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Maintenance Tips for Your New Pool: Annual Tasks

Because of their importance and the regularity with which you’ll be performing daily and weekly pool maintenance routines, you’re pretty unlikely to neglect them. To a lesser degree, ditto with the monthly ones. However, it can be easy to completely forget about the recommended annual pool maintenance tasks. Don’t worry: we have your back. Make sure to perform these steps each year, and you’ll soon find that they’re as easy as 1-2-3!

Annual Task 1: Wash Your Deck

Yeah, we know: technically, deck maintenance is not exactly pool maintenance. But how clean the area surrounding your pool is will affect your pool water quality. In addition to regularly cleaning up after any food or beverage spills, you’ll also want to power wash the area surrounding your swimming pool on an annual basis. This will remove weather stains, rust, and other issues that could negatively affect your pool water. You can
purchase or rent a pressure washer from most home improvement stores.

Before you begin, sweep any debris off your deck, assemble your pressure washer, and set it to a lower-range spray. Remove any debris in layers, and continue spraying until the surface is visibly cleaner. In order to avoid streaking, overlap areas as you spray. To prevent gouging the surface, be sure the nozzle isn’t too close to your pool deck surface; several feet should always remain between the two.

Annual Task 2: Make a Service Appointment

We know what you’re thinking: you don’t want to spring for professional help if there’s nothing wrong with your pool. We get that, we do. But by being proactive about this, you can avoid costly pool problems. A pool professional can perform an annual check, evaluating all mechanical equipment. You can prepare for this appointment by performing your own check first and listing any troublesome or questionable issues, such as the following:

  • Unusual smells or sounds
  • Holes in the liner
  • Leaks in the piping

Then share your list with the service professional when he or she arrives. While you might feel like this annual checkup is pointless, it can save you money and valuable pool time over the long run.

Annual Task 3: Winterize Your Pool

Of course, you’ll be doing a lot more maintenance during the summer months. But preparing for winter is extremely important for your pool’s longevity. By properly winterizing your pool, you can avoid costly repairs. The first step toward winterization is testing your pool water’s chemicals one more time before closing your pool. The second step is to blow any water out of your pool’s plumbing lines. The third step is to cover your pool with a quality pool cover that will keep out both debris and precipitation (which would alter the chemical composition of your pool water).

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