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Five Reasons You’ll Love an Outdoor Spa

It’s that time of year again. The time we look to a bright, shiny new year for fresh chances or an improved outlook. It’s like the start of the football or baseball season: everyone begins set to zero with nothing but days ahead to demonstrate their determination to conquer. As for us, we forecast blue skies ahead!

Many clients we’ve spoken with are looking to live more in the moment. People are seriously trying to identify and remove the stresses they can — and find a balance in life. It seems like it is time to take a pause and concentrate on what matters and then do something about it!

We know our wonderful technologies are a constant distraction. Our phones ping and buzz, taking our focus away from the person seated across the dinner table by transporting us to the cyber world.

Exercising some control over our iPhones could be a goal. It would be challenging to totally extricate ourselves as we’ve assigned them the role of personal assistant. They remind us of everything: they tell us what time to leave for an appointment based on traffic, they order our food and fill our Amazon carts, they calculate equations, and transmit our correspondence. Your to-do list, as Siri knows better than you probably do, goes on and on.

Most of us want to be healthier and live lives more actively. We want to regain power over the things we CAN control. When we are feeling better and more focused, we can accomplish so much more. Perhaps therefore, this is the Season of the Spa…

Putting the “Ahhh!” In Spa!

The health benefits of spas are well documented. The feedback we have received from our clients alone is praise indeed for something so simple that offers multiple benefits.

Water alone is the great equalizer. As the perfect formula for hydration, our bodies benefit tremendously from submerging in it as well!

Here are our Top Five Reasons to Install an Outdoor Spa:

  1. Better Sleep

Instead of a hot toddy or warm milk, a pre-bedtime soak promotes a quicker time to fall asleep and encourages a sounder slumber. So, turn off the television and turn on the spa jets. It will become a ritual that works, but also puts a relaxing end to your day. Sleep is critical for you emotionally, but our bodies need that time to repair and refresh. When you get the sleep you need, you will have what you need to succeed.

  1. Stress Relief

We are a society that functions on adrenaline. We kick off the day with caffeine and then power through lists and schedules to get three days’ worth of work done in one. No wonder we have such difficulty shutting it all down. The physical effects of stress on the body are numerous: muscle tension, fatigue, and headaches. Many of us hold this tension in our shoulders, in our neck, and even in our lower back. Heat and massage increase blood flow while releasing endorphins to stimulate the healing process. When combined with the water’s natural buoyancy that eases pressure on those pain points, a spa gets to the heart of the stress relief matter.

  1. Flexibility

We are the product of our genetics and the environment we create for ourselves. If we stay active as we age, we can help to combat loss of that range of motion that slowly eludes us. In addition to activities like walking and weight training (with a physician’s approval), regular spa soaking sessions help to maintain flexibility and even restore it to a degree. The warmth of the water creates hydrostatic pressure on the body. As a result, muscles are loosened, and joint inflammation is lessened. For those afflicted with conditions like arthritis, the hot tub or spa is the perfect setting to soothe what ails you.

  1. Tranquility

An outdoor spa sets the stage for true relaxation. Whether an after-dinner soak while clinking glasses of champagne or for some alone time to prepare for a challenging day ahead, you can enjoy the beauty of every season, all year long. From sunsets to snowflakes, you’ll have a front row seat to your own piece of paradise. Unplug and chill out in the luxurious warmth of bubbling water.

What about combining some spa time with another habit like your yoga practice? Lay your mat on the grass for some sunrise stretches, then take a half hour to soak. The cozy temperature offers the perfect ending after holding a triumphant warrior pose.

  1. Help Chronic Back Pain

Back and nerve pain are often enduring conditions that dramatically affect the afflicted person’s quality of life. It is also a leading cause of disability in Americans under 45 years old. These conditions are not always operable and can promote overuse of anti-inflammatories and even more dangerous pain medications. Acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic professionals offer welcome relief but are not always covered by insurance for extended periods.

According to the Mayo Clinic, benefits of integrative medicine extend beyond wellness: “Integrative medicine has become an increasingly popular way to enhance treatment for health concerns. At Mayo Clinic, two forms of integrative medicine ─ acupuncture and massage ─ have already helped numerous patients. In a review of several case studies in Explore, Mayo Clinic researchers examined the potential role of integrative medicine as a therapeutic and diagnostic benefit when combined with a patient’s treatment plan.”

While no absolute replacement for a licensed specialist, those targeted streams of water from the hot tub’s jets make an excellent contribution to providing massaging relief. With the global opioid addiction that has ravaged lives, an organic solution to this common problem is one to embrace.

Happy New Year!

No matter what you hope to get out of this new year, make it something just for you. Whether you want to live greener, eat healthier, contribute more to your community, or challenge yourself to earn a new academic degree, you need to draw from a strong core. You will find that strength when you take pause to rejuvenate. Get the sleep and stress relief you need from a hot tub or pool spa.

If you already own a backyard pool, consider adding a spa. It will be the best sidecar addition to your home’s favorite amenity!

As pool financing solution experts, we love our pools and spas too. At Lyon Financial, we also love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information about installing a pool or spa, or both!