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California Swimming Pools: Hooray for Hollywood!

California Pool

Lifestyles of the rich and famous. They can be fascinating: the clothes, the trips, the yachts, the parties. Like something out of a movie, even the real estate celebrities own look like elaborate movie sets. While the most successful probably don’t have the time to relax by their own swimming pools in California, their designs are the stuff of inspiration.

California Pool Builders

At Lyon Financial, we’ve been helping people embrace their “inner Hollywood” for almost forty years with our pool loans in California. Matching the right pool builder with our clients is something for which we also take tremendous pride.

When you have a vision for what your backyard pool should be, you need to work with someone who can realize it for you. You work just as hard (or even harder) than a Hollywood celebrity because you probably don’t have a team of people to handle your day-to-day agenda and list of chores while you’re at work! That’s even more of a reason for some evening and weekend relaxation.

Our first and best job is to facilitate the pool loan process, so you can work with the right California pool builder. Over the years, we’ve not only completed over 400,000 projects nationwide, we’ve forged strong professional relationships with pool contractors across the country.

California Swimming Pools

A little luxury can go a long way today. No matter your income or your budget, you may be surprised about the improvements you can make in your home and in your backyard living. Entertaining and relaxing outdoors is classic California. Incredible weather year-round lends an outdoor trend that is unmatched. So, when in California, why not live like a movie star or mogul?

Elegant, Modern, and Natural Pools

Besides Olympic pools that are designed for training purposes, elegant, modern, and natural are the three primary “styles” of most pools. Decide on the vibe you want your backyard to give off. You may want to consider how it works with the architecture of your home. Or not! If your home is a traditional ranch and you prefer to step outside of it into sleek, contemporary styling you can do that too. You are extending the experience of your home’s hospitality, so make it work for you.

From The Spruce, here’s A Guide to Swimming Pool Types, Designs, and Styles.

  • Texture

The materials available in today’s swimming pool design allow the creation of illusion. Faux panels and backdrops and even stone-faced planters look decadent and expensive without the cost. You needn’t import marble from Italy to create a Tuscan-inspired setting. It takes creativity and the desire to develop an oasis of tranquility.

  • Color

Like contemporary fashion designers, adding color and combining it with a variety of finishes (like stone and tile) adds depth and dimension to your pool design. If too many different types of surfaces put a strain on your budget, consider interspersing pavers with strips of grass to create a geometric design. Overall, landscaping gives a huge boost to any setting. By incorporating seasonal blooms that burst with a variety of hues over the course of the year, your pool setting will always be vibrantly alive with color. Contrasting tile work with edges that define ledges and walkways, makes your pool design uniquely yours.

  • Lighting

Probably one of the most versatile devices is illumination. Like lamps and recessed lighting create drama and highlight areas in your home, pool lighting is an extraordinary way to create a distinctive look. From up-lighting on trees, to safety lighting along pathways, to underwater lighting; you can create drama. Fire bowls and even tiki torches enhance the setting. One of the best things about lighting is that it can be easily updated to create alternate looks.

California Dreaming

While elegant and modern are the styles that seem most in keeping with California glamor, don’t discount the beauty of a natural pool. This pool design is created by make the setting indigenous to California. With a more organic feel, the objective is basically to make the pool appear that it has always been there. The pool designs are intentionally simplistic while the pool’s edges are created to integrate with its surroundings. The addition of native shrubbery and trees create a sanctuary like none other. Peace and quiet are glamorous too!

Outdoor Entertaining in California

For your next pool party, you might consider hiring a wait staff for a touch of Hollywood glam. If you’re planning a backyard BBQ, a cook to man the grill takes the heat off the host so you may enjoy your guests.

At Lyon Financial, we not only finance swimming pools, pavers, patios, and pergolas, but outdoor kitchens as well! The ultimate in Hollywood and resort-style living is an amenity-rich al fresco space.

Additional touches that embellish are a dining table and chairs as well as chaise lounges. Comfortable seating in little groupings with small round cocktail tables create ambiance. For even more casual, yet comfortable dining, a larger round table with a wide shade umbrella is a fabulous addition. Actually, shade umbrellas on wheels that can be moved as needed are welcome on a sunny day.

And don’t forget the technology! There are plenty of pool apps that connect to features and functions of your pool so a touch of a button lights up the night or gets the spa jets going. Like having your own personal assistant – in a way!

Pool Partnerships

We have a variety of options from which to choose. AND our new signature loan financing features loans up to $75,000 and offers up to 20-year terms.

We love working with clients in California because they always surprise us with their unique ideas of what their world of luxury looks like. Fortunately, today’s California swimming pools are so varied in the materials used and the unlimited kinds of worlds they can create. You may not be a rock star or a movie icon, but you can unwind like one in your own beautiful backyard pool.

We love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information.