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New Pool Trends for 2016

Today’s backyard swimming pools can be built to conform to the confines of your backyard space for a quiet and classic look, or to make the pool equivalent of a bold fashion statement. As the use of plastics revolutionized manufacturing, pool trends for 2016 offer some unique looks because of the materials and methods contractors are using; and due to their ability to scale down true resort-style pools for the pure indulgence of the individual home owner.

Surround Your Style with Pavers

No matter your pool’s style, framing it in these stunning and versatile stones is something you can add to even an existing pool to give it a face lift. From tumbled clay to concrete, the colors, shapes and size selection is almost dizzying. What makes pavers a special poolside addition is that you can establish a motif throughout your yard. Pavers are used in driveways, to cut unique pathways from your home or deck out to the pool. Their surface is also bare-foot friendly. And finally, what adds to their longevity is if they get damaged for any reason, the piece or section can easily be replaced. (Great idea to purchase additional boxes of your selection for future maintenance.)

Add Drama with Fire-Water Bowls

Speaking of face lift, you can remove those weather-beaten old tiki torches and step the look of your pool up to this popular trend. In hammered copper or stylized concrete with a Corinthian or gothic twist, these bowls of natural elements are simply hypnotic. They can be installed to emit either fire or water or both. Placed around the pool’s perimeter they look best mounted on columns so you get that 360° effect, can be controlled by remote, and are fueled by propane or natural gas. As far as upgrades go, these create powerfully beautiful imagery.

Relax on a Custom Tanning Ledge

As much as we love our pools, it is easy to get caught up and over-expose skin to the sun. While lounging on your luxurious chaise and looking over at your sparkling pool – is it possible to have the best of both worlds? Absolutely! Shaded pool tanning ledges – which are also referred to as sun shelves or sometimes, Baja benches, are a wonderfully innovative design that provides for a partially submerged surface that not only accommodates a lounge chair, but to make a good thing even better, these are installed with the anchor hole for a large umbrella. Color me there.

Be Inspired By Vanishing Edges

In addition to all the updates made possible by technology and aesthetics that are stepping things out of the pool comfort zone, this very chic pool design is now a trend. Once reserved for the finer resorts because of its sleek, high-end look, infinity or negative edge pools have found their way into residential backyards. The installation technique requires the pool’s wall be shorter on one side to allow water to spill into a trench below. The effect is simply stunning. It also offers a reveal like a reflective pool which mirrors the sky and surrounding landscaping in the water’s surface for a unique result.