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Fun, Family Time, Fitness & More: Why Pools Are Making Such a HUGE Splash!


Amidst the darkness of 2020, many people chose to find the light. They found novel ways to reconnect with family and even learned how to bake bread; many returned to their yoga practice. With just about every aspect of human interaction and socialization upended, we persevered. (We even made it through the Great Toilet Paper Famine!)

Among thousands of other trends like an increase in birdwatching pursuits and an interest in building pollinator gardens, people looked to their homes to address projects for which they never had time. Those included cleaning out closets and reorganizing.

Redecorating was also high on the list. You know that if you tried buying furniture last year. Delivery dates were pushed way out for several reasons… one being the sheer demand. But new furniture is always worth the wait!

The other space we were outfitting for our comfort last year and into this one is our own great outdoors. According to an August 2020 article by Reuters, pool sales skyrocketed. And it hasn’t stopped.

Reuters quotes chief executive of Only Alpha Pool Products, Thomas Epple, “I’ve been in this industry for 35 years and I’ve never seen anything like this.” He stated that orders for his company’s steel and composite pool walls surged 200% in 60 days.

So it is that we went from not being able to travel to not wanting to? Have many of us become backyard pool converts? It certainly seems that way.

It actually is amazing how once you create your own alfresco retreat, you can’t imagine how you ever did without it!

For example, remember what it was like to send a text message using a flip phone? You needed to hit one character several times to bring up the right letter. But it was what it was.

Then, just a few short years later we have the capability to talk to text over a car’s audio system via our smartphone’s Bluetooth connection. Would you consider texting on a flip phone today? Sometimes there’s just no going back!

It’s the same with a backyard pool. It’s like making the jump to hyperspace for luxury and relaxation. And you just can’t do without it. But wait! There’s more!

Our Top Seven Reasons to Love an Outdoor Pool

  1. Get in Shape

Pools offer the all-important, low-impact, high-result exercise regimen. Working out in a pool is not only incredibly refreshing versus working out in a traditional gym, but you can also get creative. This aquatic platform can support volleyball tournaments and all manner of pool games that burn calories. You can also have the whole workout space to yourself. Besides being geographically desirable, swimming a few laps before your workday begins is a great way to get that cardio done and off your list.

  1. Entertain

Inherent in alfresco entertaining is the relaxed attitude you can enjoy at parties that feature hand-held foods and disposable products. You’re not worrying about china and place settings. Instead of lighting tapers for the table, you’re tying balloons to trees! From graduation celebrations to national holidays, you can’t go wrong when you gather around a pool. (Besides, guests tend to bring covered dishes as a contribution, so that’s good too!)

  1. Save Money

Staycations are spectacular. With just a little planning – and no packing or boarding of the dogs – you can have all the respite with none of the expense or stress. Instead of just letting the days go by, you can make every day a little special: a DIY Sundae Day, a karaoke contest, or your own version of the Olympic trials with an in-home swim meet. If not, you can just put on your suit every day, smooth on some sunscreen, and take your book out to your Adirondack chair. Happy Staycation to you!

  1. Have Family Time

The modern family’s life is governed by the calendar. When you have children, there’s always some place to be and something to do. Although the traditional family room is a wonderful gathering place, when you step outside your doors and into that shimmering pool, you get to actually spend quality time with your kids… instead of looking at the tops of their heads as they focus on whatever screen is in front of them.

  1. Boost Aesthetics

A backyard pool is the focal point that unites all the other elements of your yard. Whether you install a gazebo or architecturally interesting pergolas in key niches, those design elements combine to create a visually engaging space that also has function! Your backyard’s curb appeal can be just as interesting as the one you cultivated in the front of your home.

  1. Get Disconnected

Sometimes it feels like we’re running on that hamster wheel and just need to step off and settle down. With a backyard pool, you don’t have to keep crossing dates off on your calendar until you get to leave town for some serenity. You can create that any day, any time. How about spending a little time on a Tuesday to make some tantalizing shish kabob to marinate overnight? Then take Wednesday off. Sleep in. Enjoy your coffee poolside and later on, fire up that grill! Treat yourself to a good bottle of wine. Stay off social media and away from the news. This is your namaste day.

  1. Increase Property Values

This amenity is one you can enjoy today that will pique the interest of your future buyer. As long as you follow consistent maintenance routines you will have a sparkling backyard pool that will help set your home apart from the others when it’s time to sell.

Pool Planning

One of your best returns on investment will be that glittering patch of water that has 1001 uses. You can make this setting as simple or as multi-faceted as you need. Just add: kitchens and firepits; flatscreen TVs and fireplaces; wet bars and bubbling spas; soft scaping and hard scaping; lighting and ambient music.

Extend your living space by taking advantage of the great outdoors that’s right outside. Create the paradise that suits your style. You didn’t look back when you traded in that old flip phone of yours. You won’t regret transforming your backyard into a destination.

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