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What Customer Service Means to Us

Customer Service

Customer service today is a little under-rated. (It is almost a forgotten art!) Even though our cell phones provide information on everything from game scores to recipes, there are times when an app just can’t do it all. You need to speak with a real person who can understand the nuances of your financial situation and offer the best options for you and your family.

The First Fax Machine

As we have been in business for more than 40 years, the launch of Lyon Financial preceded the existence of any real technology. We got our first fax machine in 1986, (it cost $1000!) but worth every penny as it allowed Dick Lyon to expand beyond the community he was covering with a pad, pen, and a file cabinet! That expensive piece of plastic revolutionized our business and the rest is history.

Way Back in 1979

The interesting thing about starting a business in 1979 is that all you had was a desire to help people and give them the best possible service. There was no technology to hide behind. It was you and your word as a professional.

Dick’s first office was one he rented in a beach town near his home. He answered phones, took applications, and ran credit. At the time, TransUnion was in Los Angeles, but it was called Fox because it was owned by Charlie Fox. You would call, a clerk went to a file and read the information to you as you wrote it down. There was no credit score per se; you made a decision based on prior experiences.

But that’s how you really got to know people. Dick would drive to their homes to have them sign paperwork and, impressed by his commitment to customer service, they would refer him to friends and family. Starting from such a solid foundation is how you build a reputation that grows into an enterprise which is still thriving after 39 years!

This is the only way Dick knew how to do business… honestly and with integrity. And as he continued to grow his staff to support all the new clients coming on board, this was and is the most important skill set for any of our employees to possess: to be customer-service driven.

What Customer Service Means to Us

Everything about offering pool financing options can be taught. Even best practices for superior customer service can be learned, but it is a quality that must be innate. You have to want to make a client feel like they are the only one in the world. And we show that as we pick up the phone each and every time.

You aren’t tweeting someone on our team with a question, you aren’t filling out a form (unless you want to!) to get information on how to get started with your backyard renovation. You are calling us and speaking directly with the person who is going to help you make the home improvement you want. They are going to take you step by step through the process from inception to completion. That’s the only way to give clients what they deserve.

Today we are firing on all technological pistons, because it helps us be the most efficient and gives us even more time to be there for our clients.

Who knows what technological innovation we’ll be leveraging in the future? Perhaps you can transmit your hologram to our office for a virtual meeting. Or even beam yourself into our office like they did on the U.S.S. Enterprise. By that time Lyon Financial will likely be assisting with financing options for neighborhoods on the moon for pools fashioned out of lunar craters!

Thanks to You

Other companies may say this, but when we say it, we mean it from every one of us here. Thank you… for your trust, for your collaboration. We love working with our clients. We want the best for you. We have the confidence to give you our best because of the strength of our team. It is a team that has worked together for years. Even the newer hires feel like they’ve been with us for a long time as we have created a family atmosphere. Most of that is probably because we work with families who want the best for theirs. We all work together toward that common goal. What a great goal!

The amenities for which we provide financing solutions are the ones that bring families together. Even though several smart phones are waterproof now, we don’t see many people willing to test that feature out on an $850 device! So family swim time, exercise time, volleyball tournament time is pool time. Relaxing, energizing pool time.

If you’ve worked with us, you know the difference we make in offering affordable financing options from a team of professionals. We take what we do most seriously. It is your hard-earned money we are talking about! It is your family we are talking about.

When you decide you want to install an outdoor kitchen (it certainly beats a fax machine!) or a kidney-shaped pool, or a cozy firepit, or a charming pergola to add architectural interest to your yard, you can feel a comfort level with us. We are pool people too! We know how much these items will add to your outdoor entertainment area and increase your home’s value.

We thank you also for referring us to your friends, neighbors, and family members. With each new connection this extended family grows and grows. It is so very rewarding when clients send us the pictures of the finished product. These innovative designs that forward-thinking people conceive with the pool builder makes each installation a work of art – or at least distinctively unique to your backyard. A reflection of your style.

We look forward of course to the next 40 years, and certainly to excavating those lunar pool sites! We have welcomed every opportunity to work with each of you. Thank you from our hearts for letting us share in this exciting time in your life. Your backyard pool will continue to be a beautiful centerpiece for your family’s celebrations. Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone you love.

We love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information.