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How To Properly Care for Your Swimwear

There are many steps you can take to make sure your swimwear lasts all season — and beyond. But perhaps the most significant step you can take is to care for it properly, especially after you’ve worn it in a chlorinated swimming pool.

Step 1: Rinsing Swimwear

Immediately after you get out of the pool, be sure to remove your swimsuit and rinse it in cool water — preferably soaking it for half an hour or so. But even if you don’t have time to let it soak, at least take the time to rinse it out. Then resist the urge to wring out your swimsuit! Most swimwear is made with a percentage of spandex thread, and by wringing out your swimwear, you’ll risk having your suit lose its shape. Instead, you can eliminate some extra water by rolling your suit out on a towel and then rolling up that towel and gently squeezing. And you can always bring a plastic bag in which to store any wet items in your beach bag, without getting other items wet.

Step 2: Washing Swimwear

What you don’t want to do is throw your swim suit in with your other clothing items that need to be laundered; however, you still need to get your swim suit washed as soon as possible. Hand washing is preferable, but if you really want to throw it in the machine, be sure to turn your suit inside-out first, use cold water along with the gentle setting, and add only a very small amount of liquid laundry detergent. (Powders don’t always fully dissolve or rinse away, so stay away from those. And definitely don’t use chlorine bleach for any reason!)

If you go the hand-washing route, simply fill a sink with cool water (use fresh water if you’ve just rinsed your suit). Then add your choice of a tablespoon or less of liquid laundry detergent, a mild hand soap, or shampoo. (Just make sure the soap or shampoo does not contain any lotion or hair conditioner.) Swish your suit around in the soapy water for several minutes, then rinse it out, taking care not to wring your suit.

Step 3: Drying Swimwear

Even if you do choose to use a washing machine, do not dry your swimwear in a dryer; the heat can cause added damage to your suit. Instead, lay it flat to dry, allowing it to rest for at least 24 hours; by doing so, you’ll allow the swimsuit’s fibers to recover and the suit to regain its intended shape. Giving swimwear a 24-hour rest doesn’t have to mean going a day without swimming, though; just have 2 suits on hand so you can alternate using them.

By caring properly for your swimwear, you’ll be able to extend its life and be able to use it for even more fun summer days in your own backyard swimming pool!

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