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The Best July 4th Party Ideas

July 4th Party Ideas

Gathering around your backyard’s pool is the classic (and probably the best!) way to celebrate anything. Around that shimmering centerpiece you can create any ambiance you want from a classic kids’ party with balloons and perhaps a few clowns, to a stunning outdoor wedding complete with a party tent and musicians. The versatility of your al fresco entertainment center knows no bounds!

Another time for your pool to shine is on national holidays. Those coveted three-day weekends are ripe for the planning. We’ve curated a selection of party ideas and recipes from the entertaining experts.

But first, a reminder about the “reason for the season” and how this, and every July 4th, we are celebrating the freedoms hard-won by our ancestors.

According to Better Homes & Gardens, “The 102 immigrants who came over on the Mayflower were mostly protestants from Britain who left because they didn’t want to join the Church of England and so they were no longer welcome in Britain. They left in search of religious freedom, searching for a place where they could live freely without judgment or persecution for their beliefs. In the fall of 1620, they docked in what is now known as New England.

Over the next few years, more Europeans made their way to North America and formed the 13 colonies. These colonies would later become states New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

The colonists continued to live away from British rule for 150 years, although tensions between the two steadily rose, until the American Revolution began in 1775. One year into the war, the Continental Congress voted to approve the writing of a document that would declare America’s independence from Britain. Thomas Jefferson drafted the official Declaration of Independence, and on July 4, 1776, Congress adopted the declaration and America was officially fighting for their independence. Later, 56 representatives from the 13 colonies signed the declaration at the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia.”

Creating the Ambiance

This jubilant holiday just happens to fall in the middle of the summer pool season. Since you’ve probably already done any updates and renovations you’ve wanted to do, it’s the perfect time for a pool party.

As we’re fond of saying, your great outdoors is the ideal venue for a bash as you can be creative with your décor and enjoy a versatility you can’t indoors.

We believe you should always try to be a guest at your own party so that means setting up stations where guests may serve themselves and also dispose of recyclables and refuse in well-marked containers. You can call it a “set it and forget it!” style, but some good pre-planning will get you and that party up on its feet.

The Décor

You can make it easy on yourself and tie helium balloons in the colors of the day to every tree in your yard. Little white lights can also be strung across your deck and around tree trunks to give that special glow. If you have some extra hands to help and a little extra time, you can create this amazing 3-D banner that simply shouts celebration! Fashioned from strips of cardstock you can glue these letters and add the string through holes. You can make this banner span the driveway to welcome guests as they enter the party zone.

With a bunch of red, white, and blue bandanas you can even make a wreath for your door. And/or you can give them out to your guests to wear for holiday flair or to serve as social distancing masks.

The Beverages

You can dress up the holiday libations for the season with just a few small touches. Better Homes & Gardens suggests buying a bunch of hand-held fans and dip dying them for some red, white, and blue coloration. They can then be hung from a string to herald the cocktail zone and also be placed in a bowl so guests may fan themselves.

Pack a trough with ice and place glasses, a ladle, and a glass barrel full of this refreshing summer concoction bursting with the flavors of watermelon, mint, and fresh lime juice. If you wish to add alcohol to these Watermelon-Mint Coolers, it calls for a couple of cups of white rum. Chill for eight hours before serving.

Delish serves up their 29 Festive Fourth of July Drinks. From Jell-O shots to Blueberry Lemonade Margaritas, this guide will show you how to mix and garnish a variety of adult beverages.

If you have other ice-filled buckets nearby of beer and soda, make certain to have bottles of cold water easily accessible so everyone remains well hydrated.

The Food

You may wish to show off your mad culinary skills or perhaps you want to go with some classic and easy to prepare meals. This year has been a challenging one on many levels, so whatever gatherings are permitted where you live, if might be nice to keep it simple. (It’s people that make the party anyway!)

You can start out with these refreshing and delicious Watermelon Fruit Kabobs. Half of a carved-out watermelon creates the ideal serving bowl. Fill it with cubed fruits and then skewer decoratively shaped fruit for garnish. Have extra fruit salad and skewers in the frig to replenish. It looks good and tastes great, the perfect culinary combination.

These Berry Patchwork Tarts are also irresistible! Using the ever-versatile refrigerated crescent dough, you’ve got rich mascarpone (or cream cheese) paired with honey to coat the baked crust. Fresh summer berries topped with a syrup made from honey, mint or basil make this a great appetizer or a dessert. Since you can chill for up to four hours, you’ve got a sweet treat ready for your earliest arrivals.

How about some Summer Dogs? Crowned in grilled corn kernels, onion, fresh basil (and optional chile peppers and/or sunflower kernels) they are nestled in a bed of tomatoes and avocado; it’s a meal on a bun.

Or a Hawaiian Burger? Tangy pineapple and delectable blue cheese, along with some ham, bacon, and sharp cheddar makes this a burger that will get some buzz.

Here’s a robust bean dish that has a few surprises. For this Skillet White Beans dish a combo of navy, garbanzo, and butter beans combine in a skillet with onion, maple syrup, brown sugar, fresh sage, tomato paste, and sour cream or crème fraiche. You can complete this masterpiece with a mélange of yellow, red, and/or green cherry tomatoes. Yum!

From all of us here, we wish you a safe and scrumptious summer. And a very Happy 4th!

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