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Eight Easy Tips for Planning the Perfect Pool Party for Spring

Spring Pool Party

Easter Sunday falls early in the calendar this year, on April 1st. Whether or not this is a religious observation for your family, that weekend is the ideal one to welcome Spring to your home!

If you do celebrate Easter, perhaps you can get yourself out of a ton of kitchen work and plan a pool party in lieu of a sit-down dinner. Even if the weather where you live is not conducive to swimming by early April, a poolside party could add a new dimension to your current holiday traditions.

Pools set the stage and make entertaining so much easier than firing up the burners in the kitchen and making sure you have enough chairs for everyone.

Poolside parties welcome the casual atmosphere that deflects the stress of entertaining. You can even spread a few blankets in one section of your yard to give that picnic kind of feel.

       1. How to Plan the Perfect Pool Party

The entertaining tycoon, Martha Stewart, always has unique and often simple ideas to suit specific occasions. Whether you are celebrating Spring or Easter Sunday, hand-held foods and easy to dispense beverages allow the host and hostess to enjoy themselves without needing to serve multiple courses but allow guests to feast as they choose from a buffet.

        2. Sandwiches and Sides

  • Wraps and dishes like potato salad and even dips are better after a night in the frig. Those are the kinds of recipes upon which to focus. When you assemble these the afternoon before, you can foil and refrigerate your trays for easy placement the day of your party.
  • A tiered stand is the ideal setting to stack desserts/cupcakes, making them easily accessible while adding dimension to the table arrangement.
  • It is also important to offer a selection of healthier choices. There’s no end to the simple to create taste treats for those who are weight conscious or follow specific dietary guidelines.
  • As more people have identified food allergies, a little chalkboard or signs that flag “gluten-free” and “peanut-free” foods would be welcome.
  • Southern Living Magazine suggests a way to get some veggies into kids. Carrots and celery chopped up the day before and added to small, decorative paper cups labeled “Rabbit Food” may increase the likelihood they’ll be tempted by more than chocolate bunnies.

        3. Getting the Kids Involved

If an after-Easter Sunday service party, tell the parents to come straight over with bathing suits and a change of clothes so the kids can roll right into the Easter egg hunt.

  • Perhaps a good-natured neighbor will don an Easter Bunny suit and make a cameo appearance.
  • Have a lemonade stand set-up that the kids may take turns tending.
  • Perhaps set up an arts and crafts station or give them the chance to perform songs they learned in school.
  • Budget-permitting, there are plenty of local petting zoos and even pet shops that will bring a small and tame selection of animals (and bunny rabbits) to entertain the kids!

        4. Backyard Décor

This is your perfect excuse to purchase new cushions and pillows for your outdoor furniture. If you have time, also a good opportunity to give new life to wrought iron chairs and tables with a fresh coat of spray paint. Either way, fresh textiles go a long way toward brightening your backyard.

Paper lanterns and pastel streamers add colorful ambiance, but also flutter beautifully in the breeze.

There’s always room for fresh cut flowers. No need for expensive floral arrangements, purchase loose flowers. Place them in clear vases and add colorful glass marbles in the bottom; all can be purchased from a craft store like Michael’s.

        5. Ugly Pool Garb Contests

The polar opposite of the Ugly Holiday Sweater gatherings, encourage your guests to dress in their most ridiculous poolside get-ups. Great for families, but especially conversation-starting if some of the guests have never met.

Overall, a theme allows guests to use their creativity. You can even have a contest. Winner gets a $25 gift card to a local eatery. Have fun by giving your backyard spring party some distinction!

        6. The Beauty of the Great Outdoors

Another HUGE plus of pool parties is they lend themselves to people helping themselves. As the host or hostess, you needn’t take on the burden of clearing all the dishes away as you would in a more formal celebration staged in your dining room.

  • Large and lined garbage cans that are set along the fence and are clearly marked for recycle and regular garbage go a long way toward clean-up. (Guests expect something a little more casual with backyard parties, so there’s no need to completely spoil them!)
  • If you REALLY want to take the heat off, hire someone to make sure the buffet table is kept replenished and everything stays neat and clean. This will free you to talk with your guests and have some fun yourself!

        7. Go Old School with Invites

Instead of word of mouth or Facebook invites, print some colorful paper ones and mail them. If you haven’t a color printer, it is easy and affordable to use a Vistaprint or Office Depot template and have them printed and shipped to your home. Make your spring party stand out with that personal touch. It also elevates a BBQ to a festive event.

        8. Get By With a Little Help from Your Friends

If you’ve had a long week at work and the party seems to have snuck up on you, call a friend to help you the night before. A bottle of wine and a pizza should be enough to entice the assistance and take some pressure off the preparation.

One of the Best Things About Pool Ownership

No matter the occasion, you can transform your backyard and its shimmering pool into the finest Easter or Happy Spring Party you want! It is the ideal venue. A backdrop that can assume any vibe. With tiki torches and accent lighting, you can transition from day into evening with the flip of a switch. Our lives are busy ones, but entertaining can be easy too.

We love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information.