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Pool House Design Ideas

pool house

Warning: The effect of Googling “backyard home design” may cause dizziness.

But it’s better to have choices, right? There are millions of configurations and styles and amenities that comprise one of the happiest of home amenities: that’s an outdoor entertainment center. And “center” is just the right word as this al fresco part of your home will be its new hub. We’re living in an age when the conveniences we find inside are often rivaled by the ones we can install outside.

One such upgrade is the pool house. There’s nothing conventional about these. Today’s pool houses are not just a space to store floats and pool paraphernalia. They are destinations unto themselves while adding that super special touch to your family’s personal oasis.

The Layout


Your stately structure doesn’t necessarily need a fixed door. You can instead install a retractable one with floor-to-ceiling glass to expose all the beauty of the adjacent space. Hang some sheer curtains from bold rings so they flutter in the breeze while offering a modicum of privacy.

Include a Bar

Just like that serving port in your kitchen opens up the space and offers a casual dining area, consider installing a large window with a ledge on the exterior of your pool house. Set a complementary collection of stools to make the bar. The window will bring in the natural light and enable you and your friends to enjoy a chilled cocktail or some shish kabob still sizzling from the grill.

Feature an Outdoor Shower

A nice little side car to your pool house would be an open-air rain shower. It needn’t be elaborate. Just a privacy wall, hooks for towels, and a little niche for soap and shampoo. It will save your home from people trekking back and forth to use your indoor shower, and plus, it keeps the party going! After a day in the sun, it’s lovely to shower outside and change for the evening to enjoy some relaxing poolside time.

The Look


What tone do you want to set? If you’re not ready to add a pool house or are not sure exactly what you’d like, start with an old-school Hollywood setting. Oversized striped umbrellas aside reclining loungers make a lovely enclave that offers respite from the sun.


If you do it right, less is more. Go barebones with clean lines and bold colors. You can create true visual impact when your pool house’s structure stands out but blends in by being free of frills and not over-designed.


How about an open concept with 3 stone walls and a simple roof? You can add a wood burning stove in the corner. A dining nook can take center stage for a cozy and welcoming corner.


To make your entire entertainment center feel cohesive, tie the pool house to the patio furniture and other fixtures with textiles. For example, deck umbrellas that match the pool house’s awnings, that match the potted flowers. Select a pop of color to grace these elements and you’ll achieve that custom feel!

The Purpose

Create a Game Room

This newfound space can house some of the things for which you haven’t room inside your home. How about that pool table your husband has always wanted? The one he was willing to forfeit the dining room table for? Or perhaps ping-pong’s your game? Inflatable bowling? Get creative!

Create a Media Room

If you want to watch Monday Night Football outdoors, now you can! Line the longest wall of your pool house with cabinetry and the largest exterior-grade flatscreen you can find. Install a popcorn machine and perhaps even an outdoor kegerator. You’ll be the most popular family on the block!

Create a Guest Cottage

Whether you place a daybed and a coffee table or go with a full-on bedroom set, this little sanctuary is perfect for visitors or even your teenager who wants the feeling of their own space while still having you pay all their bills! If you outfit it with a mini kitchen, it could even serve as a rental unit.

The Extras


Considering this structure is poolside, you’ll want to make certain that any floor you select is durable and offers easy upkeep. Most importantly, it needs to be gentle on bare feet and provide a slip-free surface. Natural stone and concrete are good solutions. If you go with porcelain or ceramic, make sure the salesperson knows where you’re using it.


To put your stamp on the design, try saying it with flowers. Check out this selection from Country Living of the 20 Best Flowering Vines and Vine Plants to Add to Your Garden.

From delicate climbing roses, to the bright and beautiful mandevilla blossoms that shine all summer long, to the graceful perennial bougainvillea that will also flourish when potted, these robust blooms are picture perfect. Depending on your pool home’s exterior walls, they can naturally grab the surface and grow or be trained up a simple trellis.

Wall Decor

Whether shabby chic or super sleek you can change up your pool house vibe with simple touches. Don’t think you need to go all nautical or coastal either! It’s OK to skip the ship wheels and seashells. Bring your own aesthetic to life and then change it next season if you want to keep things fresh!

We love the idea of using shade sails and stretching them over one end of your pool. They offer a blast of color and protection from the sun while delineating a special space to define a function. String them between a couple trees for a covered dining area. A pool house is anything you want it to be. Have fun with the idea! And enjoy yourself!

Pool houses are not just for the rich and famous. They can be simple or ornate, but at either end of the spectrum you’ll be building a very versatile structure that can have 1001 uses.

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