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Luxury Pool Decking


If you gave ten interior designers a room to decorate in contemporary decor, you’d get ten different takes on what they believe makes a room functional and fashionable. It’s the same with backyard pools (and snowflakes!). No two are alike. Even if every pool in your neighborhood were rectangularly shaped, they would each boast a unique aesthetic.

Furnishings, textiles, hardscaping, and landscaping all lend that distinctive touch, but it’s your pool decking that makes the boldest statement. And it’s here where you have a multitude of choices.


When you’re investing in a backyard pool, you want the surrounding space to be as carefully constructed as the pool itself. This surface doesn’t exactly fall into the luxury category, but its versatility makes it an option to explore. Concrete offers strength and durability as well.

What’s nice about this option is you can customize it with colors and even have it stamped with texture and patterns to elevate it from commonplace concrete. Like any other surface, the appropriate maintenance must be observed. If sealed properly, your concrete pool decking will resist everything from fading to pool chemicals. Poured concrete can sport a nuanced look, even though it sounds like a mundane option. states, “If you’re worried about your pool deck getting slippery when wet, you can easily improve the traction by mixing a non-skid grit additive into the sealer. When comparing your pool decking options, it is important to consider the materials you want in your design. Decorative concrete can provide many of the looks you like, but in a cost-effective way. Plus, it combines design flexibility and beauty with strength and durability.”

Like any major indoor or outdoor renovation, the caveat is that you hire the right professionals for the job. The foundation must be properly prepared for a flawless finish. If concrete is mixed and poured expertly you will get all the longevity you wish out of it.

Artificial and Natural Turf

If it’s good enough for the NFL, it may be good enough for you! Artificial grass works in this environment as it serves as a non-slip surface. Impervious to chlorine, it doesn’t grow as hot as other surfaces, so it offers the comfort factor.

Some, however, may consider this option has a downside because it is not wholly biodegradable. Although you can likely get up to 25 years out of artificial turf, it will ultimately live forever, albeit in a landfill.

Natural grass is an absolutely lovely (and eco-friendly!) alternative, but it comes with the price of maintenance. There’s also the concern that pesticides and herbicides you use to treat it, could wind up in the pool. Conversely, the chlorine in your pool can potentially harm the grass.

InstallItDirect states, “Conventional grass requires regular mowing, weeding, fertilizing, aerating, and watering. This takes quite a bit of time and effort and is often not a guarantee that your grass will be healthy, evenly colored, and attractive. Since this time could be better spent actually enjoying your swimming pool, this is the first reason why you may want to forgo natural grass.” Here’s a further analysis of natural and artificial turfs for your backyard pool.

Luxury Pool Decks

Although concrete and turfs will serve you well, you can give your alfresco retreat an extravagant touch when you dress it in the fine finish of natural stone.


Like a silky sheet surrounding your pool in luxury, this decking appears delicate but is in fact very durable. Capable of tolerating the range of extreme temperatures, limestone is available in some striking shades, including ones in hues of pink. Capable of being cut into virtually any size and shape, this vibrant stone will shine bright and retain its color to dazzle you.


This surface may not be ideal to accommodate a modern sensibility, but the way this stone wears is reminiscent of a well-worn leather baseball mitt. In brown, earthy tones, you’ll love how the naturally occurring scratches and even stains break it in beautifully. With its non-slippery surface, sealing it will fight elements like heat, wind, and water.


Not just for grand entryways, this stunning stone is strong and beautiful. Because it is naturally cool to the touch, its surface will go easy on bare feet. Another stellar advantage is that this stone is naturally porous so absorbs the splashed pool water, making it virtually slip-free. As a rock-solid option, travertine easily fights off weather extremes so it’s ideal for any climate.


In your kitchen, you feel the indulgence marble brings to countertops and butler’s pantries. Sleek and stylish, it will never go out of style. (Considering it was marble that graced the walls of the ancient Roman baths!) It is a stone synonymous with luxury. Naturally luminous, marble offers that reflective surface to serve as the ideal centerpiece for your landscaping, fire bowls, and fountains.


For a high-end rustic look, you can’t beat this alternative. Hefty flagstone may be installed in an array of configurations when you combine the variety of colors and sizes into a pattern all your own. Its low-maintenance nature is appreciated in an environment that demands care. Also slip-resistant and impervious to heat and moisture, you can create jaw-droppingly gorgeous designs with flagstone.

Wood showcases the wares of Bison Innovative Products. Their wood tiles contain a variety of graining and colorations. According to Bison’s VP of sales and marketing, Matt McClaugherty, “Bison wood tiles are made from exotic hardwoods, which contain a rich variety of graining and coloration, are exceptionally dense, and resistant to insects. If maintaining the wood color is desired, wood tiles can be periodically cleaned and sealed. If left to weather naturally, they will develop a silvery-gray patina.”

Which to Choose?

Your first and best decisions are selecting a pool deck that is safe and is as maintenance-free as you need it to be. Yes, your choice of decking will cover a large area depending on your pool’s size and shape, but if you love the luminosity of marble or the warmth of flagstone, you can always add other accents like cantilever umbrellas or sun sails when you want to shake things up!

Once you have that solid foundation of pool decking, the sky’s the limit on the backyard of your dreams.

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