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Our Top Three Swimming Pool Floors and Finishes


We are fond of saying that modern swimming pools and decks are true extensions of indoor space. With outdoor furniture and backyard kitchens that rival any interior’s décor, you’ll realize a lot of extra square footage to share with family and friends!

Outdoor entertainment areas are the new family room; a gathering space to host parties or lull in poolside tranquility. WiFi and mobile hot spots provide the freedom of movement we need to fire up our Bluetooth-driven devices allowing us to break free without missing a message or a Tweet. Today’s outdoor lifestyles provide the very best of both worlds with new pool trends that are spectacular!

Where to Begin Designing Your Great Outdoors

If you are just developing your outdoor space, you already know you have hundreds of fun decisions to make. Rest assured there are endless options to accommodate the size and shape of any yard. Creating your every day escape includes ideas that are of course, transformative, but that still feel organic.

For example, if you love your home’s Craftsman-style architecture, your backyard space can easily be made a reflection of that: from pool to fixtures. Tying in that unique design aesthetic will make your home feel larger as the eye will extend from your backyard door or sliders out to your property’s perimeter. When every element is integrated, you have cohesion.

When you searched to buy your home, you may have made a list of the “must-haves” and the “wants.” Your pool budget will of course have the final say, but don’t NOT add any “wants.” There are often affordable options that may satisfy a wish list item.

Perhaps you envision your new pool edged in fire bowls mounted on stone support columns. If that line item proves too costly, there are tons of alternatives. You’ll still get those mesmerizing flames to add drama with portable fire pits that make a stunning centerpiece when surrounded by a cozy ring of chairs. Understand also, that those mounted fire bowls could be a future add-on…nothing is really cast in stone when it comes to backyard pools! Add and refine as much as you want! Paradise isn’t always built in a day.

Our Top Three Pool Floors and Finishes Ideas

Backyard spaces to be designed are blank slates – palettes upon which the pool’s entire foundation rests. Pavers and glass tile accents make the surface around your pool “pop”, but you may want to look a little deeper into the visual appeal which pool floor design adds.

  1. Custom Pool Systems offers the ultimate in pool floors. Working in concert with pool builders, they ask you to “imagine a space that converts seamlessly with the press of a button – a swimming pool that transforms into an entertaining area or dance floor.”

Picture having all that extra entertaining space that you may change to suit the occasion. When you wish to go into “pool mode” the tiled surface of what was a section of your patio descends to the bottom of the pool. Another great feature is that you can control how deep you make the pool. If you are hosting a children’s party, you may literally create a shallow depth pool for their safety. However you choose to use your outdoor space, this luxury amenity might be added to the “must-have” side of your list!

  1. Swimming pool floor mosaics are a sure way to put a personal stamp on your pool. A company like AquaBlu Mosaics allows clients to submit their own design, and then they deliver the completed mosaic into the hands of your pool builder. Choose from over 18 distinctive collections including those depicting sea life, tribal designs, turtles, and exquisite medallions. Combine any of these or even tell a story with tile. From handmade porcelain to Venetian glass, you will be amazed at the distinctive character which your pool can exhibit.

You may also add shimmer and dimension with a vast assortment of sea glass or shaved pebbles or even flat stones for a more consistent finish.

Perhaps you’d like a monogram at the pool’s bottom to match the one on your terry swim robe. Cool idea, but that would limit the pool of your home’s future buyers to those who share your initials!

  1. Aggregate pool finishes similar to the ones manufactured by a company like PebbleTec® provide the durability and a more naturalistic setting for pools and spas. A pool that looks like it was conceived in nature is the ideal appearance for an organic oasis. Their stain-resistant textured finishes are earthy and easy to maintain while providing a non-slip surface.

PebbleTec’s website boasts a “Water Color Selection Tool” so your pool’s finish will reflect the tone you wish to set. This includes the trendy deep, dark blue color for a lagoon-like setting!

Making a Splash in the New Season

The reality of anything you install inside your home or out is to think beyond tomorrow. This is the practical side to pool design. What degree of difficulty do you wish to assume based on your choices?

Consider the quintessential luxury car: the Jaguar. Notorious for its need for consistent (and expensive) repairs, it is a beautiful motor car, but a high maintenance one.

If you decide on a more ornate pool floor, know that grout lines in tile get dirty just like they do indoors. They can be a little hard to clean and may exhibit weak structural points over time that crack more easily. In high traffic commercial areas, stained concrete may not be an ideal option as it can wear quickly and does not offer as much slip-resistance as you want.

In addition to your list of pool wants and needs, include your questions list. Doing your research and developing questions about every choice will empower you to make informed decisions. You want a decorative finish that will be slip-resistant and long-lasting. When you get it right the first time, it makes all the difference!

As pool financing solution experts, we still never cease to be amazed by the trends and technologies that make backyard pools better every day. Don’t let this process overwhelm you. We start you off with financing options to access the funds you need to realize the dream.

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