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Why You Should Add Pool Construction to Your Fall To-Do List!

Fall Pool Construction

If you are already the proud owner of a backyard swimming pool, then the days for you to enjoy a refreshing dip are almost coming to an end. If you live in points south, then you know you have a few more weeks to revel as the temps have not really started to plummet.

What you do have to look forward to is shoring up your pool for the winter. Protecting this investment is as important as the attention you pay to your home. Just as you check that your roof and windows are keeping out what should be out and keeping in what should be in; the best possible preventative maintenance is your finest defense. The same care must be spent on your pool.

Closing Your Pool Down

As far as closing your pool for the season, it is generally suggested you do so as soon as the water temp is consistently below 65°. A week before you shut down for the season, add a phosphate remover. This will help keep algae at bay. If you shut your pool down before the water hits this temperature, you may still see some algae development. Here are our Top Ten Tips for Winterizing Your Pool.

In addition to following these steps, we recommend enlisting the expertise of your swimming pool contractor or local pool supply company professional to determine the best pool cover for your climate. Follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for use, and you will have a much happier summer season when you roll back the cover to reveal your pool in the most pristine condition ever!

Constructing Your Pool

If you’d like to have a pool to close next season, this is the time to start your planning! And here are quite a few reasons why!

  1. Getting in before contractors start to book up will give you the benefit of the time you need to create that pool of your dreams.
  2. Starting early will also allow you to make plans and, of course, budget for any of the extras like a pergola, outdoor kitchen, or decking and landscaping.
  3. Feel free to contact us to discuss your pool financing options so you have your fiscal resources aligned when ready to break ground. We have some extraordinary secured and unsecured loan options that are very reasonable. We will help you select the loan program that is right for you.
  4. There is also always the chance that you can capitalize on surplus inventory left from the summertime installations. Don’t be shy to ask your pool contractor about discounted materials.
  5. The other big plus to getting a jump on your backyard pool installation is that your season will start all the earlier. You will get a nice cushion of time in the event of any delays, PLUS you won’t have to be looking at a hole in the ground come late June. You and your family will instead be splashing around on that very first warm day!
  6. Depending on where you live, the permit process may be expedited and the bottleneck that can impact in the spring and summer will not exist in the fall. You may also be in a position to negotiate better prices. Solid businesses know their numbers and understand how many jobs they have to get in before year’s end to make their projections. You can give them a chance to make that happen while advantaging your wallet.
  7. When your pool is installed on the earlier side of the season, it gives you the chance to consider and implement the incidentals like outdoor furniture and lounge chairs as well as planters and landscaping to set the stage for your backyard retreat. Perhaps you’d rather be doing that yard work in the spring instead of the summer. With a pool installed in the fall, you will be way ahead of the game.
  8. The pool construction business is a booming one. People get busy and you may not command the same attention as you would like. This will probably be one of the biggest projects you will undertake when it comes to your home. In the off-season, you will likely enjoy some extra attention from pool professionals as they won’t be focusing on a long list of jobs in progress.
  9. Roofers, pool contractors, and anyone who works outdoors are acclimated to the climate. Just as you’d rather not be out working in the blistering heat of summer, the cooler temps will likely go a long way toward the temperament of the workers constructing your pool. Their focus will likely be better when they are more comfortable.
  10. It may seem like a tease to have a pool built and then have to wait until after the winter to use it, but if you include a spa or a hot tub, you’ll be in the swim in any season!

There is obviously much to be said about being first in line. The social and financial advantages are huge. Once you secure your financing, you’ve got the perfect window to hire the contractor so they can get in before the ground is too hard or, depending on where you live, avoid a snow storm hindering progress.

Perhaps this is the year Christmas comes early. Treat yourself to one of the best additions you can make for your home. We are here to answer all of your questions. We literally have the greatest jobs in the world because we help people make this oasis a reality. Our team of professionals is fully committed to providing the best customer service you’ve ever received.

We love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information.