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Tips for Planning the Best Staycation


Planning a vacation is always exciting. Looking forward to that change of scenery, selecting points of interest to explore… just getting away from it all. We work hard, we need to rejuvenate.

We’ve all also experienced the downside of vacations away from home: the expense, traveling with whining kids, packing everything you need while still trying to travel as light as possible, etc.!

Then there’s boarding the pups and arranging for mail to be picked up or held, enlisting a neighbor to collect packages and keep an eye on your home. Contending with lost luggage and delayed flights. People often say they need a vacation from their vacation!

You can also plan a retreat with a similar framework minus the stress. The best vacations are the ones spent in your own backyard.


They achieved popularity in the U.S. during the financial crisis of 2007–2010 according to Wikipedia. “Staycations also became a popular phenomenon in the UK in 2009 as a weak pound made overseas holidays significantly more expensive.”

The catch is to make a staycation special. Come that next Monday morning you want to feel you achieved that escape you needed.

In other words, Seize the Staycation! Sit down with your partner or your family and make a list of what you want to do. Come up with an action plan, get the time off from work, do a little shopping, and let the games begin!

Our Top Five Tips for Feeling Like You’re Away When You’re Not

  1. Get the House Ready

Many people feel that a staycation is a good time to catch up on cleaning or just to take care of the regular home maintenance. We say no! You wouldn’t be dusting baseboards at a Marriott, would you? If you haven’t one already, hire a company to clean your house the day before, changing all linens and towels. Go out for a nice dinner to kick-off your holiday and come home to everything shining and, in its place, like you just checked in to a very large suite.

As far as bed making during the week, either just let it go or have one person a day responsible to make everyone’s bed. Even if the kids are involved, it doesn’t matter if every decorative pillow is in place. You’re on vacation.

At the other end of the day, assign someone (or take turns with your partner) to execute the well-loved tradition of nightly turn down service. Sheets should be folded back with pillows plumped and nestling a foil-covered chocolate. Nice touch! Everyone can take a part in keeping the staycation dream alive!

If you really have a tough time relaxing, give yourself 1 out of the 5 or so days to address those nagging things on your To Do List. But don’t let it snowball. If you’re a homeowner there’s always something to do. So, prioritize, do what you feel you must, cross it off the list, and rejoin your staycation.

  1. Disconnect

We are tethered to our jobs by just about every piece of technology we own. Therefore, give adequate notice to your clients and colleagues.

Place an “out of office” message on your email and your voicemail – both business and personal cell phones. Change your notifications in your cell phone settings so you don’t see the email count creep up. Everyone will get your out-of-office message and contact the person you designated who will be covering your cases or accounts. (This may not always be practical if you are a sole business owner, but the best you can do is set your staycation enough in advance that you can handle what you need to, while managing clients’ expectations.)

You may opt for a break from the news as well. Resist the urge to turn on the evening broadcast. Don’t check the stories on your phone. Suspend reality for as long as you can. The talking heads and the 24×7 news cycle will all be there upon your return to civilization!

  1. Set the Tone

Take some time to assemble your backyard resort playlist. If you don’t have an account already, use this chance to try a free 30-day trial of Spotify Premium: play any track, listen offline, no ad interruptions, unlimited skips, high quality audio. Normally at $9.99/month, use the trial to set up your playlists from zen time on your yoga mat to party time around the pool. This is the soundtrack of your staycation.

Are you a book lover? Then hit Amazon to load your Kindle or iPad with the book(s) you’ve been longing to read. Already loaded up, but haven’t had time? Now you do. Flip back to Chapter 1 and dive back into the world of your choosing.

Is there a local museum or aquarium you’ve never visited? How about taking a day to be a tourist in your own town?

Are you a cinema aficionado? Then hit Netflix or another streaming service for a film festival of your making. Actually, according to our trendy friends at, here’s a recent list of The 100 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now. This post is updated regularly so it’s ripe and ready whenever you are! From the best foreign language films to the visual fiesta of a Pixar flick, yes. That is popcorn you smell.

  1. Food and Drink

If you love to cook, this is a great time to experiment with a new cuisine or perfect a dish you’ve been working on.

If that’s NOT the case, consider delivery. Every night. You can prepare a few quiches in advance and have plenty of fresh fruit for mornings, pick up pre-mixed salad and sandwich platters for lunch, but indulge in the often unhealthy, yet easy way to throw down dinner.

However, with curbside take-away and services like Uber Eats you needn’t be relegated to a consistent stream of burgers and fries. For a nominal flat fee, depending on where you live, you can have a broader selection that includes some healthier choices from local restaurants. Now all you have to do is wait for the dinner gong (doorbell) to sound.

  1. Dress the Part

Set aside the summer pool party garb you’d generally bring on vacation. It’s amazing the mindset a flowy sundress and straw hat will conjure! Sit by your pool and watch the sun rise or set. Sip your coffee or your cocktail and relish the life you’ve created. As Dorothy from Kansas said, “There’s no place like home.”

As home improvement financing solution experts since 1979, we have the privilege to collaborate with hard-working people who want to enjoy the fruits of their labors. A staycation aside a sparkling pool is the perfect solution. At Lyon Financial we are proud of the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information.