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Five New Pool Construction Materials

New Pool Construction Materials

In pool design, the trends just keep on coming. From the brilliant tiny pool craze to installations of well-appointed outdoor kitchens, this is an industry that continues to excite.

Even long-time pool owners can make subtle changes to their existing installations to add more modern features. It’s actually fairly easy for example to transform your traditional pool into a smart pool.

In addition to receiving maintenance reminders on your phone or tablet, once you automate your pool, you’ll be able to use an app to execute commands like:

  • Turning on the spa
  • Cranking up the music
  • Setting the heater to “on”
  • Managing chemical levels
  • Controlling your pump
  • Commanding robotic cleaners

Besides being really cool, smart pools take the guesswork out of pool upkeep and give you more time to enjoy the pool itself!

Need to shake up the ambiance? Add a few fire bowls along your pool’s perimeter or change up the landscaping and lighting design.

Sun sails come in all shapes and sizes. They are generally easy to install. Providing welcome refuge from the sun’s harmful rays, these shade cloths introduce a lovely pop of color to accent your furniture and other textiles.

Just a few retrofits like these will bring new and interesting elements to your outdoor oasis.

If you really want to bring the inside, out – you would do well to consider an outdoor kitchen. It’s of course fun to dine alfresco, but the cleanup is always SO much easier. Grilling is also a healthier food prep option!

New Pool Materials

Now if you’re in the market for a new pool installation, that’s a different story. Some very interesting materials are being used to construct the pool itself. Like the foundation of anything, they have their pluses and minuses. Your first and best consideration is to identify how you plan on using the pool. The other essential decision is how devoted will you be to tend to the pool? If you are super fastidious and have time to spend maintaining a specific material, then you narrow your selection.

All pools need attention. Just as your home has a laundry list of preventative maintenance items, a well-cared for pool will last a lifetime. Know what you want and have a comprehensive discussion with a reputable pool contractor.

Concrete and Fiberglass Pools

The one-two punch of traditional pool design, it seems impossible to consider either of these becoming obsolete. Tried and true, you’ll always be able to have concrete or fiberglass on your list of construction possibilities.

Concrete could be considered the best in a sense; besides being durable, it is customizable. You can design every element of a concrete pool – any feature is possible from steps to baja shelves to fountains. The other special design aspect is that concrete pools can support any kind of tile work. Those designs are a creative way to put your personal stamp on your pool. All of these pluses come with a higher price tag of course, and concrete pools don’t get built in a day… but you can have exactly what you envision.

Fiberglass is a perfectly excellent choice. In a way it is the yin to the concrete pool’s yang. You could call this preference more along the lines of pre-fab, but it’s also what makes it more affordable. These pools are off-the-shelf. Not to say your only choice is a boring rectangular box, there are certainly design elements like shapes and built-in seating from which to choose. You can add your flair with landscaping and border pieces to make it unique. These pools come in one piece so are easy and faster to install.

And Now for Something Completely Different in Pool Design

  1. Aluminum Pools

Like a soda can, this material is flexible and easy to transport. These pools are also rust-resistant. The disadvantages may not make this alternative TOO appealing. While they are more expensive than stainless steel, the biggest issue is that the pool walls are connected with actual rivets, therefore they need to be sealed. A sub-par sealing job would not be a good thing. Unfortunately, because the surface can oxidize, it can also become pitted over time.

  1. Stainless Steel Pools

Like a medical surface, this option offers a pool that is sanitary and lightweight. Most importantly, it is easy to maintain. Unlike a fiberglass pool, they can be designed to your specifications using 3D modeling software. Your pool template is then laser-cut. However, they may not have the most longevity of pool materials as they can deteriorate over time.

  1. Ceramic Pools

Most ceramic pools are a composite – a substance called silica comprises more than half of the mixture. While the ceramic core lends strength and water-proofing qualities, a potential shortcoming is that these are sold as one-piece shells like fiberglass pools so leave less to the customization aspect.

  1. Stone Pools

Although many pool designs favor the sleek and modern, there’s much to be said about integrating the pool and its accoutrements into the nature that surrounds them. There is absolutely no end to the types of stones and tiles you can combine to construct this homage to the pool’s botanical environment.

According to World of Stones, “In the ancient era, stones were used as prime structural elements in the construction of palaces of kings/queens, monuments, small to large buildings, and everywhere including swimming pools. It means you can use stones as a structural element along with decorative components to create floors, walls, pillars, pergolas, decks, coping, and fountains in and around your swimming pool.”

  1. Glass Pools

Now for the antithesis of stone pools! For the super contemporary-minded, this aesthetic offers what is essentially a transparent pool. With this material you can REALLY highlight your trendy tilework on the pool sides and bottom. The German company Hydrosight explains, “The technical term for pool glass walls is open top windows. They retain the water in the pool while there seems to be no wall. Open top windows allow for spectators to watch the underwater scenery, while remaining dry.”

If you are interested in making this conversation piece part of your outdoor escape, you’ll need a genuine specialist in this pool construction genre.

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