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Piscine Global: Global Pool Design Meets Local Pools

Pools themselves are not just festive hubs around which we host barbecues and national holidays. Pools themselves are celebrated every year!

Piscine Global is an annual swimming pool and wellness event. Exhibitors and innovators come together in this international collaboration to conduct demonstrations and share forward-thinking concepts for the future of pools as well as their relation to wellness.

This month, Piscina & Wellness Barcelona is celebrating its 25th anniversary with one of their trademark wellness conferences complete with their famous aquatic demonstrations. From sustainable development where a series of sports projects are aligning with international objectives to combat the climate crisis, to water demonstrations that showcase “aquatic therapy as a preventive intervention in the geriatric population,” this event elevates the pool to an instrument of change in the lives of people around the world.

The Water Wellness Sector

For the wellness experience, the power of water is evident in every lecture and break-out group. Professor and researcher from Rey Juan Carlos University, Javier Güeita Rodríguez of Madrid is presenting: “Aerobic and strength aquatic exercise in neurological pathologies.”

The therapeutic exercise is described as the prescription and execution of an exercise program carried out in subjects suffering from some type of injury or illness, with the aim of preventing damage to functions or structures, restoring activities and participation, preventing or reducing factors of risk and optimizing health and sense of well-being.

The healing power of water impacts people of all ages. It gives younger swimmers confidence and helps those plagued by a variety of maladies to find the power they need to mend and grow stronger. Whether a full-on lap swimming work-out or gentle exercises made easier by the water’s buoyancy, water is the main ingredient in many wellness treatments.

Pool Design Awards

For their 2018 Pool Design Awards, inventive minds make once impossible concepts possible. These pools appear to have always existed, as they integrate perfectly into their surroundings. The innovation and execution are remarkable. Their target market may be for upscale resorts, but as we have seen over the years, private pool owners have been able to install amenities like swim up bars and built-ins that rival those installed in elite homes and hotels. Even some low cost luxury solutions have found their way into backyards across America!

This link will transport you to the visionaries behind the top three winners of this competition. (You may have to right click on your mouse to translate to English.)

The Grand Prize was taken by the Studio Apostoli architectural firm. They engineered a spectacular indoor and outdoor pool located in the Sistiana ecovillage spa in Italy.

This atypical project of 300 m², established on the basis of a previous construction, requires an ingenious approach to adapt to the existing. The indoor and outdoor space includes bubble benches, hydro-massage booths, goosenecks and Nordic baths, and is illuminated by LED lighting.

In addition to its ideal location and attractive design, this exceptional pool is distinguished by its technical innovations:

  • Its filtration system, automatic, does not require human intervention.
  • Its heating system has been split into several sectors to ensure a constant temperature of the pool located both indoors and outdoors.

So, there’s a big “wow” factor for sure. While a Nordic bath may be out of your budget, there’s more to a pool than its amenities.

What Pools Mean to Family Structure

There was a time when men went to work, and women managed the household. The Internet did not exist. Although the breadwinner in some families often worked two jobs, families generally met around the dinner table at day’s end. It’s been said those were simpler times, but every era has its hardships. The American dream may have been alive and well, but backyard pools were a long way off from being commonplace.

Today, the modern family has no definition. Lifestyles are more fluid with parents and children moving at great speeds to keep up with a constant stream of activities. After school sports and clubs keep participants occupied until well after traditional mealtimes.

For adults, the lines between work time and down time are blurred, thanks to easy access to files and communication accounts. Text messages from clients and emails from bosses can blow up your phone until you feel you are always on the clock. Once those boundaries were broken, there was no longer anything to step over… people today just step right in. Life seems busier than ever before.

Kitchens and Family Rooms and Pools

Kitchens were once the classic hub of the home. With dinner being cooked nightly at the same time, it was a natural gathering place. Once fast food and easier meal prep were more available, casual dining moved into the family room with everyone eating while watching TV. Even for the cook in the house, with prepared components (like ready-made pie crusts and no cook lasagna noodles) less had to be made from scratch so there was more time to do less. Then healthier options came available with food service providers delivering the ingredients to make better quality meals. This cut down on shopping and chopping time!

The next, best place where families have migrated is the backyard. Now an easy extension to the home, furnishings and amenities create an alfresco retreat. Fancy or simple, outdoor kitchens make for easy grilling, easy cleanup. Fire pits and pizza ovens add cozy (and delicious!) ambiance. You can light up the night with tiki torches or LED designs, control your background music from your phone and enjoy it up close with floating Bluetooth speakers. Add an outdoor television and you know where your family will be every Sunday and Monday night during football season.

With an oasis like a pool, your children will probably invite friends over for a swim. You get to know them better and often get to see more of your kids! Not to mention the activity a pool sparks by getting people to step away from their screens and flex those muscles.

Another wonderful aspect of a pool gathering is that innate in its more casual attitude is the likelihood that visitors will bring covered dishes with them or at least a package of hot dogs! At a dinner party, you’ll get flowers and maybe wine. But with a backyard blast you’ll get great food and maybe wine. The outdoors just brings a unique sensibility to how we relax and how we gather as a community and as a family.

Providing pool and home improvement financing solutions since 1979, Lyon Financial loves backyard pools. We have had a front row seat to watch them grow in popularity for the modern family and the way we all enjoy our relaxation time. We also love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information.

Photo credit: Portopiccolo Spa – Lorenzo Crasnich