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Pool Types: What Suits Your Style?

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As swimming pool financing specialists, we, of course, work closely with our customers, in addition to the pool contractors. We know our customers are supported by genuine professionals who know exactly what they are doing and how to coordinate every effort that goes into a pool installation. But then again, we should. We do this every single day. It is our job, and we love it. One of things we at Lyon Financial always strive to remember is that you, our customers, don’t do this every day. It is a process, and it is part of our job to keep you informed and to help you move step by step to get to the “big splash” at the end! We therefore never assume anything; one of our goals is to make the process of getting you to your inaugural pool party an enjoyable one.

You’re Installing a Pool

What do you need to consider? The first objective certainly is to nail down the financing and gain an understanding of how much pool you can afford! You’ve heard the term “house poor.” While you won’t necessarily be “pool poor,” a homeowner never wants to be in a position of overextending themselves financially or over-improving their home for their neighborhood. Beginning with that baseline of budget, now you can begin to review the types of features which you may be interested in so you can come to your pool design consultation armed with ideas. The myriad features that include custom tanning ledges, and vanishing edges, and all kinds of décor like water and fire bowls may seem like a blur, but enjoy the journey.

Shopping for Pool Designs Online

This suggestion? It could really go either way. You could be overwhelmed, get your heart set on a feature out of your price range, or you can really get a good feel for pool design alternatives. It is probably a great idea actually to see what types of options exist. With today’s trend of the outdoor space being an extension of the indoor, you’ll get some good ideas for pool shapes and how they work in relation to yard size and even in juxtaposition to your home’s deck or patio.

Ask Your Neighbors

It is a good idea to take a survey of what your neighbors with pools like and potentially dislike about their own pools. Perhaps they installed a diving board thinking it would get a good deal of use but it didn’t. Perhaps they wished they’d installed a slide, because their children love the slide at the local water park. As professionals, we can give recommendations, but you will receive valuable perspectives from existing pool owners that can go a long way toward your consideration of any extras which you might want to implement. Nothing replaces a consultation with a pool design professional, but arriving prepared with both your wish list and your list of questions will help ensure your backyard vision comes to life: one that suits both your budget and your specific needs. Call our pool financing solution experts with any questions; we are here to help!