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Must-Have Pool Accessories!

Best Pool Accessories

Sure, maintaining a pool takes some time and effort, BUT the benefits far outweigh a little drudgery! Just step outside that door and take a deep breath of fresh air. Then look out across the yard and feast your eyes on your own sea of tranquility – all yours for the dipping and the diving. That sparkling clean water is just what you need to wash away the stresses of the day.

And if you really want to show your pool some appreciation, you can give it some style AND make it cost- and energy-efficient!

Textiles are a great go-to for an affordable facelift. Contrasting patterns and colorful prints will elevate the “wow” status and get your pool’s look up on its feet! Consider some cantilever umbrellas that you can tilt against the sun or throw pillows to add those pops of color. Shade sails stretched across your pool or patio are attractive and functional.

Today we looked to a May 2021 piece by the home experts at Better Homes & Gardens to get their take on the best accessories for today’s pools!

Best Pool Cover

Like a great winter coat that looks good and feels toasty, this is not a place to skimp. You want one that is strong but lightweight enough that you can remove and stow it easily. Some pool covers, like this one, are made of mesh, so rainwater falls through, but leaves and other debris are trapped. You may also want to consider one in a lighter or clear color, because it will allow the sun’s rays to penetrate the water and help with that electric bill! Solar covers are even more effective at heating the water more quickly.

Best Pool Heater

And because the sun alone probably won’t make your backyard pool as warm as you’d like, BH&G suggests this propane-powered pool heater. The manufacturer recommends it for, “In-ground pools and spas with a surface area up to 1,200 ft. where natural gas is available. Its low environmental impact makes it ideal for pools and spas located where low-NOx emissions are required.” Designed to be energy efficient, there’s also an intuitive LED digital control panel for ease of operation. And for the devoted DIY-ers, it’s reported to boast a “fairly easy” install.

Best Pool Float

Better Homes & Gardens named this Spring Float Recliner as their favorite for 2021. It’s not only priced well, it has the features you want to see in just about any furniture designed for relaxation: built-in backrest, cooling mesh, integrated cupholder, comfy fabric, and a built-in ottoman. It’s also a sit-up style float, so you’ll enjoy reading or dozing in absolute ease.

Best Pool Toy

While you’re lazing around on your spring float recliner, the kids will probably love this Swimline Dual Arcade. For under $50 you’ll get them to put down the iPads and compete in this carnival-like game full of fun and water guns. With a heavy gauge vinyl BH&G says, “It’s Team Green vs. Team Blue to see who can get all their balls out of the tube first. And since it floats in the pool, the squirt guns will never run out of water.”

Best Sound Machines

You can’t go wrong with sound generated from equipment built by the pros at Bose. Their SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker comes in several colors and is of course waterproof. A silicone strap allows you to attach it to backpacks and coolers. With six hours of battery life, you can pair speakers together, and thanks to its Bluetooth capabilities, you can always use it to chat with Siri or your Google Assistant.

Best Pool Lights

To accompany those tunes you’ve got cranking, you’ll want to turn your attention to more subtle ambiance: lighting. These solar pool lights are an easy solution. They come in packages of two and will run up to 12 hours on a full charge. Wireless and decorative, they just soak up the sun during the day and then light up the night! We think what’s really nice is that they don’t need tending. They will come on at dusk and then off at first light. There are also four different lighting patterns with six colors. Whether a midnight swim or a festive occasion, these lights also make for a nice safety solution.

Best Pool Accessory Storage

Because we all love the comparative simplicity of outdoor living, we want the stowing of pool toys, floats, garden supplies, cushions, and firewood to be an easy affair. BH&G recommends this outdoor deck box. Made of durable resin in a decorative wicker pattern, it’s water resistant and pad lockable. At 99 gallons you’ve got a nice storage area. For added versatility, the lid is reinforced so it can double as a seating surface. Perhaps you could place a second box over by your spa or hot tub and use that box to stow your fluffy robes and aromatherapy potions!

Best Pool Vacuum

BH&G’s assessment of the DOLPHIN Nautilus is a glowing one. “For crystal-clear pool water, this energy-efficient pool vacuum does the hard work for you. The job takes only 2 hours — time you can spend relaxing. Whether you have an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool, this compact robot vacuum easily climbs and scrubs the walls and floor of your pool automatically. When it comes time to clean the robot itself, it pops open with the touch of a button so you can spray it with a hose.”

Best Starter Kit

In more maintenance ideas, this great little kit will come in very handy for the most basic (and key) operational aspects of your backyard pool. Sold at Walmart, you’ll find a:

  • Collapsible floating chemical dispenser for adding tablets to pool water
  • Curved brush that works on pool stairs and ladders
  • Thermometer that can be attached to anything to measure the warmth of that rejuvenating water

While Lyon Financial has no affiliations with any of these manufacturers or retailers, we say thanks and applaud the lifestyle connoisseurs at Better Homes and Gardens, who believe it or not, published their first magazine in 1922! (At Lyon Financial, we’ve got over 40 years in the business… we’re catching up!)

At the end of the day, relying on reviews and the experiences of your friends and neighbors for feedback on everything from pizza ovens to pool contractors will set you up right for the backyard of your dreams!

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