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Pool Trends for 2021

Pool Trends

One of the latest trends in pools is… pools! Sales have skyrocketed for the best amenity you’ll ever install in your home.

With limited opportunities to move about the world freely, people have found fun and entertainment just outside their door. Reuters quoted a chief executive of Only Alpha Pool Products in an August 2020 article. Thomas Epple said, “I’ve been in this industry for 35 years and I’ve never seen anything like this.” He went on to say that orders for his company’s steel and composite pool walls surged 200% in 60 days.

This is the new hub of our homes. What we’ve done with this perhaps once underutilized space is to create a destination.

Contemporary backyards are outfitted with gazebos and tanning ledges, outdoor gourmet kitchens and firepits, fireplaces and mounted televisions, pizza ovens and kegerators, surround sound and lighting design. There’s so much more to frame this glittering centerpiece. SO many more memories to be made!

How to Create an Oasis

We’re fond of saying that any number of families could install the same kidney-shaped pool and even use the same pavers, but no two pools will be alike. Your unique aesthetic will define your aquatic sanctuary. With textiles, umbrellas, shade sails, furniture, fire bowls, hardscaping/landscaping… even the vibe of your home’s structural design will bring out its distinctive flavor.

All the magic starts with a consult, so your space is maximized for the ultimate in at-home entertainment.

John De Feo, landscape architect for Shoreline Pools says, “Our first step is to learn as much as we can about the customer and their vision for the new or renovated space. Who will be using it – adults, children, grandchildren, pets? How will it be used – family fun, entertaining, evenings? Next, we look to the property setting, architecture of the home and our customer’s style preferences to guide a comprehensive swimming pool and outdoor living design.”

Purpose defined? Check! Now we move on to the good stuff.

The Latest in Pool Trends

With the outpouring of love for the backyard pool, so come innovations to cherish.

  1. Bringing the Heat

First off, alfresco space is no longer just open in the summertime. Making a comfortable environment for three, even four seasons is a trend that’s not going away any time soon. You may not be able to use your pool year-round, but its collection of adjacent conveniences rival those of indoor family rooms and kitchens… like bubbling spas! It’s never too cold to settle into some soothing warmth.

De Feo continued, “We are incorporating a lot of heat features. Spas have always been a popular request—for years customers wanted spas that were separate from the pool or elevated with a waterfall. But one of our favorite design trends is incorporating the spa into the interior of the pool. The result is clean and elegant, and it allows our customers to protect both the pool and spa with a single automatic safety cover. We’re also designing more custom fire pits, fire tables, and fireplaces as well as installing overhead heat lamps into covered entertaining spaces that surround the pool. 2020 has pushed us to create spaces that can be used in different capacities throughout the majority of the year, and we see this trend continuing into 2021 and beyond.”

  1. Getting Your Lounge On

Lounge ledges*are sleek sitting solutions that combine the comfort of an ergonomically correct chair with the refreshing cool of your pool’s water. Most can be placed in up to 9” of water and can be accompanied by a table that houses a handy cooler as well as an umbrella to shield you from overexposure to the sun.

These versatile pieces are also portable so they can be used on your deck or patio too! While built-in baja (tanning) ledges are a nice extravagance, they do come with a heftier price tag. For a modern twist on an inflatable float, you get the best of both worlds with a low back chair that gives the illusion of custom seating.

  1. Lighting Up the Night

Advancements in LED lighting have not been lost on the pool set! Whether beneath the water or accenting tree branches, fencing, and lanai screens, you can set the program to change colors at whim. From dramatic effects to soft illumination, you may transform your outdoor space. This solution is also a cost savings one as LED lights emit far less heat than their halogen and incandescent counterparts. They actually use between 75-80% less energy for a sweet drop on that electric bill. Then perhaps you can put that saved money towards your new lounge ledges!

  1. Making a Statement

If you are planning your pool’s construction, don’t feel you need to be stuck with the same old aqua colored pool lining. Consider instead unique tile designs for a stamp of personalization. The only problem may be that there are so many tiles and designs to choose from; but when you see it, you’ll know it! You can also go full-on trend with the darker blue hues. This vivid look is not just contemporary. These hues attract more sunlight. That means it will be less expensive to heat your pool!

  1. Clinking Your Glasses

For that lifestyles of the rich and famous feeling, install a sunken bar. Feel like you’re at a lovely resort with the swim-up experience along with built-in stools. A wonderful way to integrate the pool into the rest of the entertainment zone, this structure can be elaborate or simple – it’s just the attitude that makes it special. If this is not budget-friendly enough, can you say poolside tiki bar?

We’ve all learned a lot over this last year about what is important and where we need to be. Today’s backyards are safe and happy havens, appreciated more than ever before. You don’t need to spend a fortune or be on trend to enjoy spending time with those you love. Just add water.

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