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Easter Traditions: Poolside Edition


The Easter Egg Hunt is one of the most timeless traditions of the Easter holiday. Egg hunts by the pool (or in the pool if you live in a warm climate!) can put a fun twist on a classic game. Here are our ideas to celebrate this holiday tradition with a splash!

Easter Egg Dive

Take your plastic eggs and open them up. Instead of filling them with traditional candies and toys, fill them with coins or a heavier item to weigh them down. Drop several dozen eggs in the bottom of the pool. Once the kids are ready, have them dive down and collect the most eggs to win a prize! They can use their baskets on the side of the pool to store their eggs until the game is done.

Traditional Scavenger Hunt

Unless you live in a year-round warm climate, swimming in your pool for Easter may not be in the cards for you. Hide your prefilled eggs in landscaping by the pool, under your poolside furniture, and in other areas of your backyard.

You can also fill Easter baskets for guests with all the gear they need for the summer, such as goggles, toys, and pool floats!

Adults Only

Although the traditional Easter Egg Hunt is mostly geared for children scrambling to collect as much candy as possible, there are some fun ideas for the adults too. You can hide adult bottled beverages outside and provide your guests with an empty beverage holder to collect what they find! You can also fill larger eggs with gift cards to restaurants and online shopping, which can come in handy for guests of all ages.

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