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Swimming Pool Financing in North Carolina

From the Blue Ridge Mountains to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina has it all. Views of the spectacular Atlantic Ocean, a one-of-a-kind coastline, easy access to the four distinctively different states that surround it: South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia; not to mention the unsurpassed natural terrain that frames the picture. An exquisite part of the country, North Carolina is also home to people who love their swimming pools!

We love places like the Carolina Swim Club because they celebrate the fun and fitness of pool life. They also provide instruction on water safety and swimming lessons for kids. A great beginning for them to learn the benefits of being active. (Additional benefits include having fun without their phones and tablets; so they have an opportunity to interact with friends in real life and in real time!)

At Lyon Financial, we are nearing our fortieth year of providing solutions for pool financing across the country – not only because we are excellent at what we do, but because we love what pools represent. They bring people together.

Swimming Pool Features

Another plus about today’s pools are all the features that can be added. Tanning ledges, sport pools featuring depth consistency, an endless array of finishes and textures, pool technology to remotely adjust variables like temperature and to secure pool covers – the list is truly and happily, endless.

Pool Loans

Another truth is that pool lenders are not all the same. While we would never disparage our competition, there are all shapes and sizes of lenders. Many require immaculate credit, and/or assets in the bank, or for you as the borrower to put your house up as collateral. Others dedicate their expertise to a wide range of home improvement loans and don’t have the specialization that pool construction lending requires.

While it is human nature to believe we are the best because we would love to earn your business, we know our clients needs from the ground up. That’s because our pool loan programs were built based on what clients have requested. Over the years we have honed the variety of pool loan options in North Carolina to appeal to multiple financial situations. Unsecured loan options make flexible financing achievable. That, combined with extended terms and the lowest possible rates combine for a pool you’ll love forever.

We have access to multiple programs and are constantly negotiating and funding the next best thing in pool loans. They are not loans that solely advantage Lyon Financial, which is why clients and pool contractors alike refer us to neighbors and family. By adapting to “economic evolutions” we have continued to thrive, and our customers have reaped the benefits of borrowing money that realistically fits their budget; today and through the life of the loan.

Signature unsecured swimming pool financing opportunities:

  • Loans to $100,000
  • Low, fixed rates
  • Terms to 20 years
  • No fees-points-processing-costs
  • Virtually paperless process that’s fast, easy and secure

Lyon Financial also provides the monies need to outfit your new pool with the extras including:

  • Pavers
  • Patios
  • Pergolas
  • Outdoor Kitchens

Pool Financing Options

At the risk of sounding like an informercial for Lyon Financial’s pool financing, applying for swimming pool loans in North Carolina (or anywhere for that matter!) is more than just filling out a form to determine qualification.

Of course there’s paperwork and documentation as there is in any other process, but every client’s situation is unique.

Depending on your credit history, interest rates will fluctuate from family to family and the amount that you borrow is part of the equation. Numbers are numbers, but part of our job is to calculate your financial situation as well as your creditworthiness, and to find the payments that make you and your family the most comfortable. You don’t want to take on or feel overwhelmed by a debt that doesn’t make sense. Taking a close look at all the details that comprise the big picture is worth every minute to ensure your decision is an informed one.

Because an unsecured loan (sometimes referred to as a signature or personal loan) is based on your creditworthiness and obtained without using property for security, it does provide a little more latitude to have this backyard home improvement constructed.

The Staycation Story

There’s some question as to the origin of this word so widely adopted into our vernacular. It seems that high gas prices and the general economic conditions in mid-2008 made this practice take root as families couldn’t afford to take traditional vacations.

Forcing more Americans to creatively plan their time in a cost-effective manner, the days off from work and school were planned to take place at home. And traditions were born. There are still many families who prefer the stay at home vacation for more than its affordability but for: the no airport hassle, not having to pack everything in a too small piece of carryon luggage or pour essentials into 3.4-ounce liquid containers. Traveling with children can also be a challenge, as many parents can attest.

Another key element in the argument for a staycation is that your family doesn’t have to commit to spending an entire week with another family. Instead, you can invite them over for a poolside BBQ and they will eventually go home!

Financing a pool is an investment you will enjoy for years to come. Just like your family room, it will become a hub for friends and family. For all the wonderful sights to see and places to experience in North Carolina, with a pool in your backyard, you can leave those destinations to the tourists and enjoy lazy afternoons (and keep in shape!) with your own swimming pool. A decision certainly worthy of consideration.

We love the difference we can make for your family by providing something that puts years of memories within reach. Call 877-754-5966 for more information.

Photo of “Sea Spray” in Whalehead, NC courtesy of Twiddy & Company Realtors