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Cost Effective Ways to Keep Your Pool Water Refreshingly Cool

Cool Pool

A deep-seated garden tub is a somewhat upscale amenity that has made its way into master bedroom suites across the country. Also known as a soaking tub, it is typically oval and free-standing. Because it is larger and offers more depth than the typical bathtub, it has become synonymous with luxury. Submersion in that warm, soapy water is a great way to end a busy day.

What’s another great way to end a busy day and beat the summer heat? A refreshing dip in the sparkling water of your backyard pool!

Unlike your garden tub’s temperature that you can regulate as you fill it, your pool’s water temperature gets turned up when subjected all day to the sun’s powerful rays. Since you likely prefer the experience of cool and rejuvenating water in the summertime, how do you most effectively keep that temp a bit more consistent?

Top 5 Ways to Put the Cool in Your Pool

First off, maintaining that refreshing coolness to offset the summer heat is fortunately good for you and bad for the algae. If you want to make your pool maintenance an easier chore, the cooler water will help inhibit the promotion of persistent growth as well as that of bacteria. Retarding that development will also help save you money on pool chemicals.

Here are some suggestions for putting some more cool in your pool:

  1. Shade Sails

We are fond of these bright touches as they provide not only fashion, but function. Besides offering the ideal sun-blocking remedy for any open outdoor space like your patio or deck, you can also fasten these sturdy and simple-to-install triangular cloths to trees or uprights to add a vivid canopy over your pool.

Offering more coverage than an umbrella and capable of spanning areas over the water, you can integrate the color palette with your overall aesthetic and make a truly customized space.

Additionally, you will reap the benefits of protecting your pool water from UV exposure, thereby decreasing chlorine loss, which in turn saves money on costly pool chemicals.

  1. Add the Sparkle of a Fountain

Another device that offers the duality of visual appeal with cooling performance is, believe it or not, a water feature. Whether an exuberant fountain or a gentle waterfall, these will add to your pool water’s ability to stay at a more optimum temperature.

Because their pumps work to remove some water from your pool to fuel their operation, that amount of water that travels through the feature, serves to lower the temperature of the pool, overall. It also helps to cool your pool’s water by contributing to evaporation. (Keeping that water feature running at night during the cooler temps will help to maintain a preferable temperature as well.)

That’s what you call the best of both worlds! Making an optical impact as well as a practical one.

  1. Pool Filter Operation

We also recommend you run your pool filter overnight instead of during the day. Like the benefits of the water evaporation caused by the operation of a waterfall or fountain, you can take advantage of the cooler overnight temps to plunge your pool by a few more degrees.

While not the most efficient or consistent solution because it is climate-dependent, this option could still serve as a viable and budget-friendly idea in regions where the outside temperature drops significantly at night.

  1. Install a Reversible Heat Pump

Although you will need a slightly more robust budget to install one, this pump will yield you a more reliable temperature control solution. Organic ideas are great, but there are often too many variables that come into play.

With a reversible heat pump, (that leverages refrigerant and can be manually or automatically regulated), you are going to be able to make your adjustments more precisely.

Like any investment, you need to assess the potential yield. First consider how and when you use your pool. Since a reversible heat pump will permit the more exact regulation of the water’s temperature, (whether that’s heating it in the winter or cooling it in the summer), you will get a longer pool season! This may well make it an expense you can justify.

  1. Connect a Mechanical Evaporative Chiller

A pool cooler is like an al fresco A/C. Fans literally cool the water as it makes its way through the chiller system. Again, like the pool filter option, you will realize the biggest benefit when it is run at night to take advantage of the cooler overnight temperatures.

Like the reversible heat pump solution, you will be able to use fewer chemicals because warmer water eats up pool sanitizers faster than cooler water. In the cooler environment, you’ll be able to hit the pool supply store less frequently to stock up on those big containers of compounds.

All in all, one of the greatest things about having a pool and an outdoor entertainment center is that you can always add more and more interesting elements to its ambiance. You can:

  • Update the look of your pool with new textiles or furniture
  • Add a multi-purpose structure like a gazebo
  • Incorporate some practical, yet beautiful hardscaping to help define your backyard’s space and make a shining architectural statement
  • Install a trellis and accompanying bench to bring a touch of elegance to a niche
  • Build the vegetable garden you’ve always wanted to add vibrance to your yard and the aroma of fresh herbs and spices to your table
  • DIY a changing cabana outfitted with towels and sunscreen

There’s a world of options that can make the outdoor extension of your home, the place you want to spend all your free time.

Maybe it’s also time to pump up the cool on your pool! Whether with stunning sunshades or a mechanical chiller, you can create the oasis of your dreams. Stay cool and be chill.

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