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When Choosing a Swimming Pool Contractor…

When choosing an in-ground pool contractor, there is so much to consider. Let’s start with the most critical factor: making sure you pick the right one!

First, check out the contractor. Go into the Better Business Bureau and see how their business is doing. Look at their reviews and see if they have any complaints. Check on the Internet to see if they have built any pools over the last year or two. There is a lot of information today on the Internet that can tell you a lot about a contractor. Check their Facebook page and see if they have recent references and reviews from previous customers. If not, ask the contractor for referrals that you can speak with and ask questions of.

Today, many pool companies are doing well, but sometimes they run into trouble like any business. One thing you don’t want to do is have your pool built by a pool company that has not been building many pools in the last year or one who has other issues. If you have a pool builder that has been around for a number of years, has good references, has been building pools regularly and, of course, who designs a pool you like, then you are on the right track.

Another critical factor is cost. It is not the only factor, but it is wise to obtain two or three quotes from different pool contractors that you can compare. In this case, everything should be equal more or less, and thus the cost would be the deciding factor. However, consider that if a quote is lower than another, the differences can be in the quality of material being used and the equipment being used or lack in other ways. Not all equipment is equal and not all pool finishes are equal. Look carefully at the differences and then make your decision based on what you are getting for the cost.