16’ long and 8’ wide. Although smaller than the average pool, they’re larger than the average spa.

What Makes Spools Special

Space saving.

Regardless of your yard’s size, you may not wish the pool to take up too much real estate. If you want to set up a badminton net or expand your deck to include a tanning surface, or have been eyeing all the amazing outdoor kitchen configurations available, you may wish to rein in your pool area allocation.


Do you want to enjoy the best of both worlds but can’t afford both a pool and a spa? A spool brings those two diverse elements together in one unique setting.

Temperature Control.

With a spool you can literally run both hot and cold! Crank up the heat and turn on the jets for the soothing tranquility of a true spa experience. Or, turn the dial down for more tranquil and cooler waters to allow you to swim or do water aerobics for some exercise.

Powerful Jets.

If you want to get the most distance in, you can set your spool to enable you to literally swim against the current; essentially swimming in place as you stroke and kick against the jets. A major maximization of this smaller footprint!


It is totally worth getting a cost estimate on adding a detachable partition. Just say you want to get some laps in and your partner wants to bubble away the day, the partition acts as a barrier so your spool can not only run at two different temperatures simultaneously, it will be half pool, half spa… making everyone happier!


Because it’s smaller in scope than its traditional swimming pool counterparts, the time and money you need to spend on caring for this structure is typically less. Besides all its other features, this affordability makes a spool even more attractive.

Climate Control.

Your pool season is dictated by the area in which you live. So every year you need to say goodbye to your pool for several months. With a spool, you can throw it into “spa mode” and heat that water up for a decadent soak in the cooler months.


Just because a spool is not your run of the mill, traditional pool solution doesn’t mean it can’t be treated to the same scope of amenities.

  • Surround it in pavers or steppingstones embedded in the grass.
  • Frame it in foliage or decorative ceramic planters.
  • Erect a changing cabana and plug in a towel heater.
  • Install a little fridge to keep that champagne chilled.
  • Position an all-weather chest that can house suits and flip flops and sunscreen.
  • Place a cantilever umbrella to make a bold statement. (Plus, you can tilt it against the sun as needed and wheel it away in inclement weather.)
  • Finish the picture with a few Adirondack chairs and a side table to establish your respite away from the world.

You can make any pool an inviting experience when you let your creativity soar and remind yourself that self-care is one of life’s essentials. Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a spool pool!

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