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Pool Opening Tips for Spring: It’s That Time of Year Again!

Pool Opening Tips for Spring

If you already own a backyard pool, you can look out your window and envision the brand-new pool season shining on the spring horizon. Your staycation dates are set. The days will soon be warmer and will even last longer. It’s just you and a refreshing beverage in your flotation device, lazily drifting along. In a few hours friends will be stopping by with shrimp and steaks for the grill. Perhaps ice-cold beer bottles will nestle in a bucket.

But when that illusion vanishes in a strong gust of March wind, what you find yourself actually looking at is a dirty pool cover and an accumulation of leaves along the edges of an area that has been neglected over the winter months. And who knows what kinds of damage the cold weather has wrought on pumps and hoses?

As a pool financing company that works with stellar pool contractors, we hear the same sorts of stories every year from them: proper pool maintenance is worth every hour and every dime spent. If a pool is not shut tight well enough to guard against the elements, you’ve got unplanned expenses. Some components meet their life span expectancy and need repair or replacement.

So, you’ve got three decisions:

  1. Do you Weekend Warrior the entire project and brave the annual pool uncovering and prep?
  2. Do you hire a pro to handle tasks that involve electric and filter issues while you handle the cleaning tasks?
  3. Do you engage a pool maintenance company for a turnkey solution and just write a check?

In the case of caring for a major investment like a pool, the pros at Lyon Financial strongly suggest you take the time to find the right resource for the job. Whether it’s your second backyard pool season, or you’ve loved this home improvement for years – staying on top of the practices and prices of those who service your geographic area is time well spent.

How to Find a Pool Maintenance Professional

  • Google

The all-knowing search engine may not be the best tactic. If you Google “pool maintenance companies near me” you will get results returned of over 150 million or so in a little over a second. But how do you vet them? Because companies paid for ads to appear in the top spots does not make them the best. The best company with the finest customer service could be down somewhere on page 9; you’ll never get through all those entries. Using Google solely for this purpose may not necessarily serve you well.

  • Angie’s List and Thumbtack

These kinds of sites tend to do a decent job of narrowing results because they collect reviews that are theoretically unbiased.

If you wish to locate pool maintenance techs, try a Thumbtack or an Angie’s List. By entering your zip code and answering several straightforward questions, you’ll be presented with a list of resources and reviews. This method is a pretty solid one to find top-rated pool contractors.

  • Canvas Your Neighborhood

People in general like to make recommendations. Ask your neighbors how happy they are with the services they receive from their pool contractors. It is a quick and easy means of ascertaining who to hire.

  • Social Media

Another idea is to take note of the pool maintenance trucks and storefronts you see in and around your neighborhood. Then check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, etc. The bane of a company’s existence (if they don’t do what they are supposed to) can be social media. The same avenues that allow companies to highlight the work they’ve done and collect reviews offer platforms allowing people to post their varied and sometimes negative experiences.

No company is perfect. Even the best ones slip up. What you can also find from the social media accounts of pool maintenance companies is how they handled an issue.

Were they responsive to the customer? Did they accept responsibility? Did they act to resolve the problem? You can call it “spin control” but if a company demonstrates accountability, they are certainly worth a second look.

DIY Pool Maintenance

If you have the bandwidth, there’s no doubt a good deal of satisfaction can be derived from getting your pool ready for the season on your own. The caveat there is that you are contending with:

  • Dangerous substances
  • The need to achieve a safe pH
  • Safely storing chemicals and ensuring their expiration dates are good
  • Electricity and water don’t mix; there are safety hazards
  • Check the electrical equipment for broken conducts/connectors, lack of proper grounding/bonding, and exposed wires
  • Do not touch or try to repair something that is out of your area of expertise

Preventative Pool Maintenance

It is a good idea to keep branches trimmed back far enough so they are not hanging over the pool. This discourages as many leaves as possible from finding their way onto your pool cover. It is a task you can even do before removing the cover, but the limbs are easier to cut in the colder months. Either way, you will have less to skim from the water’s surface.

Speaking of the cover, by cleaning it off before removing, it you’ll minimize the risk of debris entering the pool. Then take the extra step to give it a thorough cleaning before stowing away. Your pool contractor will likely have a recommendation for a quality cover cleaner.

Collateral Pool Equipment

As part of this new pool season prep, don’t forget to inspect diving boards, ladders, and handrails for wear and damage. Although a pool is a structure designed for the great outdoors, it doesn’t mean that the add-ons don’t warrant a close look for safety.

Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Whether or not you decide to brave your pool’s grand opening check list on your own, it is a great idea to take the opportunity to give everything, including the stowed furniture a good power washing. As for your list of things to buy for the season ahead, how about some new planters or ground cover for a facelift? Create some new affordable ambiance!

We love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information.