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What’s So Great About a Pool? Our Top Ten Reasons!

If you’ve considered home improvement, there are all kinds of options. One of your best returns on investment sits beyond your home’s windows in the alfresco setting of your own backyard.

Outdoor entertaining is all the rage with kitchens and firepits and collections of furniture that rival interior design. A natural extension of your home’s space, taking advantage of that additional real estate is a savvy move. The heart of an outdoor entertainment center is a pool.

Every pool is as different as the reasons to install one. Whatever your reason for wanting a pool, there’s one we probably all share: to have your own piece of paradise that’s adjacent to your home.

1. Get Fit. As a low-impact, high-result exercise regimen, swimming and pool exercises burn calories. Using a pool as a workout platform immediately makes the efforts more fun. There are tons of creative ways to get that cardio in without literally breaking a sweat. A refreshing way to a healthier lifestyle, the added convenience of your pool’s proximity to your home makes it more likely you will use it before driving to the gym. For older people with arthritic conditions or those recovering from an injury, pools allow for low-impact exercise that keeps stress off joints.

2. Disconnect. Have we become victims of the technology our culture created? Most of us are constantly tethered to our business and our employers by the same devices we use to connect to our personal social media accounts. The line between down time and work time is completely blurred. Even if you promise yourself not to check your email over the weekend, you will invariably miss something you need to know for Monday morning. And even if there isn’t a critical 9am meeting for which you must prepare, just checking that email takes you right out of weekend mode. Pools provide the stress release we desperately require.

3. Meditation. Because technology is so pervasive, we tend to substitute perusing our digital accounts before taking time to be alone with our own thoughts in a more meditative medium. A half hour reclining on a pool float to escape the bells and dings of our phones is an opportunity for some genuine Zen time.

4. Pool Parties. If you enjoy entertaining, but not all the prep time and clean-up time traditional parties require, pool parties are your solution. They are typically more relaxed affairs featuring hand-held foods and disposable products. There’s also something naturally festive about a pool party that adds that unique spark! Appropriate for any occasion from birthdays to national holidays, a poolside party is the venue to beat.

5. Family Time. Busy lives run by busy calendars can make family time tough to schedule. Even if everyone is gathered in the family room, invariably the kids (or all of you!) are online. Putting the phones and the remotes down and picking up a pool float for an hour of splashing around is an incredible way to stay connected to one another and for your children to realize there’s plenty of natural light out in the real world!

6. Property Valuation. An amenity that increases your home’s value, installing a pool today for your family’s enjoyment is one that will bode well for its resale when you need to downsize or upsize your residence. A well-maintained pool that’s already in place will help set your home apart from others in its class when it comes time to put it on the market.

7. Smart Pools. Whether surrounded by lush greenery or sleek, modern edges, today’s pools are not only stylish, they’re smart. You can control their functionality from mobile devices much as you do your home’s interior conditions. Let Siri or Alexa light the lights, turn on the spa, adjust the temperature, or crank up the speaker volume.

8. Save Money. The fabulous staycation! All the relaxation with none of the expense or stress. Spending time at home is an underrated way to enjoy your time off. If you plan it right, you may have an even more relaxing family vacation than if you packed up the kids and traveled. Make a plan for each day: a big BBQ with friends, an in-pool volleyball tournament, or flotation device day where there’s nothing planned but listening to music while watching the clouds roll by.

9. Longevity. Pools last longer than other entertainment options. You can create memories to last forever out of a three-day weekend! Every day is another chance to enjoy the tranquility of your own home. Pools are a fixture that will provide all kinds of return on investment: financially and “familially.”

10. Aesthetics. Take that big patch of grass in your backyard and transform it into something that is visually appealing. Your back lawn will now have the same (or better!) curb appeal than your front lawn. Define the ambiance with pavers and planters and then add on a gazebo or a fire pit to unwind after a long day or to welcome guests for cocktails. An outdoor kitchen is always a welcome addition with unique landscaping to tie everything together.

We love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information.