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The Shape of Water: What Pool Design is Right for You?

In the world of fashion, silhouettes create impact. Whether demure or bold, the designer makes a statement. While hemlines and textiles go in and out of style, the latest trends are often a reinvention of a look that was the rage a decade or two ago.

When it comes to your pool design, there’s a little less stress than there is on those preparing a collection for New York’s Fashion Week, but an important decision nonetheless. Your pool’s shape is the foundation of everything. It represents the central theme to your setting.

Since your backyard pool is typically the space’s focal point, things to consider when deciding on your pool’s shape:

  1. Size of your yard
  2. Budget you have to work with
  3. Zoning limitations imposed by your county

These three variables are pretty fixed – you’ll want to get the opinion of your pool contractor as to the ratio of pool size to yard size, so you still have ample room for furniture placement and perhaps a future outdoor kitchen! This planning process is fun. It allows you to indulge your creativity to create the ambiance you seek; whether a relaxing lagoon-like setting or a lap pool for exercise or hydrotherapy.

And don’t let your budget stifle your creativity. The amount of money you have to spend on this home improvement may have its limitations, but there are tons of great ways to put your creative stamp on the pool. Also consider that this improvement is a work in progress so if the fire bowls you envision illuminating the perimeter need to wait until next year, that’s just something else to look forward to having installed!

The only place you haven’t wiggle room is in the required permits, imposed restrictions, and of course safety fencing laws. They vary from state to state and county to county but exist for your protection and the safety of everyone. Your pool contractor can help to ensure you are abiding by everything you need to in your area and of course to pull the appropriate permits once you’ve made your decisions.

How Will You Use the Pool?

The answer to the question may appear an obvious one, but there are all kinds of reasons people want to add this sparkling addition to their home! (Here are our Top Ten Reasons for Owning a Pool!)

  • First consider the size pool you need. Is your family growing and you envision all your children and their friends splashing around every weekend? Then you would want a pool that can accommodate everyone along with an easily accessible shallow end for the newest swimmers.
  • Would you use a spa? Aesthetically they are beautiful additions, but if you are not the relaxing sort and don’t see yourself enjoying that kind of downtime then it may be a waste of your money.
  • If you own the home alone or with a significant other and are fitness-minded, you’ll want to consider a lap pool to get in some early morning exercise before heading to work. Not to say you can’t throw a floatation device in on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, but if fitness is your goal, the shape of your pool is a factor in your decision making. You’ll ideally want a pool shape that is rectangular to facilitate lap swims. You could even get Olympic-like lane floaters so two people can swim laps at the same time – or even encourage some healthy competition!
  • The ambiance around the pool is also a key consideration. The abundance of choices you can make in pool shape and function is only rivaled by the potential setting selections. Willowy trees, potted ferns, vibrant ceramic planters bursting with flowering blooms, colorful rock gardens accompanied by sand and even a rake for a life-size Zen garden are just a few possibilities. Do you fancy a pagoda or a covered swing? Perhaps a huge circular table with a bright, adjustable shade umbrella surrounded by chaise lounges. Take your time to figure what you want to frame your pool with so you know what shape it should be and what “attitude” it should display.

The Yard You Love

What if you have an existing backyard space that you love and all that’s missing is a pool? There’s no need to rip out a garden you enjoy cultivating to make way for a bigger pool.

In this case, perhaps it’s best to select the shape of the pool to complement the existing layout. A Lazy L Pool as the name implies is fashioned like the letter but does not boast strict 90-degree corners. Those corners are typically rounded so the overall shape fits best into an existing setting. The same goes for Figure 8 Pools which are sort of cinched at the waist to make additional room for outdoor furniture and gardens. Whether you are already enjoying a backyard pool and want to give it a little more character, or you already have the ideal setting and wish to add a pool to the mix – know that the two elements go hand in hand. You will truly relish your backyard vista when you take the time to consider how your pool and your landscape balance each other.

You may one day regret making the pool as large as you legally can as it is not something you can just move to make way for a firepit. Consider how you want to use your backyard and future embellishments so your outdoor space just keeps getting better every year!

More Pool Shapes

Free Form Pools indulge your creativity, Geometric Pools add architectural interest, Grecian Pools can be more over-sized, Oval Pools offer a lovely symmetry, Vanishing Edge Pools have become synonymous with resort-style living and are ideal to showcase a view from your property, and there’s of course the more traditional Kidney Shaped Pool. This style offers some of the best features of all the pool types and each installation looks completely different because of how it is dressed. In this layout, it is easy to tell the shallow from the deep end while the shape provides for a natural space to add lounge chairs or a poolside table. Typically large enough to host spirited volleyball games or even to swim laps, this style has endured the trends over the years.

At the end of the day, don’t let all the decisions overwhelm. It is wonderful to have choices. In many ways, the planning of your new space is almost as fun as reveling in it!

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