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Pool Party Ideas for the Holiday Season

Holiday Pool Party Ideas

Christmas in July has long been a fun tradition. However, as a North Carolina-based business, we never knew its true origin until we found this article in Southern Living disclosing that “Christmas in July started 84 years ago on July 24th and 25th in 1933 at a girls’ camp called Keystone Camp in Brevard, North Carolina.” That’s only two and half hours west of us!

We think that anytime you can make a month festive, you should! That’s another reason why we love pools. They are instant party starters. A natural place to gather and share good food and good friends.

With the exception of our Florida clients, just about everyone else is closing up or has closed up their pool. It’s a sad time of year in that regard.

So perhaps it’s time for a new tradition: maybe we call it July in December and recapture that summer fun we will all miss until the snow has melted away.

Here are a few of our indoor summer party ideas to keep the season alive!

  1. Invites. Dress in your best summer garb and video the invite to send to your guests. It will really help inspire them to beat the winter blues and join you in a celebration of sunshine!
  2. Attire. Instead of ugly Christmas sweaters, suggest your guests wear their most “summery” outfits; extra points given for over-the-top Hawaiian shirts. They will want to change out of their boots and into their flip flops once they arrive, but you need to go authentic with the footwear if you are going to commit to the July in December theme! The larger party stores will always stock Hawaiian leis, so you can designate someone to drape them over people’s heads as they enter the party zone.
  3. Nuance. If you have your Christmas lights up, they probably only decorate the front of your home. Why not decorate the landscaping around your backyard pool with white, twinkling lights? Dress it up as you would for the summer and open the window treatments facing the yard to display your handiwork. If you really want to set the stage, you should crank up the thermostat to create that faux-July feeling! You will want to abstain from playing any songs about Rudolph and get that party mix cranked to reggae and summer anthems to set the tone. Throw a few beach towels over chairs to add to the casual air of summer.
  4. Food. Your outdoor gas grill may not be accessible due to the weather where you are, but there are plenty of great summer dishes that are easy to whip up inside! (It’s all about mindset here!) From our 4th of July party post check out these delectables you can fire up in the oven for a nice selection of casual, hand-held foods. We’ve got Oven-Fried Pickles with Homemade Dill Buttermilk Ranch, Rich Bourbon Molasses Wings you can make in the oven, and Grilled Berry, Basil, and Brie Pizza Crisps that can also be made in the oven. You can always roll franks or sausages into short sheets of puff pastry for the fan favorite, pigs in a blanket. You can’t go wrong with nachos either. Cheese makes everything great.
  5. Seating. If you are feeling ambitious and have the room, how about scattering some beach chairs around the house? Just like you would when hosting a backyard pool party, serve food on paper plates. Make it even easier on yourself and designate two large pails: one for garbage and one for recyclables.
  6. Cocktails. Pineapple juice and alcohol will get you in the summer spirit. Pick up those little paper umbrellas and pop them into tall glasses to craft an easy, seasonal beverage. Delish serves up recipes for 63 Summer Cocktails. You may have to improvise on some of the fresh fruit-infused ones, but any of these will be a hit. This Rainbow Sangria is as light as it is pretty. Made with a combination of white wine, triple sec, lime juice, and sugar, it features an array of fruits layered in a tall glass in a lasagna-like fashion. The mixture gets poured over the top of this summer medley.
  7. Photo Booth. All you need are some fun plastic props from the party store and a backdrop, and you’ve got social media-worthy pics to share. Capture those fun memories while making those selfies festive. You could have a selfie-stick available or have someone ready with their phone or camera-mounted tripod to take the pics as the guests enter so you make sure to miss no one.

Or instead of summer itself, make it a full-on Mardi Gras theme with beaded necklaces, crab cakes, and a jambalaya recipe courtesy of Paula Deen. That’s all you need for a Bourbon Street Soirée.

Or perhaps a superhero costume party? It doesn’t really matter as long as no one is wearing red and green. This party is one for you and your friends to take pause halfway through the holiday season while recapturing the carefree days of summer. If you want to go a bit overboard, you can throw a masquerade ball with prizes and really show winter who is boss.

Whatever theme you choose, goodie bags are not just for children’s parties. You can slip items like chocolate bars, a travel pack of Advil for the day after hangover, a bottle of water, a little sunscreen, and a note to thank your guests for the memory of another great gathering. When you are throwing a party, it’s not always the big things you do that will be remembered, it is the little things.

Don’t forget to upload all the photo booth pics to an online album and share with the group. Ask them to share theirs as well. Friends and family are precious. ‘Tis the season to let them know how much they mean.

December can be a stressful time with the holiday obligations. It can also be a tough time for people who are missing loved ones. A party that takes everyone away from the “norm” is just what everyone needs.

At Lyon Financial, we are pool financing solution experts who love our pools, too. And our parties! We also love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information. Wishing a Happy Summer Celebration to you and your family!