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The Beauty Behind Secret Pools

Secret Pools

For over 40 years, we have watched the extraordinary journey of the backyard pool. What was once a simple rectangle that was too expensive a venture for many families has now transformed into a multi-dimension attraction of all shapes and sizes offering custom and prefab options at more affordable pricing.

Before we dive into this very exciting new secret, let’s take a quick look at some of the more recent trends in the fabulous world of pool design.

Indoor Pools

Becoming more popular by the season, these gems will ensure that your pool parties never get rained out! Besides the obvious “wow!” factor, indoor pools:

  • Offer more privacy than an outdoor pool
  • Are open 24×7, 365 days a year
  • Eliminate the need to battle against leaves and twigs that float on the water or clog filters
  • Require less cleaning and maintenance
  • Deliver better temperature control
  • Need fewer chemicals
  • Add property value

Water Features

While it was once enough for water to be contained within a pool, now water is painting outside the lines, elevating pool design all over the world! Besides fountains and spillover spas, deck jets (also called laminar or pencil jets) are installed into pool decking and shoot narrow, arching streams of water into the pool. They can even be dressed in color-changing LED lights.

In more water features, misting systems gently punctuate the air with water for a refreshing lift on a hot day. Add some fire bowls for contrast and you’ve got serious ambiance.

Lap Pools

Bigger is not always better, nor is it always practical. Today’s homeowners don’t want their smaller yards to be monopolized by too large a pool installation, but they don’t want to deprive themselves either!

Lap pools are long, narrow, and generally rectangular in shape; typically, at least 45 feet in length. These aquatic structures are primarily installed for fitness and health purposes, but they offer an ideal solution for narrow or shallow residential lots. With a lap pool or any one of the other attractive small pool options, you get all the pool benefits while still having room for your herb garden, a changing cabana, or a classic gazebo.

Saltwater Pools

Although these don’t smell exactly like the ocean, saltwater pools continue their popularity surge. While they are not completely chlorine-free, they are designed to create their own chlorine using salt. Still, this pool water is much gentler on the skin and alleviates having to manually introduce an abundance of caustic additives.

Spool Pools

And in one of the latest pool sensations, these smaller ones offer a wonderful combination of relaxation. A fusion of “spa” and “pool” a “spool” generally adds up to no more than 16’ long and 8’ wide. Although smaller than the average pool, they’re larger than the average spa.

Hot Tubs

Need we say more?? A fan favorite, these bubbling retreats are still on most wish lists!

Secret Pools

This exciting innovation brings the lifestyles of the rich and famous just outside your sliding glass doors! While this trend is not the most affordable option just yet, it does lend itself to the exciting opportunities of revolutionizing your outdoor space. You’ll achieve the duality you seek if your yard is too small to accommodate both a pool and some relaxation space.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, these pools are called “secret” as they can be lowered into the ground. They keep water in reserve for a newly formed underground pool bed. So, you’re in the “now you don’t see it, now you do” zone with this aquatic sleight of hand.

So, what’s keeping these pools hidden? An entirely different surface. Check out this video of some of these remarkable installations!

According to Pool Magazine, “Beyond a shadow of a doubt, swimming pools are excellent sources of aesthetics and functionality. These spectacular features enable you to escape the heat during summer and bond with your family over the weekends. However, this does not mean swimming pools don’t carry any cons. Typically, swimming pools consume a lot of yard space. So, if you are not careful, you may minimize the functionality of your yard by installing a pool. Fortunately, secret pools can help you solve this issue.”

The Advantages

Besides the fact that this multi-purpose space sure beats a run-of-the-mill pool cover, you’ll love the practicality of this pool solution.

1. Function

You’ll have your pool and dance on it too when your patio transforms into your pool. Even your lawn can offer a secret hideaway!

2. Eco-friendly

Like saltwater pools that require fewer chemicals for maintenance, so do their secret pool counterparts.

3. Safety

Because they are really closed up, accidental falling by children and pets are minimized.

4. Save Space

And one of the top advantages is that you have the best of both worlds with a pool hidden away from view. One that doesn’t need to be repeatedly skimmed for twigs and the like, but it is ready when you are ready to reveal itself in splendid majesty.

The Disadvantages

Like anything else, you need to look at both sides of the equation to make the decision that’s right for you and your family.

According to Hidden Water Pools, “While the advantages seem great, there are disadvantages of hidden water pools that need to be considered:

Extras do not really fit the design. Diving boards and slides would not be a bonus on a hidden water pool. When the platform was raised, the extras would look out of place. Water jets would be about the only real option that would be hidden when the platform was raised.

Small pools would not be worth the investment. Many people who have small pools or plunge pools would not need to invest in hidden water pools, because the area that they cover does not add enough space to worry about.

Intricate layouts cannot be accommodated at this time. The hidden water pools are only available in circular or rectangular patterns.”

At the end of the day, innovations continue to drive us forward and spark new, exciting ideas for all kinds of home improvements.

As with any projects, do your homework, consult with a variety of contractors, read the reviews, ask friends and neighbors for their opinions on local resources, and then get cracking on that wish list!

It’s always cool when Christmas comes early! You deserve it.

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