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Announcing Signature Pool Loans with 20-Year Terms!

20-Year Pool Loans

Pools come in all shapes and sizes. No longer a simple rectangular structure filled with water, today’s backyard pools and spas have become destinations reflecting the style and needs of the family. Our loan programs also mirror our clients’ diverse wants and needs, with a program for just about every customer. Our new 20-year signature loan is just another way to make backyard dreams a reality with ease!

As a pool financing company, we have loved every minute of this evolution in pool design. We have also enjoyed a front row seat to the creativity of our clients and pool contractors. Their collaborations have made for some spectacular outdoor renovations with no two alike:

  • Is it an infinity pool set against a scenic backdrop?
  • Is it indoors or outdoors?
  • Is it constructed of fiberglass? Does it have a vinyl liner or a concrete one?
  • It is an architectural pool with geometric lines, elements, and materials that mirror the home’s design characteristics?
  • Is it a recreational pool? A lap pool? A plunge pool? A sports pool that features depth consistency?
  • Is it a lagoon-effect pool with rich, blue tones and tiles to lend tranquility?

Perhaps your pool design will have elements of several types for a look that suits your use. When you add in features like tanning ledges, fire bowls, slides, boards, landscaping and pavers, as well as the selection of specialty furniture and functional storage, the array is wonderfully endless.

As an expression of how you wish to spend your exercise or relaxation time, the pool you install is bound only by your budget. Otherwise, it is a chance for your imagination to run wild!

Budgeting for a Pool

We leave the pool design to the experts, but consulting with clients on what loan product and payment schedule they are comfortable with; well, that’s a privilege we have had for almost forty years.

Our consultative approach is backed by real people who can answer questions and help you navigate the nuances of pool financing. You won’t be staring at your screen punching numbers into a program to get a decision on your pool financing. Your money is too hard-earned. You should be given every opportunity to make an educated decision based on your needs. That’s what the financing experts at Lyon Financial do. We team up with you.

Pool Financing Programs

As pool design and pool technology have advanced over the years, so have our loan programs. We could never create pool loans that work if we didn’t base these products on the feedback we receive from clients. They are the ones who have helped us to define what they need. Lyon Financial continues to refine and make the kinds of adjustments that work in the real world. We offer:

Available Nationwide

  • Loans to $100,000
  • Low, fixed rates
  • Terms to 20 years
  • No fees-points-processing-costs

Because we have listened and developed pool financing that makes sense, Lyon Financial is proud to present our new 20-year, signature pool loan. This first in a product line offers the longest term for pools from any lender.

As it is unsecured, there are no ties to your mortgage or anything else you own.

This financing may not be the right fit for everyone. Some would prefer to pay off a loan as quickly as possible, but for the payment-minded who are not in a rush and prefer the lower monthly payments and the security of knowing the pool loan is 100% financially detached from their home, this is the one you have been waiting for!

This financing solution also features a fixed rate for seven years, with a variable to follow in the eighth year. There are no UCC (uniform commercial code) fees which are often imposed as a lien when you are engaged in a commercial transaction involving a debtor and a secured party of something financed.

This new loan program has been carefully built to include reasonable interest rates and the affordable and flexible answer that unsecured loans provide.

Signature Pool Loans with 20-Year Terms

From Investopedia: An unsecured loan is a loan that is issued and supported only by the borrower’s creditworthiness, rather than by any type of collateral. An unsecured loan is one that is obtained without the use of property as collateral for the loan, and it is also called a signature loan or a personal loan. Borrowers generally must have high credit ratings to be approved for certain unsecured loans.

This loan product from Lyon Financial is available now, just in time for pool planning season! With the arctic blasts of cold most of us across the country have endured this winter, the pool that’s been on your wish list is now possible. When the terms of a loan are this accommodating, it offers the chance to consider this recreational solution for your family.

New Year’s Resolutions

Especially after the holiday season when sweet and savory temptations have been everywhere, installing a backyard pool will get you and your family back in the swim of things with a refreshing exercise forum that’s right outside your door. We’ve all had gym memberships which we’ve let expire and resolutions to get our health on track that tend to go out the window by February. But coming this month is the chance to seize an incredible pool financing and wellness opportunity that will reap benefits for a lifetime.

Our team is very excited about the launch of this new unsecured financing alternative, and we think you will be too!

Wishing a happy and healthy 2018 to you and your loved ones.

We love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information.