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Your Off-Season Spa: Outdoor Features for Cooler Weather

Outdoor Features for Cooler Weather

Due to higher temperatures lingering in areas of the country, some people are still unofficially in pool season, while other pool lovers are finding their morning swim has turned a bit chilly. Unless your pool is in an environmentally controlled setting, this is the saddest time of year for pool owners. It’s when they see the beginning of a long, cold, lonely winter as the “quiet Beatle” George Harrison wrote.

There’s no need to hibernate just yet! This might be the time to expand your outdoor entertainment zone with a fire pit and/or a steamy spa.

Fire Pits

Conceptually, picture the hypnotic appeal of a campfire. Just as a pool is a family-friendly oasis in which to splash and swim, the fire pit cozily draws people together.

A natural place to stimulate conversation, it is the more social alternative to binge-watching on Netflix. The fire pit in your backyard becomes a hub to get reacquainted with your family as well as the place to host neighborhood gatherings.

Increasing in popularity, there are all manner of fire pits to fit budgets and preferences. There are very simple designs or ones that rival high-end resorts. Fire pits can be wood-burning or gas-fed by propane.

The propane-fueled ones are less maintenance as you can “set it and forget it” for the evening and then simply shut it down when the festivities are done.

This type of fire pit can be adapted into a BBQ grill so you really get that campfire cooking kind of feel where you can roast marshmallows, but also char vegetables and serve up succulent burgers and colorful, build-your-own shish kabobs.

Fire pits add a friendly intimacy to a cozy evening with friends and simple foods and music as the light flickers on happy faces.

While these are the two primary types of poolside fire pits, there are certainly all types of shapes and sizes to ponder as well as construction material options. There are spectacular ones built of natural stone and the more streamlined fire pits fabricated from stainless steel or cast iron.

Fire-pit accessories are also details to think through. We believe it depends on the evolution of your backyard space. Some people start with a pool installation as the backyard centerpiece. From there they build the landscaping and additions like changing cabanas and tanning ledges, pergolas, and patios. Perhaps you’ll start the evolution of your outdoor space with a fire pit.

Our recommendation is to plan carefully for future expansion. If you already love your gardens and the way the landscaping frames your yard, don’t bulldoze through it just to build a bigger pool that you may not need. Enhance the natural beauty of your yard with these additions, not to spite them. Kidney shaped pools tuck into an existing space easily while leaving plenty of room to allocate for lounging space. If you already have a pool and are looking to add a fire pit, consider making everything cohesive. Or at least integrate all the elements with the same design aesthetic including furniture textiles and finishes. What you don’t want is for anything to look like an afterthought. Always plan with a pool and spa professional. From here you will create the lifestyle you envision by presenting a singular theme where all the pieces fit together for a picture-perfect experience.

A Backyard Spa

Just the sound of the word “spa” evokes that “ahhhh!” and all the associated relaxation. We are officially in spa season so turn up the heat! When the weather starts to get cooler, it’s the perfect time to enjoy one of the best updates you can possibly install for your home.

If it is too chilly for your pool, your backyard spa will become your easy refuge after a long and stressful day. Losing yourself in a little luxury is good for the soul and for soothing sore muscles from your gym workout.

The first thing not to do is to get overwhelmed by the grandeur and obvious expense of spas that you Google or find on Pinterest. Many are typically out of reach expense-wise like this Man Cave featured in Image 6 on this slideshow on “This special rock grotto creates a unique setting for an indoor spa. Homeowners can watch sports, listen to music or cool down with a fogging system.”

So, while some designs may be over the top, take them as inspiration for the types of features you want and how you wish to use the spa. Do you need an outdoor television? Do you want something that is perhaps adorned with a pergola dressed in beautiful flowers? Do you like a sound system? Do you like the idea of a cascading waterfall to create a little Zen?

While you shouldn’t get overwhelmed by images online, also take notes about the feelings those designs evoke so the concepts can be incorporated into your spa. Never underestimate lighting and landscaping. They can set a scene most beautifully.

Location, Design, and Décor

Like the addition of a fire pit, you’ll want to carefully contemplate the actual placement of your spa. Besides where it is installed relative to an existing or future pool, give thought to your privacy. Depending on where your neighbors’ yards are situated should be a factor. If the perfect spot is not the most secluded, you may want to think about adding a pergola outfitted with vines or fronting your spa with a privacy hedge or even an arrangement of shade sails that will make the space feel more secluded.

Same for how you decorate your outdoor space. Touches like thoughtfully placed occasional tables and chaise lounges add to the indulgent feeling of your backyard spa.

Speaking of indulgence, add a cabinet or attractive spa storage bin to stow necessities like: LED candles, towels, sunscreen, essential oils, aromatherapy products, shatterproof glassware, as well as robes and slippers.

The bottom line is to make your spa space your own. Take what inspires you and consult with one of our exceptional professionals.

We love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information.