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High-Tech Pool Safety Technology

High-Tech Pool Safety Technology

The benefits of technology are evident in every aspect of our lives. While we can sometimes become too immersed (like when we go down a Facebook rabbit hole for hours), the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

For safety and security, there was a time when only the rich and famous could afford to arm their homes and/or tie interior functionality to a central hub. And now?

Besides other competitors, we can install a product like Ring. It provides a video doorbell that allows us to see who is on the porch or provide a video alert when we are not home. Their smart lighting and alarm inventions help complete the protection of the perimeter, so they assist in warding off potential burglars. For a reasonable price, you may obtain a reasonable amount of protection.

Inside, we can rely on Amazon’s Echo and its spokeswoman Alexa to give us sports scores and field any number of trivia questions, but she can also be a sentinel of safety. By plugging lamps into smart plugs, we can have Alexa schedule when to turn lights on and off for an additional degree of safety.

Pool Safety Tips from the Red Cross

At home, we must be as rigorous as possible to keep our pool and its surrounding area safe. Backyard pools create both a festive and a relaxing environment, but they must be controlled.

According to the Red Cross, the Top Things to Know:

  • Secure your pool with appropriate barriers.
  • Designate a water watcher… and stay in arm’s reach of young children.
  • Install anti-entrapment drain covers and safety release systems to protect against drain entrapment.
  • If a child is missing, check the water first.

The Red Cross and the National Swimming Foundation developed Home Pool Essentials. A cost-effective, 2-hour course accompanied by a safety resource guide, it teaches pool owners maintenance tips, but also how to create a safer pool environment.

The Red Cross also urges backyard pool owners to:

  • Secure your pool when not in use.
  • Completely surround your pool with four-sided isolation fencing with a self-closing and self-latching gate that is out of the reach of a child.
  • A four-sided isolation fence (separating the pool area from the house and yard) reduces a child’s risk of drowning 83% compared to three-sided property-line fencing.
  • For above-ground pools, secure, lock or remove steps, ladders and anything that can be used for access (such as outdoor furniture and toys) whenever the pool is not being actively supervised by an adult.
  • Install a secondary barrier, such as:
    • Door alarms and locks that are out of the reach of a child on all doors and windows with direct access to the pool or spa area.
    • Lockable covers.

A good deal of pool safety could be considered common sense, but distractions and disasters can happen in an instant. Be prepared.

Pool Safety Technology

Besides education, we can circle back to a reliance on technology to keep ourselves and our family protected. Like all safety plans, multiple elements combine for the most comprehensive safeguards.

In addition to our Poolside Sun Safety Tips to shield your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, this wearable device and pool alarm are suggested by Family Living Today as the best products to add to your safety roster:

Multiple wristbands may be added to this pool alarm system. The base will sound when the wristband meets the water. Designed to accommodate both children and pets, it is an easy-to-use line of defense as a component of an overall pool safety plan.

With a nine-volt battery (one-year lifetime) and a three-year warranty, this pool alarm works for inground pools. What’s good is that once you activate it, it stays activated. You can easily remove the portable unit when you use the pool; just put the alarm in sleep mode for the duration. When placed back in the pool it will turn on and run an internal test so it’s ready to get back on the job!

Smart Pool Safety

Besides monitoring water temperatures and PH levels, the cFloat Pool Alarm & App offers motion detection pool water alerts and all other notifications that go right to your smart device. A floatable buoy transmits to a gateway device you place inside your home. It synchs to a smartphone app. Data storage is cloud-based and accessible on any mobile platform – iOs or Android; there’s also a web version for your desktop… having multiple means to receive alerts is most beneficial. (For fun, it even measures dive quality and cannonball sizes!) You need eight hours for a full charge which will last up to one month.

Layers of Protection

The National Drowning Prevention Alliance also recommends layers of protection. Besides supervision, learning to swim, and alarms, there are physical tiers like: fences, gates, and latches. A variety of pool covers and safety nets should also be deployed.

Flotation Devices

There’s always been some back and forth about children becoming too reliant on a safety vest. While a critical part of pool safety, it can unintentionally discourage them from learning strong swimming techniques.

SwimFin on the other hand, functions as a flotation device, but also as a support system for young swimmers. It needn’t be inflated or deflated; it adjusts automatically as the swimmer becomes more adept. And it’s fun to wear!

“The most important thing about SwimFin is this: the more submerged it is, the more support it is giving. This means when the child is vertical, doggy paddling through the water, SwimFin will be almost completely submerged, giving maximum support. As the child’s body position becomes more horizontal, SwimFin comes out of the water giving less support. This means the child is swimming more for themselves with less and less assistance.”

With safety first you’ll have fun forever!

Lyon Financial neither endorses nor benefits from the sale of any items mentioned. We recommend consulting with a trusted pool contractor or supplier to outfit your pool with the finest protections to create the most secure environment possible that is compliant with your city/county. Peace of mind is what you want in a backyard pool. Make it a true relaxation zone by doing your due diligence.

Providing pool and home improvement financing solutions since 1979, Lyon Financial remains steadfast about pool lovers remaining steadfast about safety. We love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information.