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Backyard Pools – Bringing Families Together

Providing families the means to install a backyard pool is our livelihood. We love what we do because we know how pools add to the quality of life of each and every family we support. We have numerous reasons why you’ll wonder how you ever did without one – but here are our Top Five Favorite Reasons for Installing a Pool.

  1. Pools bring families together – Our lives are busy and technology keeps us constantly connected to our jobs. We check our email constantly, work on projects over the weekend, juggle the school, afterschool, and sports activities of our kids. We are constantly on the move. A backyard pool will help pry your family away from their gaming and mobile devices to share some time together. You can enjoy a wonderful weekend interacting as a family and reconnecting when you disconnect from the Internet.
  2. Pools pay for themselves in no time – Packing your family up to travel is an expensive venture today. Airfare, hotels, rental cars; plus taking time away from work from which you may/may not have paid days off. Traveling with smaller children often proves a stressful experience with being concerned for their safety and also when they persist in kicking the seat of the grumpy guy in the airplane row in front of you! Needing a vacation from a vacation is a parents’ common lament. With your own pool, you can offset some getaways by enjoying your own backyard retreat.
  3. Pools with no rules – Public pools have a laundry list of rules which are of course enforced in the interests of safety. So there’s no running, or jumping, or diving, and you are prohibited from bringing your own pool toys and inflatable devices. You are also forced to listen to other parents reprimand their children! Who needs that? With your own pool, you can swim laps, lounge on your floating chair while sipping on a cool beverage before engaging in a spirited water volleyball game with your kids.
  4. Pools with no calendar – Many of us are famous for taking on expensive memberships for a pool or athletic club and then the hours just don’t mesh with our schedule, or we’ve had a long day/week and just want to relax and stay at home. With your own pool, you have the best of both worlds, every day.
  5. Pools are a party centerpiece – Probably the easiest way to entertain is a backyard party. BBQ and salads is the favored fare in this ideal venue. Easy to set-up and clean-up. With the addition of some lighting or tiki torches you can also take your pool party from day into evening.

Even if you live in a region of the country that necessitates closing up your pool for a few months out of the year, the time you have to enjoy one of the best additions you can make to your home is priceless.

As an added benefit, you will be giving yourself and your family the opportunity to get and stay in shape with easy access to one of the best overall workouts. You will never regret the decision to enhance your life by giving your family the best gift ever.