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Surround Yourself with Sound


Music is the great equalizer. No matter your genre of preference, the harmonious blend of composition and vocals transcends the moment and fuels the soul. From opera to hip hop, musicians explore the human experience. With everything that’s going on in the world today, many have found music a welcome respite.

Whether it lulls you or gets you up on your feet, cranking up your music on your platform of choice has a huge impact on your mindset. Delivered via air buds or an old school boom box, music works magic. Some doctors have been known to use music and lyric recall to help those suffering from neurological ailments to trigger and retrieve memories their patients have lost.

According to Vanessa Van Edwards at

Music can soothe the brokenhearted, motivate runners and kickoff the most epic dance parties, but it also has some serious scientific benefits for our health and overall wellbeing. Listening to music has been shown to improve memory functioning, increase rate of healing, improve your workouts and more.

Additionally, because music releases endorphins it is another great reason to tune in when you’re working out. Van Edwards says, “…music distracts you from ‘bodily awareness’ aka the aches and pains of working out” thereby helping you to have the most productive use of your workout time.

So when you feel you’re starting to fade a little on the last lap of your run, ask Siri to play the theme to the movie “Rocky” – it will get you (at least figuratively) climbing those famous steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art on your way to reveling in your achievement at the finish line. Music is motivational.

Additionally, music has been proven to:

  • Help us heal
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve sleep quality

Wireless Speakers for Pools and the Outdoors

Music makes everything better. It even enhances the beauty of the great outdoors by literally setting the tone for day or evening. From tiles to textiles, when you’ve selected all the touches that make your alfresco lifestyle ideal, the final nuance is the music.

Fortunately, although your outdoor music design ideas may be sophisticated (aka expensive!), there are plenty of affordable options that are easy to implement and are even transportable.

Regarding the latter, the experts at Consumer Reports, “an independent, nonprofit member organization that works side by side with consumers for truth, transparency, and fairness in the marketplace” recommend several great products at very reasonable prices.

This one is by a foremost leader in sound design. Of the Bose SoundLink Color II they said:

“Sometimes basic is a good thing. It doesn’t have the biggest menu of features, but testers reported that it shines where it matters most. It sounds good with powerful sonics that belie its modest size and moderate price of about $130. Bluetooth pairing is easy and intuitive, and the speaker is splash proof, according to Bose. The SoundLink Color II is less expensive than lots of competitors with similar sound quality.”

The editors at serve up their ideas of the best products as they “independently research, test, and recommend the best products.” They also disclose that they “may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.” (We don’t profit by the way! We just cultivate what the experts share.)

They recommend the Klipsch AW-650 Indoor/Outdoor Speakers. Available at Amazon – for 40% off for a price of $329 with free shipping (as of this writing) it received 4.5 stars by reviewers and is a preferred model as the enclosure is UV-resistant and the grille, rust-proof.

Ability to ward off the elements is a must-have feature in anything you place in your backyard space. These speakers are said to not only boast great sound, they are designed to “consume less power than the average outdoor speaker” so at a reasonable price, this could be the whole package!


Another solution is to make your own music! A karaoke machine may just turn out to be something you don’t know how you lived without. They are of course fun but represent a great mode for self-expression.

You can even stage singing competitions with the kids. They can make their own costumes and put on their own show. As a lyrical sidecar to your outdoor speakers, this little contraption will get your kids to put down their phones — for at least an hour hopefully!

Music and the Great Outdoors

Classic compositions evoke strong emotional connections: the shark’s entrance music in “Jaws” or the eerie soundtrack of “Psycho” – with haunting tracks like that, the composer creates the atmosphere for your experience. In the same way, when you’re practicing your yoga on your backyard’s deck or celebrating your daughter’s birthday, the music is the theme that unites everything.

There’s something really special about dining and relaxing outside. You can share these same activities in your family room, but all the sights and smells of the outdoors help to liberate the senses. Along with the scent of freshly mown grass and the twitter of birds you’ve got a spa and some speakers humming! It’s a multi-dimensional approach to communing with nature.

With the amazing advancements in outdoor sound systems you can install them with the peace of mind they will deflect the elements and offer the best audio quality for your play list.

Just like flatscreen TVs have been adapted to withstand the environment, when installed per the manufacturer’s instructions, you’ll get hours and hours of joy out of your backyard’s wireless Bluetooth speakers. With better battery life and robust quality, you’ll easily add that special element that helps to make your outdoor retreat, complete!

Maybe what the world needs now is one empowering dance party. Know that we are thinking of you and your family in these challenging times. We wish you nothing but the best. Be safe and well.

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