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Raising the Bar on Outdoor Pubs (and other!) Backyard Renovations

When the lobby of a luxury resort reveals a spectacular outdoor space, you’ll see a thoughtful design aesthetic that not only supports activities like dining, lounging, and sipping on fruity drinks sporting jaunty paper umbrellas; you’ll see a community.

Although they may not be like-minded individuals or even know one another, these people are participating in a collective experience. Enjoying a bite while soaking up the sun. Relaxing with a good book. Swimming some laps. Bubbling in a hot tub. They are sharing a unique event together.

While most of us would like to have our backyard look like the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort or perhaps Gianni Versace’s former home that was turned into a 10-villa hotel overlooking Miami’s South Beach, (Villa Casa Casuarina), your outdoor space has something which theirs do not. Friends and family.

Outdoor Entertaining

Some people are just natural hosts. They love to cook and have those they love gather to celebrate the big things, but also life in general.

It is a special gift to be able to make others feel welcome in your home. Not everyone has it! Some don’t have the confidence or the culinary expertise. Some don’t have the patience. Some prefer that the caterer deliver the chafing dishes and they just light the sternos! It’s all good… but if you do revel in the art of entertaining, then you may want to explore creating the stage that’s ready for anything.

Outdoor Bar Designs

The quintessential image of the camaraderie of a local pub was made iconic in the TV show, Cheers. Its eleven-season run’s most famous recurring moment was when one of the bar’s regulars would walk in and everyone would yell out, “Norm!” to hail his arrival. Their opening theme was even called Where Everybody Knows Your Name. In this setting, it’s not about the drinks, it’s about gathering in a place to share ideas and talk about your day, your aspirations.

The pros at served up their ideas for the Top 50 Best Backyard Outdoor Bar Ideas – Cool Watering Holes and say, “Why settle for back porch gatherings or a solo chair on the lawn when you can break open a bottle like the pros – and at a fraction of the cost at that? An outdoor bar is the ideal way to entertain in style, and in the comfort and intimacy of your own home. Boasting every imaginable influence, from tropical cantina to elegant Hamptonite gazebo, and even featuring sleek LED components (for those with an L.A. vibe), the modern outdoor bar is designed to cater to your happy hour aesthetic.”

While there’s nothing wrong with a tiki bar or a standalone wicker bar set, to really go all out, we’re talking about integration. We’ve said in the past that as you expand your outdoor empire, you want all the components to blend as though they’ve always been there. So even the most modern structures feel organic to the backyard.

One way to do that is to install a swim-up bar inside your pool… one of the heights of pool indulgences. The tops of the bar stools can just skim the surface so you are still in the pool, dangling your legs in the refreshing water. Ideally, the bar itself should have a roof as that will offer respite from the sun’s powerful rays.

Pizza Ovens

Another way to go is to combine two perennial favorites: pizza and beer. Some chilled kegs and a couple taps will give the feel of a very local microbrewery married with a rock-solid brick pizza oven, tavern-style. (That’s a whole ‘nother level of aromatherapy too!) Pizza ovens also have a distinctive visual appeal that lends to the cozy ambiance you likely seek in your al fresco zone.

According to outdoor pizza oven specialists at, “Contrary to the popular belief that pizza originated in Italy, history indicates that the first pizza-like bread started in ancient Egypt, though not what we would consider ‘pizza’ today. The ancient Egyptians were some of the first bread makers, and wood fired ovens were used to bake this tasty bread; as a matter of fact, wood fired ovens were adopted by many ancient Mediterranean civilizations, because it was the only means of baking bread. In addition to bread, it became quickly apparent that other foods could be baked with a wood fired oven, like roast meats, cakes, pastries, and of course, brick oven pizza.”

This kind of set-up is also great to make use of your home outside of your home well beyond the pool season; especially with that delicious heat wafting from the oven.


These classic edifices have taken a turn to the point they are picturesque standouts that are incredibly functional. We’re loving these 43 Wicked Gazebo Design Ideas from

“Garden gazebos can be placed as an entrance or passageway to the garden, while outdoor rooms can be just a few steps from your back patio. And depending on how big your yard is, you may need to adjust the size of your gazebo accordingly.

Pergolas are more open than gazebos and can work better in small spaces. Of course, you don’t have to stick to the traditional octagon gazebo or square pergola when designing your outdoor space. Whatever seems unique and appealing to you can work. This is the new tradition in creating a modern feel while incorporating a classic idea into your yard space.”

Gazebos are not only versatile, they truly put a stamp of beauty on your yard. No longer are they simply round and painted white with a spire on the top. Multiple cultural influences have swayed the fashion of these structures, so they make striking statements while offering a unique space to dodge the sun for a while or to take cover from a passing shower.

This is the outdoor room that is also your Zen space to meditate, read a great book, practice your yoga, take a serious nap, serve fancy hors d’oeuvres, enjoy your morning coffee, sip that perfectly chilled martini. Lounge in your gazebo and get a new perspective on life. They are, in a word, transformative.

So, what’s the moral to the story? Happiness is bringing those you love together in the spirit of family in that extraordinary place you call home.

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