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How to Add a Little Low-Cost Luxury to Your Pool

Movies and TV programs showcase homes and backyards with grandeur that appears beyond reach. Even social media contributes to the unattainable. The lifestyles of the rich and famous are splashed on every platform from Instagram to Snapchat flaunting luxury vacations as well as backyards that can (and probably do!) serve as movie settings.

If you haven’t that kind of budget but want to treat yourself to some indulgence, you can add some stunning and low-cost updates to your pool and backyard to give them those extra touches of celebrity glamour.

A Changing Cabana

Perhaps it’s time to look at your backyard shed in a whole new light. This little trick can be accomplished in a weekend while making a huge difference in your pool’s vibe.

First take stock of the items currently stowed and see if the non-pool-related ones can be stored elsewhere. Give the shed a good cleaning and paint the exterior in a shade that complements your pool and its furnishings. Perhaps you can stencil designs on the front or hang a wind chime. Add some curb appeal with ferns and flowers; even perhaps a short pathway with those leftover pavers from the original pool installation.

Inside, place a small wicker or weather resistant couch or chairs. Fill a basket with sunscreens and lotions. Hang a few wide-brimmed hats on the walls for guests. A small two-tier shelf can accommodate beach towels while a full-length mirror will help make the space look larger.

If you are expecting company that day, have an ice-filled bucket of water bottles placed in a corner. A selection of hooks to hang clothes/wet suits is also a great addition. You may even want to keep an assortment of swim trunks and suits on hand to achieve ultimate pool host status!

Floating Décor

Every year people adorn Christmas trees with lights and ornaments. You can give a similar treatment to your pool for a dash of class. There’s an endless assortment of flower collections and floral wreaths that when placed on the water’s surface, add a whimsical flourish. They’re so affordable you can vary combinations and buy new ones when you want to change up the look.

For evening parties, floating Chinese lanterns outfitted with small candles make a picturesque impact. You can find as many as twenty lanterns plus candles for as little as thirty dollars to achieve a glowing effect that adds a little glamour to your pool party.

BRIT+CO has some great ideas for decorating a pool when hosting an outdoor wedding, but one of the ideas would suit any occasion. They recommend purchasing as many helium balloons as you think you’ll need and make sure the ribbon is long enough so they float high enough above the surface. Weights at the other end of the ribbon will keep them anchored so the balloons gently bob and bring your pool in on the party!


Plants and flowering bushes transform the outdoors like paint transforms a room. If you employ a full-time gardener, a vast collection of topiary plants in ornate urns would certainly add a rich, lush feel to encircle your outdoor entertainment center. If a full-time gardener to tend to high-maintenance shrubbery is not a member of your household staff, you can still create drama for your pool setting with landscaping. Search around on platforms like Pinterest to identify the personality you want your backyard to have. Your best bet is to consult with a specialist at a local nursery to review the type of care your selections require. If you are not a person who derives satisfaction from gardening, there are certain choices you should shy away from! There are plenty of plants that do well with little to no attention. You can even go for a very down-to-earth, no maintenance design with rocks and succulents.

Next, scour home renovation places for odds and ends of ceramic pottery and planters. Everything doesn’t have to match; mixing patterns and certain colors together makes for a more interesting palette. For the heavier pieces, you may want to set those on low-rise caster platforms. That way you can easily move them off the surrounding tile or pavers when you power wash around your pool.

For flowering plants, a good rule of thumb is to include a selection that bloom at different times so you always have an interesting array of activity. Also, if you have a lot of area to fill, don’t feel it needs to all get done at once! It didn’t take a day to build your pool, so neither will the effort to surround it in vibrant landscaping.


Adding multiple umbrellas in different spots will definitely add a splash of luxury. If your pool has a tanning ledge or baja shelf, that is one spot where a colorful umbrella will serve a purpose while being aesthetically pleasing.

Oversized cantilever umbrellas that feature a crank lift for easy adjustment and have the ability to rotate 360 degrees can be purchased with an adjustable stand. If you wish to enjoy a full day by your pool (and who doesn’t?!) you can place this large sunshade over the dining table or a couple of lounge chairs to give yourself and your guests some welcome relief from overexposure to the sun.

A floating pool umbrella is a fun add-on, as is a multi-tiered one that can simultaneously cover multiple areas on your patio from a single base.

If you really want to go for a little resort-style living look, line a series of chaise lounges side by side by side and place matching umbrellas between each.

Shade sails give a bold, contemporary touch when stretched taut and secured to a frame over your patio. Available in hundreds of colors they are typically attached with D rings, so are easily removable in inclement weather or when they need washing.

Poolside Luxury

Google around for the different looks featured at high-end hotels and resorts. You will find more than a little inspiration for the next great addition to your poolside oasis. From traditional to modern, there are many cost-effective updates; most that are DIY!

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