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A Pool: Your Next, Best Family Vacation!

We live our lives in seasons. Upcoming holidays set the tone for our to do lists and our planned calendar events. With Labor Day and the start of the new school season behind us, most parents take a huge sigh of relief that all that prep and planning is in the past. So we take this little respite before we prepare for the big holidays of Rosh Hashana, Chanukah, and Christmas. Then we roll right into a brand-new year full of promise and resolutions.

When you look back on the parties and BBQs of this past summer, was installing a backyard pool something that crossed your mind? Was this year’s family vacation a hassle with air travel and the kids being cranky and the overall expense of it all?

As a parent, did you come home needing a vacation from your vacation? Perhaps you never even had the chance to get a week off with your family.

If you considered the ease and better quality of living which you and your family could enjoy, one that makes for a more relaxing and affordable solution for your next vacation, the off-pool season is a good time to take stock.

Like any home improvement, there are multiple steps to get to the finished product, or in this case, the first big splash of the season! Perhaps it’s time to take a look at a backyard pool.

1. It Starts with a List

Social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram and even Facebook are full of stunning images that reflect the unique design ideas of pool owners.

Even if you can’t afford the kind of pool George Clooney and Beyoncé can, you will find inspiration in the pools of the rich and famous. (Check out this refreshing collection from InStyle for the 10 Most Instagram-Worthy Pools in America.)

Look at features like pool shape and what adornments accentuate the yard itself. You can set any tone, from luxury resort-style or contemporary country to a Zen experience. Textiles and furnishings add character; you don’t need to spend Hollywood money to make a statement.

Framing the pool with different style ideas also means you can change up the look and feel of your backyard retreat. Lighting and landscaping provide the one-two punch for setting the mood. When you need a change, bring in a new color palette or add a touch like tiki torches. You can even decorate your pool with flotation decor.

In this beginning stage, look at things like how to enter the pool (ladders or steps or both). Additionally, the amount of space you are willing to sacrifice in your yard will help determine your pool’s shape.

Since you are creating this new, exciting backyard entertainment center, you may want to leave space for your garden, as well as lounge space and pavers or a patio to accommodate your grill. (Zoning and building restrictions will make many determinations for you. Your local pool contractor will be versed on what you can and can’t do, in addition to how the permit process is handled!)

2. Ask Friends and Neighbors

When it comes to home improvements, people generally like to complain or boast. Whether they have made good decisions or bad – learn from them. Take into account all their “we should have, should not have” statements.

“We should have had pool steps installed instead of just ladders because the steps are easier for the little ones and for my mother to get into the pool.”

“We should not have made the footprint of the pool so large, it is overwhelming the yard, and we miss the herb garden.”

“Glad we decided to add the spa! We use it all the time!”

“The lap pool design fit in beautifully and suits how we are using our pool – as fitness equipment.”

Take this fact-finding time to get a pulse on the opinions of those you know and trust!

3. Pool Shape

This decision is the most basic of ones, but it literally lays the foundation for your backyard paradise. The three factors to consider are:

  • How will you use the pool?
  • Who will be using the pool?
  • How do you want the pool to offset the backyard’s current features?

Although there is a nice variety of pool shapes, overall, rectangular pools are better for swimming laps, while kidney and other shapes can help the pool better blend with surrounding landscaping.

If you have young ones or seniors who will be using the pool, you may want to consider a zero-depth pool. It features an entry edge that gradually slopes from the deck into the water. It becomes slightly deeper with each step – like stepping from the sand into the ocean. This design makes getting into the pool much easier than trying to descend a ladder.

There are of course several different materials including fiberglass, concrete, vinyl, and even river rock, along with a variety of options for filtering and cleaning systems. Take the pool as a whole into account so all aspects make the statement you want, with the functionality you need.

4. Budget

A factor in the housing crisis was the huge number of bank-approved loans that some people could not possibly afford. There was a real estate market meltdown rife with countless short sale transactions and foreclosures.

When you are ready to discuss pool financing options, you can talk to professionals (like us!) to help you figure out what payment structure is realistic and which will give you peace of mind. We also help you factor in the long-term costs of chemicals to keep your pool water clean and the adjustments to your electric bill to keep the pump running.

Once you have your own backyard pool, you may not WANT to go anywhere else on vacation, but you must be ABLE to! Being “pool poor” is unacceptable. An honest look at your finances tempered with the best possible loan program is what swimming pool financing experts do. Your new pool needs to add to your life, not take away.

We love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information.