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Creating a Backyard Oasis – Part 3: Pavers, Masonry, and Fireplaces

In this last of our three-part series, we will explore some of the design touches that make backyard living unique and turn your backyard into a place where you can stamp your style. It’s interesting to see how homeowners innovate this space. Some maintain the same design aesthetic from their living room straight on out [...]


Creating a Backyard Oasis – Part 2: Pergolas and Patios

In part one of our series, we explored the versatile aspects of outdoor kitchens and how they will transform your lifestyle. “Complete” outdoor living spaces have taken homeowners beyond just installing a pool. Now the pool is the centerpiece to your unique corner of paradise. (It also elevates your stay-cations to something special!) Although this [...]


Creating a Backyard Oasis – Part 1: Outdoor Kitchens

The line between indoor and outdoor living continues to blur. Some of today’s furnishings and al fresco amenities rival those found indoors! Whatever the motivation for creating your outdoor oasis, you’ll enjoy an expansion of your current living space by adding all that precious square footage. Where to start? Many people begin this transformation with [...]