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10 Great Fire Pit Seating Ideas

10 Great Fire Pit Seating Ideas

If you’ve Googled around for this backyard amenity, you know that these gathering places have become a cherished outdoor staple. The reasons are good ones: they’re simple, they’re affordable, and they’re transformative.

The Best Things About Fire Pits

There’s the practical aspect of these al fresco nuances as in they generate heat. But outdoor fire pits have soulful benefits as well!

1. Ambiance

With its ambient glow, this focal point is one you can probably see from every angle of your yard. As an additional seating area for your outdoor party or for a romantic evening under the stars, fire pits have an irresistible lure.

2. Additional Space

The trend that’s going nowhere soon is the one that includes your outdoor square footage as an extension of your indoor square footage. Like a fireplace in your family room, you will have created yet another area in which to welcome friends and family.

3. Day Into Evening

Whether it’s to keep the party going or to take more time to enjoy the fresh air, a fire pit’s warmth and comfort offers the ideal venue.

4. Always Open

You may have to close your pool sooner than you’d like, considering your region’s climate, but combine your fire pit with a hot tub, and you can even enjoy your open-air haven on New Year’s Eve!

5. Outdoor Kitchen

Whether or not you’ve outfitted your yard with a full-fledged galley complete with wine frig and cooktops, a fire pit offers an ancillary option. Sit a simple grate atop the flames, and you’ve got an instant BBQ!

6. Relaxation

Meditation Daily extols the extraordinary benefits of enjoying a fire. One of which is the relaxation it provides. A University of Alabama study by anthropologist Christopher Lynn showed that spending time fireside not only helps people relax but lowers their blood pressure.

Planning Your Fire Pit Oasis

Despite the simplicity of the basic design, there is an element that homeowners don’t always think out enough. And that’s the seating. It’s of course great to create this gathering space, but to give it true balance, you’ll want the stage preset. No guest should have to drag over an Adirondack chair to enter the circle!

Instead, create that living room effect that will beckon them to lounge and sip some good wine. The experts at Backyard Boss can always be counted on for innovative ideas, and once again, they don’t disappoint.

Check out this array of seating options that range from effortless to luxurious. These may even inspire you to come up with your own preferred materials and designs!


Number 10 is truly a treat!

From Backyard Boss, “It’s not often that you’ll see swinging fire pit seating. Unlike traditional seating, the swing seating design creatively blends the joy of porch swings with the pleasure of fire pits. The best part is that you can even DIY this with the right equipment. With this, you’ll have patio swings attached to a tall wood frame built around your fire pit. These seats encourage people to enjoy the area even without a fire burning. Most, maybe even all, of your friends and family will enjoy this, so don’t be surprised if your home suddenly becomes the go-to for parties and reunions!”

Don’ts of Building a Fire Pit

Another great thing about firepits is that they really make the perfect DIY project. However, like any other challenge to tackle, there are plenty of things “not” to do.

From the consummate home improvement guru, Bob Vila, is an invaluable list of how to avoid the pitfalls of backyard fire pit installations.

Bob says:

  • “DON’T build a fire pit without approval from local authorities.”

This is a great rule of thumb as every entity from your local municipality to your homeowners’ association may frown (if not condemn) this kind of construction. If allowed, there may be restrictions on aspects like specs and fuel type. So, before you go to any expense, make sure you have the green light for that fire light.

  • “DON’T position fire pits in hazard-prone zones with unfavorable winds.”

You not only need level ground in an open area. Bob says, “You want to be at least 15 feet from other residences and at least 10 feet from property lines, flammable structures such as wooden sheds, bushes, and trees.”

  • “DON’T construct your fire pit near potential fire hazards.”

This may seem like an obvious point, but you need to be certain to steer clear of anything that is flammable as well as making sure you stay far from trees, plants, tall grasses, and utility lines.

Vila recommends, “Build your fire pit 15-20 feet away from your house and any outbuildings — dog house, barn, detached garage, shed, pool house — on your property. While it might be tempting to place a fire pit on a deck, or under a pergola, do so only with caution, as these structures, too, are flammable.”

  • DON’T build a permanent fire pit if you have limited space

This is an excellent point. You needn’t deny yourself this wonderful entertainment space if your yard is small. But if it is, you’ll want to reconsider a fixed solution. It’s easy enough to take a portable fire pit from its storage space and get the party started as needed.

Vila cites another good reason about transportable fire pits. “Choose a portable fire pit for its ability to be positioned and repositioned as you desire. Perhaps one weekend you’d like to host a neighborhood gathering, with the fire pit on display in the driveway to attract and welcome passersby. On other occasions, maybe you’d like a more private gathering with immediate family, and a cozy spot in the backyard makes more sense. Having a portable pit makes these options possible.”

Read more Dos and Don’ts from Bob Vila here.

There’s everything to love about gathering around a mesmerizing collection of flames to share laughs and stories with those special people in your life.

Whether the experience harkens back to the campfires of your youth (complete with roasted marshmallows!) or connects even further back to our primordial roots, you’ll create a unique vibe with this addition to your home.

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