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Fun Facelifts for Your Outdoor Entertainment Center

Putting a fresh face on your home can be costly. These projects can also test your patience. Besides the expense, there’s the aftermath. The war against that sheetrock dust — it takes a long time to wage. While these updates are typically satisfying once completed, the mention of home renovations to a homeowner will surely elicit an eyeroll.

So this time, instead of thinking big, think small. And instead of thinking inside, think out!

Top Three Tips for Updating Your Pool

If you’ve enjoyed your pool for a while you may have, a) had it installed before new trends emerged; or b) decided that the extras could wait until you felt comfortable affording them.

We are fond of saying that all aspects of your backyard oasis don’t have to be implemented at the same time. It is a phased project – as it should be – because you never know what elements will entice you down the road.

You also may not completely know your needs when you break ground — so take it step by step. Never feel you must make a hundred decisions when all you need to start building that dream are fifty decisions!

These three ideas are relatively affordable and will make a huge difference in your existing pool’s ambiance.

  1. Water and Fire

Along with lighting, these two elements are the stand-out choices – whether you want to add drama or a soothing tone to your poolside haven. There are millions of waterfall options: from sleek, vertical monoliths that cascade water to smaller rock falls that add an organic feel blended against the natural surroundings.

Besides the aesthetic value they bring, the acoustic one is probably the most impactful. Like a babbling brook, the sound of water evokes a natural lull. It is also helpful in blocking ambient neighborhood sounds.

Additions like fire bowls make a big splash in backyard pool design. Fire bowls will modernize your pool’s look. They can be elaborate or simple. A concrete bowl with rounded feet may be placed at the far corner of the pool so it adds a little drama as you step onto the deck.

These add-ons can also be incredibly ornate. Picture a ring of fire bowls cascading water, each mounted on a stone pillar to frame the pool. These essential features will always bring the “wow” factor.

  1. Light Up the Night

You can really get creative here with LED lighting. Not only is this a cost-effective update (when compared to the energy used by non-LED lighting), you will be adding another layer of safety to those night swims.

As far as design, you can control lighting the lights when you add an app to your phone. Take one like Bullfrog’s CloudControl app that “lets users start the spa, turn on lights, change temperature, and adjust pump and filtration settings from a smartphone or tablet.” You can even make the colors move to the beat of the music or change the light colors to suit the holiday so your pool can also wear red, white, and blue to your July 4th party!

The power of lighting cannot be overstated. Indoors or out, lighting will cost-effectively renovate any space.

  1. Transforming with Tile

Tile brings color and texture to surfaces. Hand-painted or modern, ceramic or glass or porcelain or stone, you can make a bold statement just by updating the waterline tile. No need to undergo a major tile overhaul, but this accent is one that will give your pool a brand-new attitude!

This update presents a good time to have your pool’s tile inspected for leaks or imperfections in grout lines to have them repaired.

Otherwise, color, shape, and texture will define a whole new look as well as a reflective surface for the water. Tile Outlets of America offers some great waterline tile ideas including mosaics and interesting layouts combining different tile sizes.

Top Three DIY and (Budget-Friendly) Ideas from Better Homes & Gardens

With easy-to-assemble kits and novice-friendly tools available at any home improvement center, you don’t need to toil all weekend on an update project. You created that outdoor entertainment center in the first place so you could enjoy it!

We LOVE these ten ideas from Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate. They suggest, “First, think about what you love most about your yard. The privacy? Sitting around a campfire on the weekends? Your gardens? Hosting outdoor parties? Once you’ve figured that out, it’s time to concentrate on playing up your yard’s best features. Many of the ideas here are low-cost yet have a large impact on the people who use—and love—the space on a regular basis.”

  1. Simple Seating

Like a mud room functions inside your home, this was a great idea for seating right outside your home’s back door…and it uses recycled options. They recommend dry-stacking concrete blocks to form a bench, and then topping it with a foam pad covered in a brightly covered textile and contrasting throw pillows. You can assemble this in no time and may be inspired to add some cool stepping stones to make this niche pop even more!

  1. Contained Color

We said this before, and it bears repeating. Decorative containers featuring colorful plants can make a statement anywhere in your yard. And Better Homes agrees. Create that color palette with ceramic or porcelain pots, add stones for drainage, and top with a vivid array of flowering blooms.

BH&G does suggest that “annuals can be less expensive than perennials and shrubs” so consider that when planning your scheme. Your local garden center professional will be able to give you guidance as well if horticulture is not your strong suit.

  1. Trendy Textiles

You don’t have to be a seamstress to drape and hang accent fabric. If your yard boasts a structure like a pergola or a gazebo, picture how great it’ll look when you add a sheer and gauzy material to flutter softly in the breeze. You can thread heavier fabric on a horizontal pole as an additional layer to protect from the sun’s rays.

Additionally, Better Homes suggests, “In place of more expensive light fixtures, repurpose vintage elements into decorative backyard focal points.” In this example, they show “nonworking chandeliers are outfitted with candles and trailing vines.”

At the end of the day, you can make your backyard the new happiest place on earth.

We are pool financing solution experts who also provide the means to install pools and outdoor kitchens, and any kind of backyard update you can dream up! Low rates and 20-year terms make the decision to renovate your backyard oasis much easier.

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