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The Tiny Pool Trend

Today, Americans are embracing some non-traditional customs. From hosting destination and backyard weddings, to launching start-ups in lieu of holding corporate jobs, to installing tiny pools in our yards, we are changing how we celebrate special events and even how we make a living.

Like passionate serial entrepreneurs who flourish on the fringe, doing things the way they have always been done is out. Self-expression and following the dream is in.

Technology puts alternatives in our hands. It allows us to research different ways of doing things including means to promote our businesses on social and make genuine connections with targeted markets. We have the freedom to rattle tradition and make life uniquely ours.

RV Life

This father shares his story of moving his family of 5 into an RV. “At the time, we had three kids, a dog, a house in the suburbs, and the benefit of a six-figure income. We were living the standard American Dream. We thought we were rocking it. Yet, despite all that we had, we were hungry for more. Our life had become more riddled with obligations, to-dos and clutter. So much clutter. Our home, and schedule, was full. We were ready for change.”

And now he says, “RV life is small. But the world we get to see is very big.”

By closely examining their life, they found they could have more with less. So, they went out and got it. As of this writing they had 8 more states to visit. Who knows where their journey will lead? But so far, so good.

Tiny Houses

Remember the first time you saw a stateroom aboard a passenger cruise ship? You may have marveled at the space-saving innovations that gave access to hidden amenities. We don’t know if these type of accommodations were the inspiration to create full-time dwelling spaces, but tiny houses are a trend that don’t seem to be rolling away any time too soon.

Despite their homage to minimalism, these homes are not simple little log cabins. They can be purchased pre-fab or from another owner, but they can also be custom built with fine fixtures and finishes to exquisitely make the most of 500 or so square feet.

Tiny Pools

This is a trend that will make a huge difference in living your backyard dream. If you’ve ever been a home buyer, finding the perfect house can be a challenge. Sometimes you must give up a few things on your wish list to satisfy your priorities.

Is the third bedroom more important than your want for a bigger outdoor space? It certainly is if your family is growing or you run your business from a home office. Your budget also has a hand in your decision.

According to HGTV, “Living small has definitely reached official trend status. And while it seems like everyone can’t get enough of tiny houses, we’ve been noticing another trend: small swimming pools.”

Lap Pools

If your backyard space is really limited, or you’d rather allocate the available square footage to an outdoor dining area, a play area for your children, or a fenced-in zone for your dogs to roam, a lap pool is a viable solution. As the name implies, it is a much narrower version of a rectangular pool that facilitates your ability to swim laps from end to end. They are however still big enough to accommodate flotation devices on a lazy day when you don’t feel like working out!

Differently Shaped Pools

Once again stepping out of the comfort zone, HGTV suggests that pool shape is certainly negotiable.

Kidney-shaped pools are very popular from a design perspective for the flexibility they offer. This style offers some of the best features of all pool types but leaves a lot of room for unique décor. It is easy to tell the shallow from the deep end while the shape provides for a natural space to add lounge chairs or a poolside table. This silhouette has endured the trends over the years.

Rectangular shapes are usually the go-to form which people picture in their heads when they imagine their backyard swimming pool. However, how about a square pool for its easy-to-fit size? It is also a conversation piece with its sublime, modern look.

Another option is a pool that simply extends from an outer wall of your home offering three-sided, space-saving access. For a truly unique look like a Roman bath, you can decorate its perimeter and its backdrop for a stunning retreat.

We also really like the idea of embedding a pool into an existing deck. It is typically easy enough to create an extension of a deck to then implant the perfect splash pool for that little bit of heaven.

For a more expensive solution, you could go the indoor pool route. By surrounding it on two or three sides with soaring picture windows, even snow-capped mountains and a snowed-in car won’t keep you from basking in heated luxury!

The Benefits of Tiny Pools

Although these points may seem obvious, it’s important to note as they might shake you free from the conventional way of looking at pool design.

You can certainly renovate your home to suit your needs. But what you don’t have to do is disregard a home you want to buy because the outdoor space falls short of your square footage expectations and desire for a pool.

Consider a tiny pool:

  1. Small pools take up much less space so you can plant a garden or install a volleyball net or bench seating; or an outdoor kitchen!
  2. Small pools require less maintenance.
  3. Small pools don’t cost as much to heat.
  4. Small pools can be treated to more luxe finishes because you don’t need as many expensive tiles to dress them. You can also still enjoy a baja shelf. No need to skimp on those sun ledges!

When it comes to backyard pools, the sunny sky is the limit…

We are pool financing solution experts who also provide the means to install outdoor kitchens and any kind of backyard update or improvement you can dream up! Low rates and 20-year terms make the decision to install a tiny pool much easier.

At Lyon Financial, we love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information about installing your corner of paradise!