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Perfect Pathways to Enhance Your Backyard Space


Of all the design elements that make a backyard retreat special, walkways offer a huge impact at a cost-effective-DIY price. These eclectic footpaths may be fashioned from an array of materials in combinations you may never have considered. Fusion-style pathways are all the rage!

Although they can integrate into your yard’s design aesthetic, walkways can even stand on their own as works of art. The possibilities are endless when beauty meets functionality. Walkways can:

Welcome guests to your home

A graceful path provides a friendly route to guide guests along to the pool or the tennis court. Besides preserving the integrity of your carefully cultivated lawn, today’s pathways offer a classic touch with a modern twist. Modern because they don’t have to be fashioned from traditional materials like pavers. Flagstone, pea stones, mosaic tiles, colorful glass, river rock and so many other ingredients can combine for a look that’s uniquely your own.

Guide visitors through your gardens

A series of steppingstones will add charm to your garden. If horticulture is your hobby, then you may have positioned your botanical treasures with a depth and style that begs exploration. Steppingstones will lead the way through this fragrant and beautiful journey.

Frame a fountain or your deck

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about adding a water element or a platform for architectural interest. A babbling water fountain or a deck off your kitchen will add fabulous ambiance. Like a photograph, a pathway can frame the structure and give it a sense of style. The pathways off your deck can even lead to different sections of your yard, from your outdoor shower to your changing cabana.

Even if your yard isn’t large enough that it needs a roadmap to navigate it, there’s a lovely, lazy symmetry about a collection of pathways that are the means to a destination. Your sun deck dotted with shade umbrellas or your bubbling hot tub will stand out when a latticed path leads the way.

Pathway Designs

Like a mosaic pattern, these may be incredibly ornate. Even if some vibrant tiles have no real function other than to dress up the area around your yard’s firepit, they help create a centerpiece that’s a celebration of relaxation. Never underestimate the power of color and diverse materials.

  • Embed rectangular stones into the sod to create a pathway for a natural checkerboard effect with the grass and a fun alternative over grout.
  • If you like the “beachy” vibe, consider boards laid perpendicular to the pathway with sand and small pebbles or even shells to define and bind the space in between. Framed with knee high wild grasses, you can give your yard the resort-style treatment with some seaside character.
  • How about a bridge over a koi or other man-made pond? Even if the bridge doesn’t take you anywhere in particular, an arched crossing makes for a special waterscape walkway.
  • Pathways can make a space look bigger when the same tile is used for the pathway from the pool up to and including your back door’s steps. By forming an unbroken vista, your entryway will boast serious grandeur.
  • Speaking of grandeur, cutting a wider swath of grass will allow for an even wider pathway which can make a bold statement and invite a “walk around the grounds” to take in all the natural beauty of your yard. If you’ve spent any time cultivating your outdoor space, then you may want a footpath to show it off a bit!
  • Your perfect pathway needn’t be flat and horizontal. If you have a sloping section in your yard, instead of trying to scale that incline every time or avoid it completely, a series of steps cut into the hill will make for both a practical and pretty solution.
  • For a little more atmosphere, you can always add lighting. Solar powered stake lighting is an easy and affordable way to set the tone for those evening gatherings. Illuminate your handiwork so no stone gets unnoticed!
  • Check out Backyard Boss’ 70 Creative Ways To Welcome Your Guests for stellar ideas to spruce up your yard. While some are simple, some are a bit ambitious and may require professional assistance. One suggestion is to cover a garden walkway. “Arched bamboo stalks allow for a play on light and shadow and provide an interesting and distinctive walkway within a garden. Weeping willows frame the exit of this particular path and allow the green brightness to seep in.” They also recommend the installation of walkways beneath pergolas to create a cohesive and polished look.

Besides creating your private haven in which to entertain or just to soak in the beauty of the outdoors, you may continue to add embellishments every season. Your backyard retreat doesn’t need to be built in a day! Maybe next year you:

Life (and your backyard space!) is what you make it. Seize the season! Make your list. Schedule the time. Gear up for this summer with some easy DIY projects that are simply good for the soul.

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